Wednesday 1 February 2023

The wide variety of meal plans available on HelloFresh in Canada

Being a busy mom of three and an entrepreneur that works full time I can get sick of making dinner every once in a while. It seems like we eat the same meals over and over again and it can be tiring to want to cook after a long day. 

I was always skeptical of the meal kits that get sent to your home thinking that maybe they are just way to expensive for my family but when you calculate the ingredients and meal planning it is totally worth the cost. I have tried all different kinds of meal kit delivery options and I have to say Hello Fresh is my favourite. The meals are absolutely delicious and family friendly, I love how everything is included along with instructions! Discover if Hello Fresh worth it for you. 

So what kind of meals have we tried and how healthy and convenient have they been? 

Options for every diet!

There are many options depending on what your diet restrictions are. There is also a wide variety of different size kits depending on your budget. You choose how many people you are feeding and they will make it work for you. 

We love meat in my family so we haven’t tried the vegan options but we love the chicken, seafood recipes, beef, and lamb options we have had. The meat and vegetables are almost always as fresh as you would buy for yourself at the grocery store but if there is ever an issue you can let them know and they will give you an instant refund for your item that was not up to expectations. 

Amazing dishes! 

One of my favourite dishes has to be the Asian style beef bowls, it is stir fried vegetables and sweet and salty beef piled on top of rice and usually includes a crunchy shallot topping! It is melt in your mouth delicious and I have made sure to order it again and again! The options are so healthy they definitely fit right into the Canada Food Guide recommendations without question! 

Lots of extras to choose from!

Another great option they give you is to add extra items, extra meals, and specialty products so your dinner is as fancy as you want it to be. When you look at the options you can’t help but load up on the delicious extras. 

Very affordable!

After using the service for over a year on and off throughout the months I have found I am actually saving money on food by not ordering takeout because I have meals planned and ready to go in the fridge. The price per meal is actually very close if not right on the same price point as the grocery store. 

Cancel or skip anytime!

Another great thing is you can skip as many deliveries as you want without any issues. If you are not able to afford it that week just skip it, also if you find it’s not right for you cancellation is as easy as a simple click through and you are done, no contract or additional fees! 

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