Wednesday 26 April 2023

43Therapy Cold Therapy Temperature Regulating Pad

If you are anything like me you have to use ice packs on a regular basis not only for my own pain treatment but for children’s bumps and bruises. I used to just take a piece of paper towel or a small cloth to use in between the ice pack and the skin but there is a new and improved way to use ice packs. 

43therapy temperature regulating pad is a new product that helps to evenly distribute cold and it even wraps tightly around the skin in a comfortable way. The temperature regulation pad that is used when icing your skin for all types of injuries from sprains, strains, bites and breaks. It prevents the temperature of the cold source on your skin from going below 43 degree Fahrenheit which is in the therapeutic temperature range. 

The silicone pad Allows you to ice for as long as you want as it won’t get so cold you have to take the cold source off. Leaving the cold source on longer decreases inflammation and pain quicker which ultimately heals faster. 20 min on/20 min off only exits so you don’t do further damage and have discomfort from the cold source. Icing for longer is ultimately better and promotes better healing. 

I absolutely love how simple the pad is to use and keep clean even if it gets dirty. Simple wash it with soap and water and dry it out before putting it in it’s cool carrying case. 

This product makes it easy to ice small injuries and big ones no matter what age the injured person is. I used it for my arm after mixing concrete for hours the other day and it really helped relieve the tension and pain in my arm. My baby Beans sat with me while I iced my arm, she loves to be wherever I am especially if I have a boo-boo. 

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