Friday 13 January 2023

Tips to Prepare Your Family Home the Right Way for the Hurricane Season

When approaching hurricane season, you must start preparing to avoid being caught off-guard like most people. The storm during this season can be very intimidating and lead to much destruction. Objects are often seen flying in the air and can land anywhere (probably your home). The torrential rain can lead to severe flooding and damage to your home. In severe cases, hurricanes can lead to the destruction of the structure of your home. With all your family members around, especially children, it can be worrying about how to protect your home.

 So, how do you prepare to avoid this? Most people don't know where to start or the measures they should take to overcome this. Luckily, there are many ways you can incorporate to keep your family home safe. Here are tips to prepare your family the right way for the hurricane season.

Bring Loose Items into the House

One of the first steps when preparing for hurricane season is inspecting your outdoors for loose objects. These objects, such as outdoor furniture, plant pots, and even a dog house, can be airborne by the storm and land on your windows or doors. If you have immovable things, ensure they are well-anchored so they won't be a problem. Consider using steel or heavy cables to tie the loose items.

Install Storm Shutters

When preparing your family home for a hurricane, you need to consider the weak points and look for ways to strengthen them to overcome the coming storms. Consider installing shutters in your windows to protect them from getting smashed by objects. If you don't have enough budget for the shutters, consider using nail plywood to add a layer of protection to your windows.

Inspect Your Doors

With objects getting flown all over by the winds, your door can get heavy blows, and if they are weak, it can break. This can be dangerous, especially when trying to fix it in a storm. When your door is broken, it can flood, affect your family, and even cause death. That is why one of the steps you need to consider is installing Impact Doors. These doors are designed to withstand heavy blows from the wind and are hard to break.

Further, they are made of durable materials such as polyurethane and fiberglass. When buying, look for a reputable dealer and ensure an expert installs. Don't forget to check your door seals to ensure no water or air leakage.

Inspect Your Roof

Most people often focus on checking the state of their windows and doors, forgetting to consider the roof's condition. You should note that the strong winds are coming with heavy rains. Additionally, your roof can be a target for all the thrown objects. It's essential to research and inspect your roof to ensure it's in the right shape and strength to hold the storm. Some signs that your roof needs repair include missing shingles, cracks present, or blocked gutters. You risk leaks that can lead to floods or your roof curves without good care. You can consider installing hurricane ties to help secure the truss and rafters of the roof.

End Note!

The above are crucial steps to consider in your quest to protect your family home. It's essential to create a safe stop for your kids and pets. Additionally, ensure you have all the supplies you need during the seasons.

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