Thursday 20 July 2023

Flower & Butterfly Sun Catchers!

 We bought a huge amount of cellophane to make crafts in daycare this month and it has been so much fun! We made butterfly wings and used shadows to make really cool photos and we also made butterfly sun catchers for the window. 

I love to be able to present parents with these great pics and memorable keepsakes for them to enjoy and the kids get to learn how to use hand eye coordination, colour recognition and develop artistic skills. 

To make the sun catchers I used this image and applied it to the Cricut access app and cut them using card stock. 

I then used Cricut transfer tape and cut around the flower silhouettes so that the insides stayed sticky to apply cellophane. Cut small pieces of different coloured cellophane and give the kids the pieces to apply to the sticky tape in between the flower design.  

Once those were done I taped them to popsicle sticks and took the kids outside for some fun in the sun.

To create the butterfly sun catchers I did the exact same thing but applied a butterfly image to the Cricut card stock and allowed the kids to create their own beautiful design with cut up pieces of cellophane

I love making these for every holiday as they are super cute and so easy to make. This time we used this image and some light card stock to create our gorgeous art work. 

I absolutely love to create with cellophane and can’t wait to come up with more amazing art projects for the kids to enjoy! 

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