Monday 8 April 2024

We Found Free Activities To Celebrate The Solar Eclipse

We were so excited to hear about the solar eclipse and wouldn’t you know it it’s cloudy out here so we can’t even see the sunshine! So I guess rather than look for ways to safely see it we will do crafts and activities to celebrate the sun and the moon. 

First I created this cute clipart project for my daycare kids to make a handprint keepsake. All I did was use a clip art of a solar eclipse and added the text to say “My First Solar Eclipse.” Then I had the kids use black paint and apply their little handprint so they can remember how small they were on the very first eclipse of their lives. 

We also enjoyed this wonderful collection of activities by! There are so many amazing free printables available for you to share and enjoy with your kids it is an endless journey of printing and learning. 

We also took the time to make a pin hole projector even though there is no sunshine for us to see. But it was fun to try and explain what you could see using the lights in the house and showing them the tiny spot. For a great tutorial on how to make a projector check out this post by NASA

If you are having a party you can created lots of adorable eclipse themed foods and treats to enjoy. This is a great list here by Little Cooks Reading Books.

This is a great post about how to make an eclipse shirt to commemorate the event by Home School Super Freak

Were you able to see the eclipse today? How did you celebrate this moment?

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