Thursday 1 June 2023

Family Friendly Recipes to Bring Everyone Together

There is truly nothing better than getting your entire family together and enjoying a wholesome meal. They say that food can bring people closer and this statement could not be more true. Family friendly recipes that will make everyone smile and feel part of a community are priceless, from healthy and fun desserts such as chocolate zucchini cake to delicious chicken skewers there are so many options for you to choose from. If you’re thinking about getting the family together soon, here are some dishes you may want to add to the menu.

Savory Breakfast Sharer

A classic shakshuka dish is a brilliant idea for a sharing breakfast between family and friends. Fill up a large pan with fresh tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, spinach, feta, fresh basil and half a dozen cracked eggs in the middle. Put the pain straight into the oven for twenty minutes and watch the eggs cook beautifully on a bed of zesty tomatoes and creamy feta. Serve with freshly sliced toast and salted butter for the ultimate sharing breakfast.

Chicken Skewers

There are so many different ways to put your own spin on classic chicken skewers, whether you want to try korean bbq chicken skewers or a vegetarian alternative. This is a crowd pleasing dish that will give your family the flexibility to add whatever they want onto their own skewers.

Beef Lasagne

A classic beef lasagne is one of those dishes that you will never regret making for your family. Everyone can come together to share this deliciously made favorite. Using high quality ground beef, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms and freshly made bechamel sauce for the topping, your family will be back for more as soon as they get started with this dish.

Veggie Wraps

As you know, vegetables are a vital component for our body as growing and thriving human beings. Without vegetables our body won’t have the relevant nutrients and minerals to do everything we want to do. Offering more vegetables at family meal times and making them fun can help to remove the stigma that vegetables are gross. A family fajita night is the ideal way to bring all of your loved ones together and share food as a unit. Offer a variety of grilled vegetables with halloumi, sour cream and salsa for vibrant veggie wraps that will please everyone in the crowd!

Chocolate Cake

There is no family dinner complete without dessert, so why not create your own family favorite? A decadent and sumptuous chocolate cake can go a long way to bring everyone together as they share a slice of deliciousness after their dinner. Use vegetables as a hidden ingredient or top with fresh fruit to add a healthier twist to your chocolate creation.

There are so many wonderful family friendly recipes for you to choose from depending on the type of dishes you want to serve. Whether you’re gathering your closest family for breakfast or you’re inviting family round for dinner, everyone is sure to leave with a full stomach and happy heart!

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