Tuesday 11 July 2023

All Natural Earwig Killer That Works!

We have a large amount of earwigs where we live and they are super gross to look at and they pinch so we don’t want them around. We also have a cat and a daycare to worry about so we try to go the natural route whenever possible. 

We found this trap works the best and is so cheap and easy to do. All you need is:

1 or more shallow containers
1 cup cooking oil
1 cup soya sauce

Pour the oil and soya sauce into the shallow container. It will stay separated but that’s what makes this trap work so well! 

Dig a shallow hole in the ground wherever your having the earwig problem just deep enough so the container is flush with the ground so they can walk right in. They probably will climb in as well but this worked for us.

Leave it overnight and wait to see how many you got in the morning. We have killed thousands in the last few months with this trick and use it every year. 

We strain it when we check it in the morning into a small cup and pour it back in again for another round. This trap costs next to nothing to make and can be reused over and over and is all natural! 

Check out our YouTube video to see how many we got last night, it’s pretty nasty but it works. 

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