Tuesday 21 November 2023

How We Celebrate Our Autistic Sons Birthday

Our youngest has always been a pretty unique person, he has trouble making friendships, he gets overwhelmed easily in crowds, and has fits of anger when he’s unsure of how to regulate. We discovered just last year that he has autism when we took him to the Okanagan Ability Centre so this gives us something to work with when we are trying to plan his life and milestones. 

When it comes to his birthday he doesn’t have a lot of friends to have a normal party to celebrate. We have decided that he would much rather go out and do something or enjoy an experience of some kind rather than party and receive gifts. He still has family stop by and give him a birthday greeting with some cash but other than that we keep it quiet and let him choose his activity! 

This year he decided he wanted to go out to the movies and see the Five Nights At Freddy’s movie with his brother and sister and a couple of their friends. We took him to the Landmark Extreme theatre and let him pick whatever he wanted to eat and drink. 

After that we went to Whiski Jacks Pins & Pints and enjoyed their giant fry platter and some 10 pin bowling. This was a great way to celebrate with him and let him have some fun. We always notice he gets a bit antsy at first when we go bowling if it is too crowded and he can begin to feel unwell. We try to keep our focus on the game and the food and allow him to regulate in his own way whether it is laying down on the comfy bench seats or taking a little walk around the alley. After a bit he settles and we get through it with smiles and good times. 

This is a great way for us to celebrate our special little guy and let him have a fun birthday. Since he doesn’t have many interests other than video games it’s great for him to be able to experience life in his own ways, while getting out and being social in some way. 

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