Thursday 23 May 2024

Oral Health Tips For Kids During Summer


Summer vacation is almost here! Every child looks forward to the long summer days spent outside and having fun with friends, but this is also the time of year when healthy dental practices can become neglected.

1. Make Brushing and Flossing a Priority
In terms of dental health, a child's toothbrush is their closest buddy since it serves as their first line of defense against cavities! A child's dental hygiene may be greatly improved by brushing their teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush to get rid of plaque, germs, and food particles.


Flossing eliminates leftover particles from brushing and is as important as brushing. Adults also seem to omit this part rather often. You may be surprised to hear that brushing only removes around half of the dental plague. You thus need to floss! 


Flossing helps clean your gum lines and the spaces between your teeth of all the germs, food particles, and difficult-to-reach plaque. 
2. Switch out the Sweet Snacks and Drinks!
It's a little-known fact that sugar feeds germs in your mouth more quickly than veggies or other healthful meals. Additionally, processed foods have more sugar in them, so if your kid eats mostly processed foods along with drink and sweets, they are prime candidates for cavities. One of the finest things you can do for your child's general health and wellbeing, as well as their smile, is probably to replace the sugar. 
Since sugar is known to be addictive, your kid will need to make a lifestyle shift, much like you would if you tried to abruptly quit a habit. Therefore, we advise gradually reducing your child's sugar consumption and replacing junk food with healthier options for meals and snacks. Consider selecting fruits over.
3. Wear Mouthguards When Playing Sports
Come summer, the games and practices pick up even more steam, and like with any activity, children may seriously injure their teeth. Kids in particular sometimes fail to take the necessary precautions to protect their mouths while participating in sports, particularly contact sports like hockey, basketball, and football. Remind your youngster that there is a chance of damage if they do not take adequate care of their teeth. Because of this, it's crucial to make sure your kids wear mouthguards when they play contact sports, even if it's only in the backyard!
This cushion lessens the possibility of internal scrapes and bruises in the mouth in addition to chipped, fractured, or broken teeth. Mouthguards are useful off the field as well. Mouthguards can assist prevent tooth damage if your kid grinds their teeth while they sleep. 
Think about purchasing a mouthguard that is specially fitted. These mouthguards are made to precisely fit your child's mouth and provide more protection than store-bought ones. 


4. Take The Opportunity To Find A Great Dental Fit
While we are aware of the need for regular dental checkups, how can we make our children look forward to seeing the dentist? Try various pediatric dentists in your region to locate one who works well with your kid if your youngster is afraid of the dentist.  


Grin Pediatric Dentistry physicians and staff put a lot of effort into creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for children. A child should feel at ease throughout their cleanings from your dentist. Even if your kid never really looks forward to seeing the dentist, having a kind and enjoyable dentist might at least make the child's regular cleanings more bearable. 


Finding a pediatric dentist who gets along well with your kid is crucial for this reason. The young one will like visiting for checks if they get along with their dentist!

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