Monday 8 May 2023

Healthy Chocolate You Can Feel Good About

The Better Chocolates has created one of the best tasting healthy chocolates I have ever had. I have always dreamed that eating chocolate would be good for me and that dream is now a reality! 

The Better Chocolates makes vitamin enriched chocolates in a variety of flavours. You can choose from Beauty Me, Vitamin Me, Protein Me, and other great flavours with healthy benefits! 

I absolutely love eating them just on their own but you can also use them to create chocolate recipes like hot chocolate, chocolate muffins, and all kinds of other great chocolate treats! 

The creator of this amazing product is Canadian Entrepreneur that started her dream later in life, proving age is just a number and there is nothing holding you back from accomplishing everything you could ever want! 

Please meet Suzie Yorke, a mother of four who, at 51 years of age, took a calculated risk and dipped into her youngest daughter's University fund to found her first brand, Love Good Fats. She took it to 100 million in 3 years and, in doing so, proved to the world that it’s never too late! 

Now at 55, she's started her second brand, The Better Chocolates, the world's first functional chocolate. Suzie, an avid marathoner and sugar-free advocate, saw a gap in the vitamin market - sweet sugar-packed gummies being sold as vitamins with tons of preservatives and colour chemicals. A chocolate lover, she decided to team up with a friend who is an Ecuadorian-Canadian Chocolatier and has created a delicious, decadent and nutrient-laden, sugar-free alternative - what we like to call, Chocolate with Benefits!

Why am I sharing this? Because Suzie not only runs this company, she also started a founders group for others like her, most in mid-life, and now 600+ members strong (it's a free group) who are proving that age is not a barrier to success and you don't have to be an ingenue to impress, ie: it's never too late.

Suzie's story is a great tie-in to mother's day. She is such a multi-faceted and fascinating person: French-Canadian, mother of four, autistic, came out later in life, and unstoppable. She continues to advocate, innovate, and build better brands and opportunities not just for herself but hundreds of others, even helping get the government to create our new Health Canada Supplemented Food Guide that outlines the supplements and nutrients in our food so we know exactly what we're consuming.

She is engaging, fun and would be a motivating force for anyone who feels they might be too old or too late to try to live their dreams, especially women, moms, and those of us whose kids are leaving the roost. 

I love this recipe by Jaja Bakes for double chocolate muffins, I used chopped pieces of healthy chocolate instead of chocolate chips and they turned out amazing! 

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