Monday 26 June 2023

3 Ways EVs Save You Money

There is an EV somewhere on the street near you. Keep your eyes out and you will notice one in a neighbour's drive or on the school run, and their owners are on to something. If you want a way to seriously save yourself some cash over the next few years, the answer is electric.

Low Maintenance Costs

Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than their oil-powered alternatives. This simple fact saves you money straight away; fewer things to go wrong means fewer trips to a mechanic. Also, many of an EVs primary components, like the electric motors, are cheaper to replace than a fossil fuel engine and are more reliable. The drastically reduced maintenance helps EVs to start paying for themselves fairly quickly, saving you hundreds or even thousands of pounds a year.

Road tax savings are the cherry on top. Vehicles that produce zero emissions currently pay no road tax in the UK. Any fully electric vehicle saves you more than £150 a year in road tax and is also exempt from Low Emission Zone (LEZ) charges in cities like London, Birmingham, and Glasgow.

Free Miles from the Sunshine

Having a home charger is a must for a battery electric vehicle, but when you pair one with solar power you are suddenly driving on sunshine, with an incredibly low or even free cost per mile. Even in British weather, there is enough light to generate a sizeable amount of electricity. This energy can be put into the power grid to lower your bills. On some EV tariffs, you can start with a low cost to charge your car up at night and offset the cost with solar power in the daytime.

Using a home battery, you can even charge your car up using solar power you have collected in the day, and drive for nothing per mile. One-stop shops like Now EV can help you transition to EV ownership with an energy plan that includes a home charger, solar panel installation, and a home battery. Making the switch makes sense, especially as prices at the pumps escalate every year.

Value for Money

Every EV owner can agree on one thing, whether they drive a Tesla or a Volkswagen, or a KIA; you get a lot of car for your money. EVs are always feature-filled, and even base models come with all of the advantages of battery power and a whole lot of bells and whistles. Infotainment is their speciality, with large central screens that can stream movies and even play games. Features get updated automatically too; you get more for your money as time goes on.

One of the cleverest systems EVs have is called regenerative braking. When the car slows down it sends the braking energy into the batteries, recovering the energy you used to get up to speed and increasing your range. This technique can be used to ‘hypermile’ and push up your range continually as you use the car getting you even more for your money. Less recharging at the plug means lower costs.

The deeper you dive into EV driving, the better the savings get. The upfront costs cover themselves quickly, and then you are putting money back in your pocket every mile you drive. Modern EVs are the perfect family taxi, and you won’t mind ferrying people around so much when you’re driving for free with the power of sunshine.

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