Wednesday 3 January 2024

Natural Ways To Improve Your Families Wellbeing

Going natural and using the gifts the earth gives us is such a great way to improve our health, wellness, and decrease our carbon footprint. Not only is it better for the environment to use natural products but it is a great way to save money by cutting out large corporations only interested in profits. 

There are millions of products available to help you sleep better, improve your mood, help with a stuffy nose, and keep nasty bugs like mosquitos away. Believe it or not all of these products are made by the same company and come in an easy to use, child friendly patch with natural essential oils. 

It’s my honour to introduce NatPat Natural Patches to you and your family! 

These adorable little stickers help to aid in an assortment of ailments and different lifestyles! Something as simple as peel and stick has such a broad range of solutions without any chemicals or harmful ingredients. They are gently sticky without ruining clothing and come in a wide range of colours and designs.

Take a look at their amazing assortment of products and give them a try this new year. You could save money and put a healthier spin on melatonin, bug spray, and cold remedies! Sleep is so important to our health and mental state so starting kids off with a naturally healthy 8 to 10 hours of sleep is always a top priority. 

We love how well they work since they are all our favourite essential oils. They help to soothe and calm our moods, unclog stuffed noses, and help rest better. We are very excited to use the mosquito patches this summer to keep from bug bites, and if we do get bit they even have anti itch patches to help the ouchies go away! 

At NATPAT, everything kicks off with teamwork. We join forces with the best in the biz - think world-class aromatherapists, pediatricians, and bug experts - diving headfirst into the science to pick out top-notch, proven ingredients. 

Whether it's our buzz-off mosquito stickers or our chill-out bedtime helpers, it's all about the science smarts.

We're super strict on quality, working with the same top-drawer labs that big names like Disney and Walmart trust. From the drawing board to the final product, keeping kids safe is our number one rule. 

Our stuff meets tough toxicology standards, the kind we'd pick for our own kiddos. And about those essential oils? They come straight from family-run farms in Australia – talk about quality and love! 

Our prices? They reflect our obsession with the best quality, from the oils and patch materials to the ink we use. As we shake things up in the wellness world, our team is always chatting with global rule-makers, making sure we're top of the class in safety and standards.

There are many different NAT PAT: Stickers with Superpowers for Kids to choose from so take a look at their shop and find what works for you!

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