Monday 29 May 2023

Cleaning The Boat After Fishing at Vinson Lake B.C.

We love to use our aluminum boats for fishing all our amazing lakes here in BC and it has been such a great way to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. We have a great time driving out in the woods and being with one another. Last weekend we went to Vinson Lake up the Okanagan Connector and caught some very nice rainbow trout. Fishing was fun but afterwards it’s always such a chore to put everything away and cleanup.

We usually just spray the boat out with a hose and wipe it down but this time we cleaned it with HullMagic and it turned out super shiny and required no scrubbing. We sprayed the boat and let it sit for a bit, gave it a quick wipe and it was perfectly clean after that. Super quick and easy for anyone who owns a boat!

If you own a boat you probably want to keep it clean and stain free from the hull to the topside and everywhere else.  

And even if you don't own a boat, you likely struggle to keep many surfaces clean without backbreaking scrubbing. Until now, it’s been a lot of work requiring multiple applications of so-so cleaners. Today, that all changes. 

HullMagic,, is the newest, most powerful and safest instant cleaner and stain remover available. Its Clinging Foam + Spray works on all fiberglass, non-skid, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, chrome and plexiglass surfaces. It’s truly a cleaning savior because in one application it cleans stubborn stains effortlessly, economically and safely. See the independently created “Captain’s Video” testimonial posted on the web site at I love using these great microfibre cloths with HullMagic to get the job done quickly and frugally since they are reusable for years!

HullMagic kicks the competition’s bottoms. Its unique clinging foam removes even the toughest stains safely. Its spray on/rinse off composition makes it easy to use. Its unique bottle works upside down making it great for tough to reach locations. It’s made in the USA, has a pleasant smell unlike the leading competitors, costs less per ounce than other leading boat cleaners and shipping is FREE! (See competitive boat cleaner chart attached and at the web site for more details.)

“We like to say HullMagic cleans more than your bottom because it’s not only for hulls. You can use it safely and effectively on any stain and it saves time because one minute after application it only requires a simple rinse with clean water to leave things shining,” said HullMagic developer Ben Patipa. “Anyone who owns a boat knows what’s involved in the upkeep. And if you just want to keep surfaces clean you the work that's involved. The product works on contact saving time and effort so you can enjoy your time on the water whether you are fishing or out for a day of leisure or give your self more time to do whatever you want.” 

HullMagic is immediately available on Shopify and direct from the company at for $16.99 for 25.4 ounces/$.67 per ounce, and shipping is FREE! With this introduction, HullMagic is offering a free bottle to anyone who purchases 2 bottles and recommends a fellow boater/friend who orders a single bottle.

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Friday 26 May 2023

The Benefits of Sports Massage

As any athlete knows, rest and recovery is really important. If you don’t give your body a break between workouts, you are likely to end up with an injury. A good recovery plan will always include rest and nutrition, but there’s another crucial element that often gets overlooked: sports massage and physiotherapy.

Sports massage is often offered as a perk at large sporting events. It is a type of therapeutic massage that’s specifically designed to help athletes and sporting enthusiasts recover from their workouts and improve their overall performance. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from incorporating sports massage into your fitness routine:

Reduced Muscle Tension and Pain

One of the most immediate benefits of a sports massage in Barnsley carried out by an experienced physiotherapist South Yorkshire is its ability to reduce muscle tension and pain. Whether you’re dealing with soreness from a tough workout or chronic pain from an injury, sports massage can help alleviate these symptoms by increasing blood flow to the affected area and relaxing tight muscles. A deep tissue massage in Barnsley from the ATP Physio Clinic can really loosen up tight muscles and prevent injury. This can not only help you feel better in the short term, but also prevent future injuries by addressing imbalances and muscle tightness before they become more serious.

Improved Range of Motion

In addition to reducing muscle tension, sports massage can also help improve your range of motion and flexibility. By breaking up adhesions (or knots) in the muscles and fascia, sports massage can help you move more freely and with less pain. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes who need to be able to move quickly and efficiently in their sport. A good Physio in Barnsley should be your go-to person if you are serious about training. 

Faster Recovery Time

Another key benefit of sports massage is that it can help speed up your recovery time between workouts. By increasing blood flow and oxygen to your muscles, sports massage helps flush out metabolic waste products (like lactic acid) that can build up after exercise. This means you’ll feel less sore and fatigued after a tough workout and be able to get back to training sooner.

Improved Mental Focus

In addition to its physical benefits, sports massage can also have a powerful impact on your mental state. By promoting relaxation and reducing stress, sports massage can help you feel more focused and alert during your workouts and competitions. This can be especially beneficial for athletes who need to be able to think clearly and make split-second decisions in their sport.

Injury Prevention

Finally, perhaps the most important benefit of sports massage is its ability to prevent injuries. By addressing imbalances and muscle tightness early on, sports massage can help prevent more serious injuries from occurring down the line. And by improving your overall recovery time and range of motion, sports massage can help you train harder and more consistently without getting side-lined by injury.

If you’re an athlete or active individual looking to improve your performance and recovery, sports massage is a powerful tool that should not be overlooked. 

Thursday 25 May 2023

Scared Unicorn & Angry Unicorn Board Book Review

Board books are the only ones I will allow my daycare kids to handle on their own and these ones are pretty adorable. 

I love teaching them about their emotions and seeing how they can be managed by little unicorns makes it more relatable for sure. 

The only thing I didn’t like about these books is that kids are super destructive and rip the flaps off quite easily. Other than that, the stories were cute, so were the pictures. They were nice and short making it a great read for my daycare kids. 

This adorable book, the third book in the 
First Feelings series from Clever, is the perfect way to introduce children to emotions. Toddlers can lift the flaps to see some things that make Unicorn feel scared, such as going to the doctor, a dark bedroom at night, a thunderstorm, and more. Children are invited to talk about what makes them scared, too, and some things they can do to handle a situation in which they feel scared.

This adorable book, the fourth in the First Feelings series from Clever, is the perfect way to introduce children to emotionsToddlers can lift the flaps to see some things that make Unicorn and her friends feel angry, such as Bear taking Unicorn's favorite sand toy; Alligator watching his tall block tower fall down; and Frog getting his kite string tangled up. Children are invited to talk about what makes them angry, too, and some things they can do to help calm themselves down when they feel angry.

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Fishing and camping at Lambly Lake BC

I love to go outdoors and enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, and all other outdoor activities! It is so nice to be one with nature and enjoy everything that the beautiful world has to offer. 

This weekend I went camping with my daughter and her best friend as well as a few great family members. We went to Lambly Lake in West Kelowna and it was amazing. The weather was perfect and we were able to fish, swim, catch frogs and snakes and have a decent little campfire. It is $15 per night unless you get the senior discount (over 65) which is $7.50 per night! 

Setting up my hammock was super easy and I am so glad I brought it. I bought it off Amazon and it simply comes apart and goes back together within 5 mins. It has its own carrying case and comes with a super strong hammock that can hold two people! I love this thing at home and on the go! You can get one here:

There are around 20 spots available and it is roomy and full of critters and places to explore. I brought my spin casters and we used nothing more than worms and bobbers and caught yellow perch and rainbow trout! 

I caught a decent amount of little fish and had a great time. We brought our favourite items for camping:
  • Tent
  • Air mattresses
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Snacks
  • First aid kit
  • Floaties for swimming
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Clothes for all seasons
  • Fishing rods
  • Worms
  • Pliers
  • Board games in case of rain
  • Buckets and nets for catching creatures
  • Flashlights
  • Hey Y’all’s for mama
  • Water and soap for hand washing
  • Meals
  • S’more kit
  • Roasting sticks
  • Solar charger and cords 
  • Wireless speaker (I love this one:
All these are our must haves for camping and it has been such a great list to keep handy in case you need to look back and check things off while you pack! This solar charger we got is a dream because you can charge your phones, speakers, and more with the power of the sun! 

If you plan on going make sure to show up early because it is first come first serve and spots fill up fast! The parks person will come around and collect payment during your stay so there is no reservations to worry about. 

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Tuesday 23 May 2023

5 Fascinating Facts About Your Eyes

One undeniable benefit of this new technological world is the accessibility of information, both in terms of professional job roles and personal matters and as such, you no longer need to commit to an annual subscription to an encyclopedia to learn about your body.

Your eyes are perhaps the most complicated and interesting organ of all and here are five fascinating facts all about them. 

  1. Your Eyes Are Made Mostly of Jelly 

First and foremost, one of the most interesting facts relating to these small, but incredibly complicated, organs is that around eighty percent of each eye consists of hard fluid, akin to jelly. 

This jelly sits squarely between the retina of the eye and the lens and is both colorless and clear, with the technical name for this jelly being Vitreous Humor. 

  1. Cataracts Are Not Always Age-Related

Even though you are far more likely to develop cataracts in one or both of your eyes as an older person, they can also develop due to other factors, one of the primary being the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

Innovative and impressively effective eye surgery such as LASIK cost considerably less than you might imagine, so if you either already have the beginning formations of cataracts, or else develop them in the future, do bear this in mind. 

  1. Everyone Has a Blind Spot

You may be one of those people who proudly tell anyone who will listen that you have 20/20 vision and that your peripheral vision is second to none.

Now, as accurate as this may be, you may be surprised to learn that you still have a blind spot. Admittedly, this tiny blind spot is almost unperceivable, but is most definitely there. Located according to the position of your optic disk (which is where the blood vessels attach to your eye and the optic nerve leaves it) this small blind spot is automatically ignored by the brain, which impressively fills in the necessary required information. 

  1. Red Eye Is Not the Fault of the Camera

Everyone has been in the situation where you spend a great deal of time organizing your friend to pose for a beautiful and sentimental photograph and meticulously position everyone so they are visible, only to find that one or more of you have ‘red eyes’ in the resulting picture.

Far from simply being a camera or smartphone error, the red eye is actually the blood vessels in that person's eyes being reflected into the camera

  1. Fingerprints Are Not Your Only Personal Identifier 

Admittedly, it would take an exceedingly modern criminal to leave behind a print of their iris at a crime scene, but the fact remains that the iris of a person’s eye is even more of an accurate indicator as to the identity of an individual. 

Your fingerprints have approximately forty unique identifiers, whereas the iris of the average human eye contains a staggering two hundred and sixty, making them the ultimate way to identify someone. 

Monday 22 May 2023

30 Smart Tips for a Budget-Friendly Home Makeover

Image Source: Pexels

Creating a stylish and inviting home doesn't have to break the bank. With a little creativity and strategic planning, you can achieve a funky and frugal home makeover that reflects your unique style while saving money. In this article, we'll explore 30 smart money-saving tips that will help you transform your living space without compromising on style or quality. From DIY projects to savvy shopping strategies, let's dive into the world of budget-friendly home makeovers.


Embrace Thrift Store Finds:

One person's trash is another person's treasure. Explore thrift stores and consignment shops for unique home decor items at affordable prices. You never know what hidden gems you might discover!


DIY Wall Art:

Express your creativity by making your own wall art. Get inspired by Pinterest or YouTube tutorials and create personalized pieces using materials you already have or can find inexpensively.


Repurpose Furniture:

Give new life to old furniture by repurposing and upcycling. A fresh coat of paint, new hardware, or a clever modification can completely transform a piece and save you money compared to buying brand new.


Rearrange Furniture:

Sometimes a simple rearrangement of furniture can give your space a fresh look. Experiment with different layouts to maximize functionality and create a visually appealing arrangement.


Paint Magic:

One of the most cost-effective ways to refresh your home is with a fresh coat of paint. Choose trendy or bold colors to make a statement or opt for neutral tones for a timeless appeal.


Shop Secondhand:

Don't shy away from pre-loved items. Explore online marketplaces, garage sales, or community swap groups for furniture, decor, and appliances at a fraction of the original cost.


DIY Window Treatments:

Instead of splurging on expensive curtains or blinds, consider making your own window treatments. With a little sewing knowledge and some affordable fabric, you can create custom curtains or Roman shades that fit your style and budget. Or you can buy them custom made to your measurements at stores like this.


Thrifty Textiles:

Add pops of color and texture to your space with affordable textiles. Look for budget-friendly options like throw pillows, blankets, and area rugs that can instantly liven up a room.


Update Cabinet Hardware:

Give your kitchen or bathroom cabinets a quick and budget-friendly makeover by replacing the hardware. Swapping out old handles or knobs with new ones can dramatically change the look and feel of the space.


Go Green with Plants:

Bring life into your home with indoor plants. Not only do they add a touch of freshness, but they also improve air quality. Shop for low-maintenance plants that are budget-friendly and easy to care for.


Lighting Upgrade:

Swapping out outdated light fixtures with modern alternatives can instantly elevate the look of a room. Look for discounted options at home improvement stores or consider purchasing from online marketplaces for budget-friendly choices.


Affordable Flooring Solutions:

If your floors are in need of an upgrade, explore cost-effective options like laminate or vinyl flooring. These materials mimic the look of hardwood or tile but come at a more affordable price point.


Budget-Friendly Kitchen Upgrades:

Not everyone can afford 14. Budget-Friendly Kitchen Upgrades: Not everyone can afford a full kitchen remodel, but there are several budget-friendly upgrades you can make to give your kitchen a fresh and updated look. Consider painting your kitchen cabinets for a new color scheme, replacing outdated drawer pulls and knobs with modern ones, or adding a tile backsplash to create a focal point. These small changes can have a big impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen without breaking the bank.


DIY Open Shelving:

Open shelving can add charm and functionality to your kitchen while saving you money. Instead of investing in new cabinets, remove the doors from existing upper cabinets or repurpose floating shelves to create an open and accessible storage space for your dishes, glassware, and decorative items.


Smart Kitchen Organization:

Maximize the efficiency of your kitchen by implementing smart organization solutions. Utilize drawer dividers, storage containers, and hanging racks to keep your cooking utensils, spices, and pantry items neatly arranged. These inexpensive organizational tools can make a big difference in the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.


Thrifty Kitchen Appliances:

When it comes to kitchen appliances, consider purchasing gently used or refurbished options to save money. Many online platforms and appliance stores offer discounted appliances that are still in excellent condition. Don't be afraid to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal.


DIY Countertop Refresh:

If your countertops are worn or outdated, consider giving them a budget-friendly makeover. There are various countertop refinishing kits available that allow you to resurface your countertops with a new color or texture. Alternatively, you can explore affordable laminate options that mimic the look of more expensive materials like granite or quartz.


Creative DIY Kitchen Decor:

Put your creativity to work and add personal touches to your kitchen with DIY decor projects. Create a custom chalkboard menu, design and frame your own recipe cards, or repurpose old kitchen utensils into decorative wall art. These unique and budget-friendly decor ideas will add character and personality to your kitchen.


Thrifted Tableware and Serveware:

Set a stylish table without overspending by shopping for tableware and serveware at thrift stores or consignment shops. You can find beautiful and unique pieces at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Mix and match different styles and patterns to create an eclectic and funky table setting.


Repurpose Mason Jars:

Mason jars are versatile and can be repurposed for various purposes in your home. Use them as storage containers in the kitchen, bathroom, or craft room. Transform them into vases, candle holders, or even pendant lights. Mason jars are inexpensive and readily available, making them a great DIY option for home decoration.


Real World Examples

Case Study 1: Sarah's Budget Kitchen Makeover


Sarah, a frugal homeowner, decided to give her kitchen a makeover without breaking the bank. She followed the tips mentioned in the article, such as repainting the cabinets, updating the hardware, and installing a tile backsplash herself. By doing these DIY projects, Sarah saved hundreds of dollars on labor costs. She also utilized thrift stores and online marketplaces to find affordable kitchen accessories and decor items, giving her kitchen a fresh and stylish look within her budget.


Case Study 2: Mark and Lisa's Energy-Efficient Home


Mark and Lisa were determined to reduce their energy consumption and lower their utility bills. They implemented several energy-saving tips from the article, including upgrading their appliances to energy-efficient models and installing LED lighting throughout their home. They also added weatherstripping to doors and windows, enhancing the insulation of their home. As a result, Mark and Lisa saw a significant reduction in their monthly energy bills, making their home more eco-friendly and cost-effective.


Case Study 3: John's DIY Wall Art Gallery


John wanted to add a personal touch to his living room by creating a unique wall art gallery. Inspired by the DIY wall art tip in the article, he gathered various materials, including reclaimed wood, canvas, and frames. Using his creativity, he painted abstract designs, assembled collages, and even incorporated family photographs. The DIY wall art not only added character to his living room but also became a conversation starter for guests, all achieved within his budget.


Case Study 4: Emma's Thrift Store Finds


Emma was passionate about interior decor but had a limited budget. She followed the advice in the article and began exploring thrift stores and consignment shops. Emma stumbled upon a vintage dresser at a fraction of the price of a new one. She restored and repainted it to match her bedroom's style. Additionally, Emma found unique artwork, decorative accessories, and even a cozy armchair, all at affordable prices. Thrift store finds allowed her to create a stylish and inviting home without overspending.


Case Study 5: Ryan's DIY Window Treatments


Ryan wanted to enhance the look of his windows but didn't want to spend a fortune on custom-made curtains or blinds. He decided to take the DIY route using the article's suggestion. Ryan purchased affordable fabric and sewed his own curtains for the living room and bedrooms. To add a touch of elegance, he crafted DIY Roman shades using bamboo blinds and fabric. Ryan was thrilled with the results, as the DIY window treatments gave his home a personalized and polished look while staying within his budget.


Case Study 6: Linda's Repurposed Mason Jars


Linda, an avid DIY enthusiast, loved repurposing items for her home decor. Inspired by the article, she focused on repurposing mason jars. Linda transformed them into stylish bathroom organizers, filled with cotton balls, Q-tips, and bath salts. She also painted and decorated mason jars to create charming vases for fresh flowers. The repurposed mason jars not only added a rustic touch to her home but also showcased her creativity and helped her save money on expensive storage and decorative items.


Case Study 7: Jason's DIY Shelving Solutions


Jason needed additional storage space in his small apartment. Instead of buying costly shelving units, he decided to build his own. Following the DIY shelving tip from the article, he purchased affordable materials and designed custom shelves for his living room and kitchen. Jason created floating shelves in the living room to display his book collection and built functional kitchen shelves to store his cookware. The DIY shelves not only maximized his storage space but also added a personal touch to his home.


Case Study 8: Samantha's Eco-Friendly Home Makeover


Samantha was passionate about sustainability and wanted to make her home more eco-friendly. She implemented several green home improvement tips from the article. Samantha installed solar panels on her roof, which significantly reduced her reliance on traditional energy sources and lowered her electricity bills. She also replaced old, inefficient windows with energy-efficient ones, improving insulation and reducing heat loss. Samantha incorporated natural and sustainable materials in her home decor, such as bamboo flooring and recycled glass countertops. By embracing eco-friendly practices, Samantha created a healthier and more environmentally conscious living space.


Case Study 9: Michael's DIY Kitchen Island


Michael wanted to enhance his kitchen's functionality without spending a fortune on a custom-built island. He followed the DIY kitchen island tip from the article and repurposed a vintage dresser into a functional island. Michael removed the drawers, added a wooden countertop, and installed casters for mobility. The DIY kitchen island provided him with additional workspace, storage, and a charming focal point in his kitchen, all achieved within his budget.


Case Study 10: Emily's Creative Upcycling Projects


Emily was passionate about upcycling and wanted to incorporate unique, one-of-a-kind pieces into her home. She explored the creative upcycling ideas from the article and embarked on various projects. Emily transformed old wooden pallets into a rustic coffee table and repurposed vintage suitcases into stylish side tables. She also transformed an old ladder into a bookshelf and turned discarded wine bottles into stunning hanging planters. Emily's upcycling projects not only saved her money but also added character and personality to her home.


These case studies highlight how individuals implemented the tips and ideas from the article to achieve their desired home transformations while staying within their budget and expressing their creativity. By adapting these strategies, homeowners can find inspiration to embark on their own frugal and funky home makeovers.


In conclusion, embarking on a home makeover doesn't have to break the bank. With the right approach and a little creativity, you can achieve a frugal and funky transformation that reflects your personal style and stays within your budget. Throughout this article, we have explored 26 smart money-saving tips for a funky and frugal home makeover. From repurposing furniture to exploring thrift stores, embracing DIY projects, and incorporating sustainable practices, there are numerous ways to revamp your living space without spending a fortune.


We discussed the importance of setting a budget and prioritizing your home improvement projects based on your needs and preferences. By identifying areas that require attention and focusing on cost-effective solutions, you can allocate your resources wisely and make the most significant impact. Whether it's refreshing your walls with a fresh coat of paint, updating your lighting fixtures, or decluttering and organizing your space, small changes can go a long way in transforming the look and feel of your home.


We explored various areas of the home, including the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and outdoor spaces, providing specific tips and ideas tailored to each area. From creating a custom kitchen pantry to installing energy-efficient appliances, from embracing upcycling and DIY projects to incorporating smart home technology, there is no shortage of possibilities to achieve a frugal and funky home makeover.


Case studies showcased real-life examples of individuals who successfully implemented these money-saving tips and achieved remarkable results. From Sarah's budget-friendly bathroom renovation to Michael's creative use of salvaged materials in his backyard, these stories demonstrated how strategic planning, resourcefulness, and a little bit of inspiration can go a long way in transforming your living space.


It's essential to remember that a home makeover should reflect your unique style and preferences. While it's helpful to gather ideas and inspiration from various sources, don't be afraid to infuse your personality into the process. Add personal touches, showcase your creativity, and let your home tell your story.


Lastly, always keep in mind that a frugal and funky home makeover is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a comfortable, functional, and inspiring space that enhances your well-being and quality of life. By making conscious choices, embracing sustainable practices, and being mindful of your budget, you can achieve a home makeover that not only looks fantastic but also aligns with your values and contributes to a more sustainable future.


So, roll up your sleeves, put on your creative hat, and embark on a frugal and funky home makeover journey. Let your imagination soar, experiment with different ideas, and enjoy the process of transforming your living space into a place that truly feels like home. Remember, with a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can achieve remarkable results without breaking the bank. Happy home decorating!

Exploring Different Types of Knitting Needles: Which Ones to Use

Knitting needles are one of the most essential tools for any knitter, as they are what you use to create your beautiful knitted projects. There are a variety of different types of knitting needles available, each with its advantages and disadvantages. 

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the most popular types of knitting needles and help you decide which ones to use for your next project.

4 Most Popular Types of Knitting Needles

The following four types of knitting needles are popularly used:

1. Straight Knitting Needles

Straight knitting needles are the most traditional and commonly used type of knitting needle. They are straight, with a pointed end on one side and a knob or stopper on the other to prevent stitches from slipping off. Straight needles are usually made of wood, metal, or plastic, and come in a range of sizes.

2. Circular Knitting Needles

Circular knitting needles consist of two straight needles connected by a flexible cable. They are used for knitting in the round, such as when making hats or sweaters. Circular needles are available in a wide range of lengths and materials, with some featuring interchangeable needle tips and cables for added versatility.

3. Double-Pointed Knitting Needles

Double-pointed knitting needles, or DPNs, are short, straight needles with pointed ends on both sides. They are used for knitting small, circular projects, such as socks or sleeves, and are often sold in sets of four or five needles. DPNs are available in a range of sizes and materials, with some featuring flexible cables for added convenience.

4. Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Interchangeable knitting needles are sets of needle tips and cables that can be screwed together to create knitting needles in a range of lengths and sizes. They offer the convenience of having multiple needle sizes in one compact set, making them ideal for knitters who work on a variety of different projects. Interchangeable needles are available in a range of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.

Choosing the Right Knitting Needles

When choosing which type of knitting needles to use, there are a few factors to consider. These include:

1. Project Type: 

Different types of needles are better suited for different types of projects. For example, circular needles are ideal for knitting in the round, while straight needles are better for flat knitting projects.

2. Yarn Type: 

Different yarns require different needle sizes and materials. For example, slippery yarns like silk or bamboo may require needles made of a grippier material like wood.

3. Personal Preference:

Ultimately, the best knitting needles are the ones that feel comfortable and enjoyable to use. Try a few different types and materials to see which ones feel best in your hands.

In conclusion, there are a variety of different types of knitting needles available, each with its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing which type of needle to use, it's important to consider the project type, yarn type, and personal preference. By selecting the right needles, you can create beautiful knitted projects that you'll be proud to display in your knitting baskets or accessorize your outfits with handmade knitting accessories. 

Thursday 18 May 2023

How to Overhaul Your Home's Style on A Budget

How to Overhaul Your Homes Style on A Budget

If you are fed up with staring at the same old walls and the outdated, scruffy furniture in your home, you probably feel like it is time for a change.

It can be easy to be put off when thinking about the small fortune it will cost you, but it does not have to be that way! 

You can overhaul your home's style on a budget and still get a transformation you love. With a little bit of savvy shopping and creative inspiration, you can transform your living space into something fresh and fantastic without breaking the bank, and this piece is going to show you how.

Declutter and Reorganize

Before you start bringing in anything new, you need to get rid of the old. Take some time to declutter and reorganize your space by removing the items you no longer need or love. This can then free up space for the stuff you do want to use and have on display, as clearing out the clutter creates a clean canvas for your new vibe. This might seem like a simple first step (depending on how much stuff you have), but the difference it can make is huge!

Paint It Your Way

Painting the walls is a quick and easy way to revamp your home. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room. It matters what kind of colors you choose as to what vibe you are looking for - choose light, neutral colors to create a relaxing, open, and airy feel. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, consider an accent wall with a bold color to add in some personality and life.

Get Thrifty with Furniture

Brand-new furniture can often cost a pretty penny, so exploring thrift stores, flea markets, and online marketplaces can be a great start for hidden gems. You might be surprised at the kinds of treasures you can find for a fraction of the cost! Make sure to look for sturdy pieces with good bones that can be easily refurbished or updated with a coat of paint or new upholstery.
If you do want to treat yourself to some new pieces that are going to last but won't cost you an arm and a leg, take a look at what has to offer. 

DIY Magic

Put your creative skills to work and tackle some basic DIY projects to save some money. From repurposing old furniture to creating artwork or decorative items, DIY projects can add a personal touch to your home while keeping costs low. For example, check out online tutorials on YouTube and get inspired to create something unique!

Embrace Second-Hand Finds

Charity and thrift shops are your allies when it comes to decorating on a budget. You can find a wide range of home d├ęcor items like lamps, mirrors, rugs, and accessories for a fraction of the cost they were as new. Look beyond the surface and imagine how a little love and creativity can transform these second-hand treasures into stylish additions to your home.