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Top 7 Family-Friendly Cities in Maryland

Maryland’s map and borders with other countries

 Maryland is a beautiful state situated in the United States. It has fantastic landscapes, historical buildings, and many beautiful cities. We are here to help you choose which city suits you the most, considering nature, neighborhood, and other living conditions. Keep reading and find out which are the top 7 family-friendly cities in Maryland!

Best cities to live in Maryland

Let’s go straight to the point and make a list. These are the top 7 best cities in Maryland to live in : 

  1. Baltimore – has good festivals and a lot of places to visit. It’s the most populated city, which tells you a lot about the neighborhood.

  2. Columbia – it’s considered the happiest city in this state 

  3. Bel Air – voted for the safest city in Maryland

  4. Annapolis – the capital city with a friendly neighborhood 

  5. Bethesda – an urban city that has many museums and buildings

  6. Rockville – the most affordable. It also has many good schools for your children

  7. North Potomac – rural and calm. If you love parks and nature, this is the one for you. 

Annapolis – the capital city of Maryland


As we have previously mentioned, Annapolis is the capital city of Maryland. But did you know that it’s not the biggest one? Baltimore is a city larger than Annapolis. It’s a beautiful city with numerous museums to visit. Finding a job isn’t hard, and the city is considered very affordable. Summers can be hot and humid, and winters are cold with a lot of snow, especially in January and February. When people move to Maryland, they often choose Baltimore. The food, history, and culture there are fantastic. In this city, there are many places to visit, including the Baltimore Museum of art, the National Aquarium, Inner Harbour, Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum, and many more. Besides its rich history and culture, the best thing about this city is the seafood. It’s famous for crab cakes, blue crabs, and snowballs. 


According to some research, Columbia is one of the most family-friendly cities in Maryland. Bars, venues, and theatres are places you can visit in this city. Columbia is probably the best city to spend your summer vacation. If you don't want to move here, you should plan a vacation in this city. You'll have a lot of fun, and you won't need a big budget! There are many festivals, concerts, and other programs. If you have children, you don’t have to worry about their education. There are a lot of good colleges and schools, both public and private. If you’re into history and want to learn about the city, museums and other historical buildings should be on your list! Columbia isn't expensive. The city is close to Annapolis and Baltimore, and the public transportation is very satisfying.

Bel Air

Bel Air is a city for those who love shopping, entertainment, and recreation. Are you wondering why Bel Air is known because it's a small city? It is an urban town in Maryland, surrounded by suburbs. It has three plane airports in the metropolitan area. Summers can be very hot, and winters cold and chilly. Unfortunately, Bel Air isn't a safe city. That is a big minus for it, and maybe the only one. Something that you'll find interesting is that many celebrities have houses there. Some of them are Beyonce and Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, the Beckham family, and many more. That is proof that many wealthy people live in this neighborhood, so the city must have something that makes it unique!


Annapolis is Maryland's capital city. It's famous for being a tourist destination. This city is vibrant, has a lot of places and facilities to visit, and another thing it's famous for is food. Seafood dominates: crabs, oysters, and other fresh fish are always on the menus! Nature is breathtaking, and so are parks and beaches.

On the other hand, living there isn't very cheap! Groceries and transportation are expensive compared to the other cities. You have probably heard of the U.S. Naval Academy, which is situated in Annapolis. If money is not something that could get in your way, then your choice should definitely be this city!


Another family-friendly city in Maryland is Bethesda. It’s the second most wealthy neighborhood with a highly educated population. If you are in winter, this is the perfect city for you. The coldest months are December and January. Bethesda has fantastic restaurants and art venues. Bethesda is one of the most prosperous cities in Maryland. It's an accessible and modern city with many foreigners. And if the problem is that this city isn't very close to you, there is no need to worry as  experts can arrange safe transfer and take care of everything. Moving professionals aren't expensive, and it's easy to find them in Maryland.
Maryland’s flag


Rockville is another fun city to live in. Nature is beautiful, and culture and history are rich. You can visit public libraries, good restaurants, and parks. People who live there are satisfied with living costs and other conditions. The weather is good, and Rockville is considered affordable and reliable. You'll be surprised how well-educated people are in this city. Also, you'll have a lot of opportunities to get a good job that you will love. Rockville is an urban city with a lot of places to relax. Parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and venues are always places to hang out with friends and family. 

North Potomac

The last one on the list is North Potomac, the perfect city for book lovers. There are several public libraries where you can read and relax. It also has a lot of parks, good schools, colleges, and universities. If you’re moving to this city because you’ve lost your job, and want to find a new one, then this city is a good choice. Various jobs pay well, and we are sure you’ll love them. North Potomac was voted the sixth-wealthiest city in the United States, which tells you a lot about life there. This city is affordable, and people who live there love it, which is why North Potomac is on the list of family-friendly cities in Maryland. 

Chesapeake Bay in Maryland

Final comment:

Overall, Maryland is an excellent place to live, but it’s up to you to decide. We have tried our best to help you by showing you both the positive and negative sides. We have listed the top 7 family-friendly cities in Maryland. Still, you also have to worry about the economy, crime rate, nature, affordability, and other factors, especially if you are moving with your family. Our advice is to take a short tour, visit as many cities as possible, and decide if you want to live there. It is probably the best way to check, and it won’t be very far or expensive. We hope that we have helped you, and good luck with moving!

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