Monday 29 April 2024

How Do You Get People To Trust Your Brand Online?

 We’re no longer quite in the Wild West days of the internet, where it seemed like every second website you clicked on was some spam trying to get you to download fifty viruses in the guise of a pop song. That said, this is in part because online browsers, and especially customers have become more skeptical of brands and sites in general. It can be hard to win them over when they still have that guard up against you, so what can you do to make sure that you can communicate the trustworthiness of your company?

How Do You Get People To Trust Your Brand Online?

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Don’t rely on spammy, low-quality marketing

When you start marketing your business online, there is all kinds of advice from all manner of sources on how you should do it. Some will point you towards spammy marketing tactics, which can include things like buying leads lists to send out cold emails without any research, or keyword spamming your website pages to make them appear in response to user searches as much as possible. Not only does this make your business look bad, but as both customers and search engines get more savvy, it doesn’t even work as well as it used to. Look more into proven methods like white hat SEO and other methods that bolster your business’s reputation and site while improving your marketing reach.

Ensure your online presence is legit

You might run an entirely legitimate and trustworthy company. However, if you haven’t put in the work to make sure that your site is safe and that all of your online profiles seem legit, you could be giving people a much less trustworthy impression. Learn how to check if a website is safe, and see if your own website passes the sniff test. If it doesn’t, find out why and fix it. Ensure that you can provide a secure connection, that you have a comprehensive privacy policy, that you prominently display any trust seals that you might have (or get some), and make it easy to get in touch directly with you or your team.

Make good use of positive social proof

You can make sure that you’re doing everything right, but still, some might not be prepared to trust you with their money. That is often because you’re the only one vouching for yourself. It’s easy to see why a business might represent itself as safe and trustworthy when it isn’t, but it’s more difficult to doubt it when there are a heaping of customers willing to say the same thing, as well. Take the time to learn how to build up reviews and testimonials. When you have a happy customer, try to benefit as much as possible by having them create positive social proof that your business is worth supporting. Being active and connected to your customer base on social media can do much the same thing, too.

Trust does take time to build, and you have to be patient but, so long as you’re investing the necessary time into following tips like those above, you can ensure that you’re moving in the right direction.

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