Tuesday 11 July 2023

Jovial Gluten Free Organic White Cheddar Mac & Cheese

Jovial, the #1 gluten-free pasta brand in the Natural Channel, has long been a fan favorite of gluten-free consumers. And now the brand, founded by a husband and wife team over 10 years ago to make high-quality, delicious Italian foods accessible to their gluten-sensitive daughter, is adding a beloved American staple to their list of gluten-free products: Mac & Cheese. 

For so long, gluten-free consumers have had to settle for a box of mushy Mac & Cheese that never quite had that true Italian al denté bite. Jovial wanted to fill this void with a premium, clean and convenient option. Jovial has released two gluten-free SKUs of the classic American dish: White Cheddar and Dairy Free Vegan Mac. 

Jovial Mac & Cheese will be the first in the market to feature pasta that is imported from Italy, where it is crafted using time-honored techniques including pressing the pasta through bronze dies and then slow drying it. These old-world touches give Jovial's pasta a texture that can more easily hold onto sauces, maximizing cheesy goodness in every bite. Jovial Mac & Cheese will have the authentic texture and taste of pasta that many others simply can't deliver. In addition, all Jovial pastas are Project Detox Certified, making their noodles glyphosate residue-free. Jovial Foods' VP of marketing, Allison Houle, has this to say:

"Our organic gluten-free Mac & Cheese makes comfort food accessible for all. This new product line is launching with two SKUs, one made with white cheddar and one with dairy-free cheese, so they can be enjoyed by the whole family (no matter what the dietary needs are). The best part is, with our pasta, you won't even know it is gluten-free!"

The brand is expecting official national retail distribution beginning this May; Whole Foods is also set to carry both varieties starting this July. In addition, Jovial Foods will be featuring their new Mac & Cheese for retailers at the Natural Products Expo West convention happening March 7-11, 2023, in Anaheim, California.

In the meantime, consumers can head to jovialfoods.com and pick up a box (or 2!) from there, where the brand is currently offering an exclusive 15% stock-up discount on the purchase of a case (12 boxes) of either SKU.

Our personal thoughts:

This Mac & Cheese is absolutely delicious! My son eats macaroni and cheese constantly due to his quirky behaviours with his autism. He loves to eat it for every meal and it’s nice to find one that is healthy. He would definitely prefer it if it wasn’t a whole wheat pasta but he still enjoyed having the opportunity to try it! 

Rich and creamy, nice firm noodles and a healthy option for those who have dietary restrictions!

About Jovial Foods, Inc.

Jovial Foods Inc., a family-owned company, is the home of Jovial and Bionaturae - two organic Italian brands under one roof! 

In 1995, Bionaturae was introduced as one of the first organic Italian food brands in the American market when Carla Bartolucci and Rodolfo Viola fully committed to their passion for organic foods and their personal connections to traditional Italian cooking. 

Jovial was founded in 2010 after Carla and Rodolfo discovered that their daughter's health issues were attributed to sensitivity to modern wheat and gluten. Jovial creates organic allergen-friendly, ancient varietal, and artisan-crafted foods that are manufactured in Italy using traditional old-world techniques. 

Jovial and Bionaturae products are available at natural, conventional, and mass stores nationwide, as well as jovialfoods.com

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