Wednesday 1 February 2023

Ideas for a Teenage Birthday Party

Birthday parties for teenagers can sometimes be difficult. They’re young enough to want something special but old enough that social pressure can impact what they feel is acceptable among their peers. One of the great things about having a teenager (most of the time) is that they have their own opinions – yes, this can be frustrating, but it does mean that it’s no longer solely up to you to come up with ideas. Ask them what they would like and go from there. However, just in case they’re not in an imaginative mood, or you want to offer some unusual party suggestions they would love, here are a few below. 

Escape Room

Escape rooms have become very popular, and you can get many different types and genres to really reflect your teenager’s interests and hobbies. If you want to go for a new experience, have a shot at a VR escape room! Escape rooms are great as a teenage birthday party option; your child is probably just coming to the age where they will get the most out of it, using their problem-solving skills to overcome the fun challenge. Plus, it’s a pretty unique party idea, so they are unlikely to be copying any of their friends’ parties – theirs will stand out, and they will all have an exciting, memorable time. 

Game Night 

A game night as a party might be forgotten about or overlooked if your child already spends a lot of time gaming. However, if they and their friends love gaming, then they’re sure to have a great time at a gaming party. You can make it special by combining it with a sleepover, giving over a large space in your house, and getting in snacks, pizza, soft drinks, and so on – really setting up the space to be devoted to gaming. This would work particularly well if there is a new game release out they all want to try – get the game as a birthday present and let them all have uninterrupted fun for a few hours. 

Tree Top Adventures

Many places offer tree-top rope adventure courses – either as part of a bigger theme park or as a business on their own. This is something very few people will have done, so it will truly stand out as a birthday party. The great thing about this type of party is that it’s accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of ages –younger children and adults will also enjoy the party if they’re invited. 

Inflatable Obstacle Course 

Inflatable obstacle courses can be a lot of fun. You can get inflatables to hire at home if you have a big enough space, but you will need a number of guests to get into the event’s spirit. It’s probably a better idea to go to a business specializing in inflatable obstacle courses – they will know how to keep everyone involved and have all the safety precautions in place so everyone can have fun. 

You should also look into water obstacle courses – these might alter who can attend as everyone should be a decent swimmer, but put a giant inflatable obstacle course in a swimming pool and watch the kids gravitate towards it for a whole day of endless birthday fun.

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