Monday 17 July 2023

Top 20 Items To Buy At The Dollar Store To Stay On Budget

Everyone loves shopping at the local dollar store to get a discount on small items we buy everyday. If you know what to look for you can save some serious cash which is great! Some items are actually overpriced if you aren’t careful you can seriously overpay for products you can get for cheaper at the grocery store. 

This list will help show you what items to buy when stocking up at the dollar store to stay on budget. 

Balloons & Party Supplies

Balloons & decorations are a must have item at any party and you can get so many different kinds for next to nothing at the dollar store. Along with party favours and party decor this is one of my favourite things to shop for at the dollar store. 

Bandaids & Small First Aid Items

Loading up the first aid kit shouldn’t cost a fortune and if you know where to shop it won’t. Bandaids, gauze, travel ibuprofen and Tylenol are all items you can buy at the dollar store for just a couple bucks. 

Board Games & Puzzles

Board games, small toys, and puzzles are great gifts to have on hand for impromptu birthday party invites, sleepovers, and power outages. They are also a great way to spend time together as a family and enjoy staying away from screen time for a bit. 

Hair Ties & Bobby Pins

Hair elastics and other accessories are always getting lost and broken and they are a must have item when you have girls in the house. Buying them from the dollar store is a great way to stock up and ensure you never run out. 

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies like sponges, scrubbers, dish soap, and other essentials are always a good idea to grab from the dollar store to save money. The ones you get at the grocery store usually cost a small fortune and are pretty much the exact same.


You can find all kinds of books at the dollar store. Everything from Best Sellers to activity books, colouring books, journals, cookbooks and much more!

Baking Items

Baking pans, parchment paper, aluminum foil, baking cups, and more can be found at the dollar store. They are absolutely perfect for small baking projects at home and can save you a fortune.

Craft Supplies

Crafting and creating can be an expensive hobby. If you stick up at the dollar store you can buy the same products for way less. You might be surprised at how much you can get compared to shopping at the craft stores. 

Office Products

Index cards, staples, pens, highlighters, and other office supplies are always cheaper when you buy them at the dollar store. You can stick up for a couple dollars and if you run a business you are really helping your bottom line.

Greeting Cards

I can never justify buying a $5 greeting card at a card shop or toy store. I always try to stock up on greeting cards whenever I go to the dollar store for birthdays and holidays I know I need to buy them for every year. 

Postal Products

Shipping products like bubble wrap, mailers, and envelopes are always overpriced at the post office. If you ship regularly stock up at the dollar store for the best savings and keep your money in your pocket!

Food Containers

Reusable food containers, sandwich bags, and water bottles are one of my favourite purchases at the dollar store. They are just as good of quality and are more than half the price cheaper when bought at the dollar store. 

Pool & Sand Toys

Pool floats, beach balls, and sand toys get replaced every year around here. You might as well buy them at the dollar store every time to save money. We go through lots of these products in our daycare each year so buying them at the dollar store makes the most sense to us.

Reading & Sunglasses

Reading glasses can be expensive and if you don’t need a specialized script for them you might as well pick up a few disposable pairs. Same as sunglasses they can be lost multiple times and broken just as many every year so buying expensive ones just doesn’t make any sense.


Decorations are pretty cool at the dollar store and they have such a great selection for every holiday it’s totally worth it to buy from the dollar store. 


I stock up on all my favourite spices at the dollar store, I can’t justify buying premium spices when the cheap ones taste the exact same. Save yourself some money and enhance the flavour in your life with dollar store spices. 

Socks & T Shirts 

Socks are so cheap at the dollar store they are perfect for camping, spares in backpacks for school and daycare and road trips. T shirts can be found for super cheap as well and used for Cricut crafts and tie dye projects. 

Tooth Brushes

We are always having kids sleep over at our house so we make a point to load up every chance we get. I can’t stand when kids go to sleep without brushing their teeth, the mother in me just won’t allow it. 

Wrapping Paper & Gift Bags

Bags and gift wrap are a constant purchase when you have kids and family and I can never justify buying it anywhere other than the dollar store! The products are just as good if not better than the ones you get at the grocery and drug stores and they are a fraction of the price. 

We bought lots of our flashlights, brooms and dustpans, rope, buckets, glow sticks and more for our camping trips from the dollar store. They have some high quality items that are perfect for using out in the forest. And if it breaks or your kids lose it you don’t have to spend $20 or more to replace it.

To stay on budget this year and save as the cost of living rises try shopping at where your hard earned dollars go further than ever before!

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