Wednesday 21 June 2023

Easiest way to grow Avocado plants from seed

I absolutely love avocados they are one of my favourite super foods packed with nutrients! I always wanted to grow my own plant and see if it would work from seed. I tried the method where you stick toothpicks through the seed and let just the bottom sit in water and for some reason it would never work. 

A friend of mine had told me she left a few seeds in a bag and forgot about them and they began to grow roots. So I tried it! I now have 2 plants in pots and 4 more seeds almost ready for pot placement. All I did was take the seeds or pits from the avocado and wash them off so they would have no food bits stuck to them and placed them in a bag with moist paper towel. I left the bag in a dark cupboard for a month or longer and they grew roots and began to grow a plant. 

I can now grow avocado plants all over my home just by saving my seeds and placing them in a cupboard for a while. Check on them periodically to ensure they are still moist and that’s it! 

Once you have a decent root growth you can place it roots down in a breathable pot like a terracotta and it will begin to grow into a beautiful tree. Let it get lots of sun and keep it moist and it should stay happy and healthy. I transplanted my biggest tree once so far to give it more room to grow but don’t rush it into a big pot the roots like to be hugged and snuggled tight. 

Now you can grow avocado trees like me! I’m pretty sure I won’t ever see any fruits but they are still fun to grow and pretty to look at. 

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