Thursday 18 January 2024

The 5 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

When planning their wedding day, most couples want beautiful blooms to decorate their venue. Flowers can add colour, fragrance, and elegance to the celebration. There are many popular options when picking wedding flowers - some classics and some more unique choices. For British brides and grooms, the following five flowers tend to be the most sought-after.


Roses are a timelessly romantic choice for weddings. Available in a multitude of colours, sizes, and varieties, roses allow for flexibility in arrangements. Large rose heads are stunning showstoppers, especially useful for bride’s and bridesmaid's bouquets. Sprays or garlands of smaller roses offer an abundance that works well for pew or aisle decor. Their universally loved sweet scent and classic ruffled petals make roses a familiar favourite for UK weddings.


Peonies offer voluminous blooms with layers of soft, delicate petals in shades like blush pink, white, and red. A current trendy wedding flower, peonies embody a romantic, feminine charm. Their lush fullness makes them ideal focal flowers for centrepieces and bridal bouquets. Since they are seasonal spring and early summer blooms in the UK climate, couples planning winter or autumn weddings may need to source imported peonies. When available locally and in season though, peonies are very popular.


Hydrangeas provide beautiful, clustered round flower heads that remain intact for a long time as cut flowers. Their large voluminous blooms range from intense blues and purples to pale greens, whites, pinks, and purples, offering variety. They suit both abundant arrangements and more simplistic-styled flowers with plenty of impact. Hydrangeas pair well with greenery and fill out bouquets nicely. They also work nicely as reception centrepieces and ceremony aisle decor when used in groupings.


With impressive height and elegant trumpet-shaped flowers facing outwards, lilies make a big statement. They come in a range of colours like oranges, yellows, reds, whites, and pinks. Both Oriental and Asiatic lily varieties have good longevity as cut flowers, but Asiatics tend to be more fragrant. The prominent pistils and stamens give lilies a style all their own. Calla lilies, though technically a different plant, also fall in this category for weddings. Their simplicity allows them to pair well with most other flower types if desired.


Though tulips give a definitively springtime vibe, their colourful pointed cups still take centre stage in UK weddings year-round. Available during much of the year nowadays, tulips infuse arrangements with fresh elegance. Red tulips classically symbolise true love, while purple can denote royalty. Variegated tulips in multiple colours make for fun, whimsical arrangements. Tulips look lovely on their own in single-variety arrangements or combine nicely with complementary flowers like roses and greenery accents.

Consulting a Wedding Florist in Bristol

When selecting flowers for your perfect UK wedding, take inspiration from this list of popular options loved by brides and grooms. Reach out to a wedding florist Bristol like Megan Lily Floral Design early when planning to discuss your vision. A talented Bristol wedding florist can advise how to best incorporate your favourite flowers into your special day. 

With a professional’s floral artistry expertise, you’re sure to have beautiful wedding flowers in Bristol that you’ll cherish forever when you walk down the aisle.

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