Monday 29 May 2023

Cleaning The Boat After Fishing at Vinson Lake B.C.

We love to use our aluminum boats for fishing all our amazing lakes here in BC and it has been such a great way to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. We have a great time driving out in the woods and being with one another. Last weekend we went to Vinson Lake up the Okanagan Connector and caught some very nice rainbow trout. Fishing was fun but afterwards it’s always such a chore to put everything away and cleanup.

We usually just spray the boat out with a hose and wipe it down but this time we cleaned it with HullMagic and it turned out super shiny and required no scrubbing. We sprayed the boat and let it sit for a bit, gave it a quick wipe and it was perfectly clean after that. Super quick and easy for anyone who owns a boat!

If you own a boat you probably want to keep it clean and stain free from the hull to the topside and everywhere else.  

And even if you don't own a boat, you likely struggle to keep many surfaces clean without backbreaking scrubbing. Until now, it’s been a lot of work requiring multiple applications of so-so cleaners. Today, that all changes. 

HullMagic,, is the newest, most powerful and safest instant cleaner and stain remover available. Its Clinging Foam + Spray works on all fiberglass, non-skid, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, chrome and plexiglass surfaces. It’s truly a cleaning savior because in one application it cleans stubborn stains effortlessly, economically and safely. See the independently created “Captain’s Video” testimonial posted on the web site at I love using these great microfibre cloths with HullMagic to get the job done quickly and frugally since they are reusable for years!

HullMagic kicks the competition’s bottoms. Its unique clinging foam removes even the toughest stains safely. Its spray on/rinse off composition makes it easy to use. Its unique bottle works upside down making it great for tough to reach locations. It’s made in the USA, has a pleasant smell unlike the leading competitors, costs less per ounce than other leading boat cleaners and shipping is FREE! (See competitive boat cleaner chart attached and at the web site for more details.)

“We like to say HullMagic cleans more than your bottom because it’s not only for hulls. You can use it safely and effectively on any stain and it saves time because one minute after application it only requires a simple rinse with clean water to leave things shining,” said HullMagic developer Ben Patipa. “Anyone who owns a boat knows what’s involved in the upkeep. And if you just want to keep surfaces clean you the work that's involved. The product works on contact saving time and effort so you can enjoy your time on the water whether you are fishing or out for a day of leisure or give your self more time to do whatever you want.” 

HullMagic is immediately available on Shopify and direct from the company at for $16.99 for 25.4 ounces/$.67 per ounce, and shipping is FREE! With this introduction, HullMagic is offering a free bottle to anyone who purchases 2 bottles and recommends a fellow boater/friend who orders a single bottle.

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