Friday 2 June 2023

Countertop Renovation Using Daich Coatings LuxROCK Solid Surface Granite Countertop Kit in Crystal Quartz

What a fantastic opportunity my husband and I had this past week! We were able to work with Daich Coatings and there amazing counter top Kit called LuxRock! We used the kit to resurface our regular counters as well as the wooden top of the dishwasher so it is definitely an all surface coverage option! This stuff is like magic and looks like it cost thousands of dollars when it’s done!

Our old counter were over 10 years old and have gone through years of cutting, chopping, and cooking. With a family of 5 using the kitchen together there have been a number of whoopsies where kids have forgotten to use a cutting board, sliced through packaging or spilled all types of liquids and sauces. The counters were definitely showing their age with worn out spots and chunks missing. 

The LuxROCK Solid Surface Granite Countertop Kit in Crystal Quartz comes with everything you need to get the job done. We read the instructions probably 20 times and again through each individual step to ensure everything was done perfect! 

We began the process by scraping the counters with a sharp scraper blade to ensure there was no sticky or crusted on pieces of stuff stuck on the counters. After that we sanded them down to add some buffed texture to the counter surface. 

After that we used a sharp utility blade to remove caulking from the sink and fixtures. 

After the surface was prepped and taped up around all our appliances and cupboards, and ready to go we had to start priming. Step one is a thick and sandy feeling primer that helps the stone set stick. We did a thin coat first and allowed it to dry for two hours before applying a second coat. 

Once that was dry and set for two hours it was time for step 2. Step 2 is the stone coat it is like a very thick mud with small rock chunks throughout! Give it a good mix with a stir stick and get all the chunks thoroughly mixed throughout the bucket. 

We applied a thin coat that was 1/16 of an inch thick and allowed it to set for 4-6 hours. To apply the second coat we used the provided plastic smoothers and pressed firmly to create a thin and even layer of rock texture. Let cure for 24 hours! 

We sanded it down after the 24 hour period using the 120 & 180 grit sand paper. After that we had to wipe it clean a number of times with a damp rag until it was perfectly clean with no dust residue. 

After that we applied stone conditioner and let it sit for two hours. Then we applied the epoxy and removed all the bubbles using a torch. 

The epoxy set for 24 hours as well and then we had to start wet polishing and sanding with the 400 grit paper and spray bottle. The counters should now feel smooth and free from and snags or rock hard chunks. 

It is starting to look so beautiful at this point. Next you have to apply the clear coat. After wiping and drying and ensuring it was perfectly clean you apply a thin layer of clear coat and let it sit for two hours. Then apply a second coat! 

After 24 hours begin removing tape and any other messes you made using a sharp utility knife and cutting all around the edges. 

Now you have brand new countertops that look like they cost you a fortune! Be sure to protect them from hot pans and use cutting boards when cutting to keep them looking fresh and new for years to come! 

Daich Coatings has other amazing colours to choose from as well as other products to help you renovate your home at a fraction of the cost. I had used their walkway resurfacing kit last year and it made my steps to my home non slip and gorgeous! Check out my review of Daich Coatings Tracsafe here

Check out our YouTube video to see the process of our countertop renovation. 

What a great project once again from Daich Coatings tackled by this amazing husband and wife duo! 

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