Tuesday 2 January 2024

New Years Resolution Ideas We Love

We are usually trying to improve our lives as a family throughout the year but having January as a clean slate makes it easy to plan. New Year’s resolutions are usually the basics, getting a better job, going to school, saving money, losing weight, etc. This year we decided to make a goal for everyone in the family. 

For me I am going to get my grade 12 diploma and start getting my bachelors in creative writing.

My husband is going to try and quit smoking.

My oldest is going to study for his road test to get his learners drivers license in August. 

Our daughter is going to look for her first job in March.

And our youngest is going to try and make some new friends and nurture relationships better. 

What kinds of New Year’s resolutions have you made for 2024? Or any type of goal for the new year is always great for becoming more successful, healthier, and happier in the short time we have here. 

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