Monday 13 March 2023

DIY - I Spy Bags

Have you ever wondered what the heck you are going to do with all those tiny useless toys you get from Kinder surprise eggs, the dollar store, goodie bags, piƱatas, and other tiny creations that just seem to end up in the trash? 

I have the solution! This is actually a genius idea I have seen a few times around the web and I decided to start saving all these little “treasures” for this exact reason! 

These busy bags are great for quiet time, road trips, restaurants, doctors appointments, and any other time you need your child to just be still and relax! 

First gather up all your little toys and lay them out on a plain background so the child can see each piece clearly, take a photo of the pieces. You can print it out and tape it to the inside of the bag so the child using it can mark them off using a dry erase marker. This is great for kids who cannot read yet, the visual aid makes it an activity for any age! 

Place the toys into a bag filled with whatever filling you like or have on hand. You can use sand, flour, smaller plastic toys, Lego, rice, oatmeal, pretty much anything that will create a treasure hunt within the bag. We opted in for small plastic pieces as our filler for this particular bag. 

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Seal the bag with the photo, toys, and filler and duct tape the top so it cannot be opened by your little one. To create an even safer seal you can double bag it or even crimp it with a vacuum seal press, just don’t take the air out first as you want the child to be able to flip and move the pieces to search for them. Another great option is a pencil case with a see through window side!

That’s it! Now you have the resources to make busy bags for everyone and stop throwing away all those tiny toys and teeny pieces. These bags make great homemade gifts as well if you choose to make them fancier with fabric and such! 

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