Friday 21 July 2023

Supersizing the Side Hustle: Making a Second Income Your Primary Job

We all want more control over our lives. The demands of work often take precedence over the demands of family. It is possible to take your side hustle up a notch and turn a hobby or profitable pastime into a full-time job. From just a little entrepreneurial endeavour, you can free yourself from the rat race and give yourself control over your schedule, and your financial future.

Network to Get Work

The key to success is communication, but without people to talk to, you are screaming into a void. You have to network to get work, and this means reaching out and promoting yourself and your services or products both online and off. 

Winning friends and influencing people will create profitable opportunities, and when you do a job well or provide a quality product on time it will lead to repeat business. Everyone started off small, but all it takes is two or three satisfied customers and you will create a customer base you can build on. Word of mouth will also help you make new connections and contracts. Pretty soon your side hustle can start to snowball, creating an avalanche of income.

Upscale Your Socials

Your online presence is incredibly important in the modern entrepreneurial marketplace. Just getting noticed isn’t enough. Every post, like, and word of your profile needs to be the best it can be to ensure that every visit to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn gets you an enquiry about your services, products, or business.

Utilising portrait photography can help you out here. An artist with experience in creative portrait photography or comedy portraits Manchester, like Lucy Ridges, can help your socials stand out with high-quality portrait photos. This can be a powerful tool on sites like LinkedIn where a professional profile picture is like a business card. Look for a photographer with a wide range of experience by searching for terms like ‘comedian portraits Manchester’, or ‘musician photography Manchester’.

Create a Brand Through You

It doesn’t matter what your side hustle is, you are the unique selling point. You are what makes your endeavour different, regardless of whether you are selling beauty products or offering outsourced office management services. When you stand alone, you are what people are buying into. Your professional persona, and your brand, need to create belief in you. This is a powerful marketing tool for entrepreneurs. 

With professional photographs in place, you have an image to build your brand upon. Centre your professional presence around your values and highlight what they can bring to a client. Family values, religious values, and personal stories can all be used to great effect online. They help people to make connections with you that are reinforced by emotions, encouraging them to enquire. Working with you becomes their idea.

You can gain financial independence and spend days doing something you enjoy while being your own boss if you can convert your side hustle into your full-time job. There is flexibility there too, allowing you to schedule your work around your family, and not the other way around. These three tips will help, but it is going to take consistent hard work to push your side hustle forwards. It's up to you, what are you waiting for?

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