Sunday 7 April 2024

Top Tips for Tidying Your Garden

Not everybody is fortunate enough to have a great grand garden, but you don't need to have a great grand garden to be able to enjoy your space. Your garden is supposed to be your own private Oasis, and you have to think of it as a space that you want to kick back and relax in.

As the days are becoming longer then it makes sense to start reading this guide for starting your lawn mower and getting out there to tidy it up from the winter mess. Summer is ahead, and knowing where to start can feel like an insurmountable task that you won't be able to overcome. If your lawn is patchy, the leaves are everywhere and your hedges are overgrown, here are our tips for getting your garden tidied again. 

Image source: Pexels

  1. You need to de-weed the garden. In your garden, you need to start with the weeds. While there are plenty of long armed manual readers out there, you can just buy a dollar pair of gardening gloves and get on your hands and knees. There are so many different sprays and chemicals that you can also use to get rid of the weeds and prevent them from growing back. So you need to make sure that you have gone around your garden and pulled all of the weeds up. If you want it to be a healthy space, it has to look like one.

  2. Cut back. With a good set of secateurs, you can cut back on the trees and the bushes of your garden. Those overgrown hedges won't be overgrown for too much longer when you've got a lightweight set of aluminum secateurs in your hands. There is usually a joy to use, and you can choose to shape the hedges the way that you choose as well. The best part is that most secateurs are built so that the high steel blades will stay sharp for years.

  3. Invest in a compact incinerator. If you don't want to turn your weeds and old plants into mulch, you can use a compact incinerator to get rid of all of the old Weeds. You need to be very careful when it comes to fires in your garden because no matter where you live in the world, vegetation and fire are never a good combination. 

  4. Buy a good rate. All those leaves and garden debris needs to be picked up somehow and you shouldn't be going around your garden picking up everything piece by piece. With a rake and a set of gloves, you can get everything into one pile and get it all into some sturdy trash bags. Tidying your garden is also easier when you have some help, so if it's possible for you to call in the professionals, you absolutely should.

Tidying up your garden ready for the summer months is important if you want to have a clean and tidy space. Don't be afraid to get stuck in and make it your next project.  

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