Tuesday 9 May 2023

Taking Beans on Adventures

We absolutely love our big fat cat named Beans. She is our favourite little fluff ball in the world and we spoil her rotten. You can see by our amazing Instagram posts how much we love her and show her everyday. 

Recently we started taking her out for walks but she isn’t one for walking very far on her own, she gets winded easily due to her large belly dragging her down. So we had started looking into ways to take her with us on adventures where she can be packed around comfortably.

We are hikers rather than walkers so it had to be a backpack for the uphill, over trees, and through the bush, adventures we had planned. The Fat Cat Travel Cat Backpack is perfect for her. It is huge and can hold up to 25 pounds of cat or dog fluffiness. 

I love how supportive it is, the bubble for viewing that you can change to a plastic screen and all the little pockets and zippers for comfort and function. What an amazing way to spend the day with your cat!

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