Monday 27 November 2023

Unlocking the Spicy Ideas Each Day: LELO's 24-Day Sexy Advent Calendar

The holiday season is upon us, and while traditional advent calendars offer a sweet treat or small trinket behind every door, LELO is here to add a little extra spice to your December countdown. Step aside chocolates and mundane surprises; it's time to usher in the season with the ultimate adult indulgence, LELO's Sexy Advent Calendar. We are embracing the holiday spirit by offering a very kinky advent calendar that unlocks your deepest desires, one day at a time. Will you join us on the naughty list this year?

Day 1: Watch porn
The primary point of porn is to stimulate and arouse the viewer. As long as it's used to supplement, not substitute, real intimacy and real sex, then yes, porn is good for you.

Day 2: Go to a strip club
If anything, just for the fun of it. Some enjoy watching the dancers, which can be incredibly talented and amazing at the art of seduction, and some find the whole experience absolutely arousing.

Day 3: Engage in mutual masturbation
Mutual masturbation can be an unexpected and novel way to shake up your usual bedroom routine. Any time you introduce something new into your sex play, it can add a frisson of excitement to whatever you're doing.

Day 4: Have sex in water
Although this may seem like a letdown, by setting the right atmosphere and trying out some new sex positions, you'll turn your bathroom into the Cote d'Azur and be screaming ‘Oh mon Dieu' in no time. We recommend some candles, sexy music, and your favorite waterproof sex toy.

Day 5: Try anal sex
Just remember that lube is non-optional, going slower adds to the comfort and the erotic intensity, and any toy used for anal must have a flared base and be cleaned or covered with a condom before going into any other orifices. Break the taboo and start enjoying the bum!

Day 6: Have phone sex
So, are you ready to rock your partner's (and your own) world? Start slow; see how you like it! If it's not for you, you can simply get on with your life. No harm, no foul!

Day 7: Play with temperature play
The main goal of sensation play is to enhance your sexual experience with different types of stimuli, which can put you on the path of expanding and improving your meaning of sex.

Day 8: Try playing with dominant and submissive roles
Slowly navigate the experience using your pre-discussed rules and guidelines, and find the best kind of fun for both parties. The aim is pleasure, not discomfort, so if the latter is experienced, we strongly suggest bringing your BDSM scene to a halt.

Day 9: Enjoy facesitting
Are you a woman that loves to facesit? Use different techniques, tips, and tricks to enhance your experience, and you'll be rewarded with ultimate pleasure, excitement, and lovely orgasms. Sit pretty, and enjoy!

Day 10: Give or receive a lap dance
To perform a lap dance that they won't soon forget, the main thing you need is a song that makes you want to move and the confidence to move your body. So put on a slinky little number and start dancing.

Day 11: Have sex in total silence
Even when discreet sex is a must, it shouldn't have to be a bummer. In fact, staying silent can be extremely sexy. The need to hold back can make it even more exciting as it becomes a secret in itself and something only you and your partner can enjoy.

Day 12: Wake your partner up by giving them oral sex
While morning and oral might leave you thinking of dental hygiene, waking up your partner with oral sex is sure to start their day off on the right foot.

Day 13: Have sex in every room of the house
So, make it into a challenge you can complete with your partner! Together, choose a location around your home where you never had sex before. It's even better if you can come up with multiple locations and make a list.

Day 14: Orgasm with nipple play alone
Did you know that nipple tissue itself is actually erectile tissue, just like the clitoris and the penis? This means that, when stimulated, they become filled with blood, erect, and sometimes sensitive. Evidently, the nipples are a gateway to increased arousal and some seriously sexy play!

Day 15: Use a massage candle
Share an intimate massage using a massage candle, setting a relaxing tone for the month, and let the aromatic oil work its magic on your senses.

Day 16: Try edging for more powerful orgasms
The effect can be likened to one long, lingering state of climax, during which you manage and modify your sensations to maintain a constant sense of near-orgasmic pleasure. The key to edging involves becoming attuned to your body's unique pre-orgasmic signs and signifiers.

Day 17: Practice squirting
You see, many people doubt that it's a real thing. And even those who do believe in the ability of women to ejaculate are left scratching their heads, wondering how on earth it's even possible. So, why not try?

Day 18: Naughty Dice Game
Roll the naughty dice together and follow the instructions for a night of playful, passion-filled fun, discovering exciting and unpredictable pleasures.

Day 19: Erotic Novel Night
Dive into an erotic novel or collection of stories, letting the stories ignite your desires and fantasies, leading to passionate exploration.

Day 20: Use body paint to create sexy art
The fact that it's your sex painting and nobody knows about it can be a huge turn-on. And every time you look at that piece as you walk past it, you'll remember how much fun you had with your partner.

Day 21: Exotic Food Night
Embark on an exotic food adventure, trying new dishes from different cultures together and savoring the flavors of exploration. Make sure to include some aphrodisiacs as well.

Day 22: Use blindfolds to heighten other sensations
Explore heightened sensory experiences with a silky blindfold, taking turns teasing and tantalizing each other, reveling in the mystery and anticipation.

Day 23: Get creative using household items for your sexy play
Sometimes, it can be more fun to use whatever you have lying around your house. Not only does using these ‘pervertables' add a bit of spontaneity – the likes of which having to unlock your ‘tickle trunk' will never have – it can also add to the authenticity of the scene you're trying to set.

Day 24: The Grand Finale
On Christmas Eve, unwrap a special surprise crafted with love and devotion to culminate your sensual Advent Calendar experience.

Please remember that all activities can be adapted whether you're single (use your imagination) or in a relationship. Prioritize open and honest communication with your partner, ensuring that everything is consensual and mutually enjoyable.

Happy Naughty Holidays from LELO! 😈

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