Sunday 21 January 2024

Snow Ice Cream Recipe & Sledding For Mental Wellbeing

We love winter around here when the weather is nice and not so cold it makes your body hurt and skin burn. We have taken our kids sledding & tubing (Big White tubing is a family favourite), built snowmen, and had fires in the backyard while creating small sledding tracks ever since our kids were able to walk. We have learned to be prepared for hours of fun at the sledding hills using this great packing list.

Sledding is one of our favourite activities to make the most of winter and get the kids outside and playing. Keeping them involved in outdoor activities is such a challenging thing to do in the winter but so important for them to stay healthy and connect with nature! I love being outside and having fun with my family so I always try to encourage them to enjoy it by being a good role model and getting just as involved as they do. 

One of our favourite sledding items is this snow tube! It is similar to the ones they have at the large ski hills so it is comfortable even for full grown adults and goes very fast. It’s probably one of the safest selections since you don’t fly off and get hurt as much as you do using a regular sled. You can find the Sno-Nut snow tube on right here on Amazon for way less than the stores sell them! I have seen them in the store for over $100 and buying it on Amazon is around $70. Completely worth the money as well since we have had ours for years and it is the best! 

Since you need to blow it up we got this amazing battery powered Ryobi inflator that we can pack into a bag and use out in the woods or at the local hill. We even use it at the beach in the summer for our floaties. 

Winter activities are great for your mind, body, and soul! Try bringing friends with you and create new traditions and exciting adventures to help you keep fit and block out the negativity of long dark winter days. You will feel so much better about winter if you make it fun and get social. 

When there is fresh powder on the ground the kids love to make their own snow ice cream as often as possible. After a long day of sledding, we come home and create this delicious treat. 

You will need:
  • Fresh clean snow
  • Vanilla extract
  • Sugar
  • Milk

To create snow ice cream we simply eyeball the ingredients first you need to get some fresh powder usually a cup or two per child at a splash of vanilla some sugar just enough to make it sweet and enough milk to turn it into a frosty consistency. 

If you bring all the ingredients outside, it will create less of a mess and the kids can mix until their heart content. Allow them to have fun with the ingredients and you can even add extra toppings like chocolate chips, strawberries, bananas, caramel, even small pieces of candy. Let them get creative and have fun. 

Sledding is such a great way to get cardio and create memories with your children, add a splash of homemade ice cream, and you have the recipe for amazing photos and happy faces. 

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