Tuesday 25 April 2023

Ways to keep birds from flying into your windows

We have a huge front window in our living room. It is great for letting the sun in and watching the snow fall, the leaves change colour, and watching the birds eat from our feeders! The only problem with this great big window is that the birds get startled by the trucks and motorcycles  going by and then smack into the window.

A few birds have died which is tragic but we have been working on solutions to void injuries and deaths with our little feathered friends. 

Here is a robin I had to collect before he got eaten by the neighborhood kitties. He took a break in the gazebo and then flew off with mommy robin!


You can get some very nice decals for your window to show the poor birds there is a window there for them to avoid. They come in a bunch of different styles and colours depending on what you want. I like the birds and the flowers but the hummingbirds are my favourite decals of all!

Hanging Decor

We have hung spinning decorations for the garden in our trees in a variety of bright colour and the reflection has deterred birds for a long time. We usually find these great decoration pieces at the dollars store for less than $2. You can get fancier ones but there is no point since it is such a simple decoration for a simple purpose. But if you want a higher quality version you can get this beautiful metal spinning decoration on Amazon. 

Reflective Tape

Using reflective tape is a great way to deter birds from a long list of places including your gazebo, garage, and garden. You can find lots of different reflective tapes in all kinds of colours online or in hardware stores. I really like this reflective tape because it is very sticky but comes off easily when you want to remove it. 

This poor little guy hit yesterday so I moved him to a safe spot and watched him fly away within an hour or so. 

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