Friday 23 June 2023

4 Steps to Building a Great Non-Profit Fundraising Event

Non-profit fundraisers are the main way that charities bring in donations for their mission. It is a space to bring everyone together to talk about the important work that goes on behind the scenes and encourage donators to contribute to the cause. If you are planning such an event, here are four steps to take to make sure it’s a great one. 

Pick the Perfect Purpose

Every charitable event needs to have the perfect theme and purpose. Whether it is simply just reinforcing the work that a charity does on a daily basis, or focusing on a fun fundraising agenda, there are lots of directions to move in. Pick something and stick with it so that you can build the event around a core purpose. This will be included in any marketing you do for the day so make sure it is snappy and compelling. 

Make it Appeal to All Ages

Any event that you throw must appeal to all ages if you hope to attract high rates of attendance. Big outside activities are a great move that lots of charities dive into to bring a whole crowd of potential donators into the heart of what they are hoping to achieve. Consider a fairground theme as that will definitely attract families, young adults, seniors, and everyone in between. Plus, this style is extremely fun and easy to pull together with everything from hiring a carnival swing ride to providing great fair snacks (candyfloss, ice cream, etc). 

Raise Awareness

You must also raise awareness for the event if you want people to come to it. After all, if it is kept on the downlow with minimal exposure, there can be minimal chance of a great crowd forming. That is why you must advertise, create content around, and generally talk about the upcoming day as much as possible until it is happening. If you are selling tickets, make sure there is a marketing strategy that utilizes the power of email subscriptions, social media, and a great website that is highly focused on user-intuitiveness. Make sure there are options for both buying a ticket at the gate and in advance online so that people have options. 

Get the Whole Team On Board

This is the perfect opportunity to delegate to the whole team. Getting everyone involved means they will feel a part of something special and feel more fulfilled and productive than ever. The team behind a non-profit is an integral part of what makes the work successful, after all, and while they could represent the cause on the day of the event, they should be allowed to join in the fun too. Divide into teams and create iterations so that everyone has a purpose and is contributing in some way. You could even integrate the help of nonprofit event management software so you can effectively manage what is happening in real-time, track where your volunteers are, and delegate tasks accordingly. This will not only make the preparation part of the journey far more accessible but create a sense of togetherness too.

These four steps will ensure that your fundraising day comes together successfully. Given that these are such key moments in the life and work of a charity, making sure it counts is of utmost importance. 

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