Monday 13 March 2023

Simple St. Patrick’s Day Decor Ideas!

Celebrating the Irish holiday is mainly just about fun for the kids around here, since we aren’t of Irish descent we don’t have many wild traditions to embellish in. I do however like to encourage culture of any kind in my home and daycare so we do a few little things to get into the spirit!

I made this adorable picture using my fingerprints and coloured paint and by printing out this cute little saying on a blank sheet of paper, popped it into a gold frame and that’s it, a cute little mantle piece. 

We made some really cute St. Patrick’s Day crafts in our daycare last year that you might really enjoy!

I love using table scatter on my mantle to add a little bit of whimsy and colour. I found these adorable little clovers and coins at the dollar store for $1.25. a bag. 

These St. Patrick’s Day drink recipes would be a huge hit if your planning a party! 

Gold coins are a must have when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, I also found these adorable coins at the dollar store to scatter around my mantle with the other adorable pieces. They can be used in any craft really but I just like having them around for decoration. 

This wreath was very easy to make. I bought an old Valentine’s Day wreath made of sticks on clearance at the second hand store. Found this cute little wooden welcome sign also at the second hand store and added some artificial greenery around it. 

And last but not least we always get our fuzzy babies some themed toys or hide always to enjoy while we celebrate. This one was from PetSmart and has lasted us well over a year so far. 

How do you decorate for St. Patrick’s Day? Is there any traditions we should include? Don’t forget to check out our St. Patrick’s Day crafts for more inspiration. 

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