Monday 29 April 2024

Taking the First Step: How to Approach the Idea of Couples Counseling With Your Partner


Getting your partner on board with the idea of starting couples counselling can be a challenge. Not everyone is open to working with a professional on their relationship issues. Some people find counselling uncomfortable or lead private lives and do not want to deviate from these values. 

However, working with a licensed couples counselor allows you to work through relationship difficulties with confidentiality guaranteed. That means that anything shared with your counselor is kept private and confidential so long as your safety and the safety of others are secured. All of these conditions are spelled out via contract when you agree to work with a provider, so there is nothing left unsaid. 

If you feel that working with a couples counselor is the best way to see positive change in your relationship, you may be wondering how to discuss this topic with your partner. Below, we present how to discuss couples counseling with your significant other effectively. Read on to learn how to discuss starting the conversation and what to look for when you search “couples counseling near me”, or you can find more at Colorado Relationship Recovery

Schedule a time for a discussion. 
Schedule a time when you're both available. A set time allows you and your partner to discuss without distractions. During the downtime, research "couples counselling near me" and compile a list of options and resources to show your partner during the conversation.  

Jot down points and search “couples counseling near me.” 
Once you've established a discussion time, jot down the points you want to go over. Make sure to include the basics, such as what you want from counseling and why it makes you think that it would be good for your relationship. As you search "couples counseling near me," look for posts on how to discuss counseling with significant other. 

Emphasize that you want to work together.  
Be sure to include not only why you think therapy is important but also how it would better your relationship as a whole. Show your partner that you're on the same team so that they feel validated. By validating them, you make it easier for them to consider counseling. As you research “couples counseling near me,” you’ll learn that it is meant to benefit the relationship, and each individual plays a role in its success. Emphasize that you want to work together

Actively listen and revisit if needed. 
Then, hear out your partner's response. Show that you're actively listening. Avoid jumping to conclusions, and if necessary, revisit the subject at a later time. The more prepared you are with the information you find in your searches for "couples counselling near me," the better off you'll be at navigating the conversation and ensuring that your viewpoint is received. 

How you approach the topic makes all of the difference. 
While not everyone is willing to try couples counseling, how you approach the topic can make a big difference. Review the suggestions above and search "couples counselling near me" to prepare for your conversation on the topic with your partner.

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