Monday 5 February 2024

How We Are Slowly Taking Away Screens To Spend Time As A Family

We have had some issues with electronics addiction in our home lately. We have had many arguments about how long our kids should be playing games and using apps and finally I snapped and took some stuff away for a week. Teaching your kids to be responsible with social media can be a challenge. We have now come up with time limits for after school and we are incorporating game nights on weekends to unplug the whole family and enjoy being together. 

I am sick of the negative effects of Snapchat and YouTube. Kids will sit there for hours chatting about other kids and making fun of people and I hate it. I am also unhappy with how kids talk on FortNite and Gorilla tag, kids on there are so mean to each other it makes me sick. So I have been limiting the amount of screen time and keeping a close eye on what is being said between games.  

As another measure we have decided to incorporate game night on weekends to encourage family time without electronics. As a mother and a writer that relies on social media and my cell phone for a lot of my career it is these little changes that will make the biggest difference. Because I can’t just stop using electronics or I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of my work but we can take breaks, set limits and use it responsibly. I don’t want to be a hypocrite and tell them no electronics and be the only one sitting on my phone but I want to be a better role model and teach them the more reasonable and responsible way to do things. 

For our family game night we chose to play Headbanz, Monopoly Junior, Guess Who, & Connect 4. We had a great time playing all the games and enjoyed spending the time together. We also enjoy puzzles and building things together so we are going to begin doing that as well over the next few months. 

My favourite game had to be Headbanz! You put the band on your head and have to ask questions about what it is until you can guess your card. The questions can get pretty silly and you all look pretty cute with your bright blue bands on your head. It would be fun to decorate them with custom names and designs for every game night. 

What are you doing to help your kids connect more with the family and not with electronics? Do you have rules in place for video games? How do we get through the world of technology without negative impacts on our kids? 

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