Thursday 12 January 2023

What I Learned From The TV Show "Working Moms"

If you are anything like me you enjoy to sit back and relax in the winter months after work and enjoy a break from the real world watching sitcoms, series, and television dramas. These shows are an excellent way to unwind, relax, and take a trip into a fictional characters life for a moment. My favourite series on Netflix right now are Lethal Weapon (the new stuff not the old show), Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and the very addicting and hilariously relatable Workin' Moms!

Workin' Moms is about a group of hard working, relatable, hilarious moms that go through life together and wind up having all kinds of crazy adventures and mishaps. These wild adventures are actually activities that you might have found yourself in. Dealing with motherhood, pregnancy, infidelity, workplace drama, death in the family and so much more. I can literally sit and binge watch this show for hours on end then start it all over again like I didn't just watch it. 

Kate (Catherine Reitman) is the main momma and Catherine Reitman is actually the creator of the show with her husband Nathan (Philip Sternberg) who is actually her husband in real life, which explains their amazing chemistry during sex scenes and such. Kate goes through so much throughout the show that she touches on every emotion within. She struggles with breastfeeding, has workplace issues that ruin her home life, her father passes away, her husband cheats on her, there is just so much going on with just her character that when it jumps to another amazing moms life and story you can't wait to find out what else is happening with Kate. 

So what have I learned from watching this amazing series and why would I highly recommend you start watching it? 

You learn quickly that we all live and die so you have to be prepared! Kate has a few run ins with death in the show making you realize that we should be prepared for such things. Personally I have a life insurance policy for myself and have for many years just in case anything should happen to me I don't want them to suffer. Affordable term life insurance is actually super easy to get and adds a bit of security to your life. Imagine where your family would be if you got hit by a bus tomorrow, with no extra money coming in would they be able to survive or afford your current lifestyle?

The show inspires you to be the best version of yourself! Each mom in the show has their own issues and has to work them out anyway they can, some with help and some on their own. You watch them become stronger, smarter, happier, and more successful even during the hard times and that makes you want to be like them!

Everyone deserves a second chance. When Nathan cheats on Kate she leaves him for a while and fools around with other men, leaving her unsatisfied and in deep trouble with people close to her. But she realizes that they both made mistakes and she loves Nathan enough to give him another chance and take him back.
Being a parent is hard work and nobody is doing it perfectly! Every mom on the show has difficulty with their kids in so many unique and relatable ways. Anne's daughter goes off the deep end and becomes a snot nosed sneaky little brat, but then becomes a responsible teen that blows your mind with how responsible she becomes. Frankie struggles with postpartum and goes into a downward spiral a few different times during the series. Kate has issues leaving her work at work, thus alienating her family and nearly burns down her house. Parenting is hard and these moms screw it up constantly but they figure it out and you can too! 

Keep your friends and family close because they are always going to be there for you. Your job can be filled by another person in a heartbeat so do not take your family and friends for granted. Watching these people live their lives makes you realize you need to get out and do more with your friends and family, I even turned to the show when I made my "Promises To Improve" rather than a New Years resolution. Check out the list here!

I love all of the girls so much they are each fantastic in their own ways! Descriptions of characters just for fun:

Kate (main momma) 
Anne (crazy therapist)
Jenny (stuck up narcissist)
Val (seasoned nympho)
Frankie (fiesty lesbian)
Rosie (sweet ditz)
Sloane (powerhouse bitch)

These are just a few of the many things I learned from Working Moms, watch the show on Netflix and catch the new episodes on CBC every Wednesday! This is the last season sadly which breaks my heart but I will be getting the box set when it comes out and binge watching the crap out of it on my down time! 

Thank you Catherine Reitman for all the inspiration, your show is the best and it has taught me so much!

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