Wednesday 22 May 2024

The Best Way To Get European Infant & Toddler Formulas


What would you do if you suddenly couldn’t get a vital item to your health and wellbeing? Do you have a backup plan? Honestly I never thought I would ever need one but the last couple of years have shown us that you need to be prepared for anything. 

I’m sure you are well aware of the crazy shortage situations families have been faced with over the last couple of years. Whether it was a food supply shortage, medicines that were unavailable, or the scary infant formula supply incident these things can make you panic. What would we do if we weren’t able to get baby formula? Believe it or not these things can happen so it is always a great idea to be prepared and ensure you know what your options are. 

Even if there is not a shortage and you have multiple options for formula you might want to know which ones are best for your child. With the help of companies like The Milky Box you can have a vast number of options to choose from that are organic, contain wholesome ingredients, and get delivered directly to your home. 

The Milky Box is a great way to find all the best formulas from Europe that are gluten free, GMO free, and organic. They have scoured the earth (or at least all of Europe) to find the best infant and toddler formulas and have placed them all on their website for easy ordering. 

To give the site a try and see how everything works so I can share my own experience with you I ordered this package of HiPP Kindermilk Stage 2. As you can clearly see it is in a whole different language so all I had to do was read the information on The Milky Box website. 

Shipping took about two weeks to arrive in Canada. It was delivered into my mailbox and wrapped with care and consideration to ensure the packaging was not compromised and the product got to my home safely. The long expiry dates and quality of the product is truly impressive and I ensured to read plenty of other parents reviews to get well educated. 

Unique Features of HiPP Kindermilk Stage 2+
  1. Toddler-friendly composition😊 - Kindermilk has more vitamin C, D, and calcium for a healthy immune system and bones. In contrast to cow's milk, it has less protein to avoid the increased risk of obesity linked to toddlers’ high protein consumption. 
  2. Clinically proven to improve nutrient supply 🌟 - Multiple studies find that growing up milk improves levels of vitamins A, C, E and zinc. Toddler formula is also recommended by ESPGHAN as part of a strategy to boost little ones’ iron, vitamin D, and fatty acid intake.
  3. Supports gut health 💓 - Natural lactic acid cultures from human milk and prebiotic fibers stimulate the growth of healthy gut bacteria, which in turn promotes better-quality stools and supports immunity. 
  4. Versatility 🔄 - HiPP Kindermilch can be prepared cold or warm and is best served out of a cup to support your child’s development. Pro tip: It’s also great mixed with porridge or in smoothies!

HiPP’s GMO-free toddler formula, Kindermilk 2+, is intended for children 2 years and older. It combines the nutritional benefits of plain cow's milk and fortified nutrients to help promote a balanced diet in toddlers 

If your little one has yet to reach the toddler stage, HiPP German Stage 3 follow-on formula provides gentle nutrition before you prepare to transition to Kindermilk Stage 1+ for young toddlers and Kindermilk 2+ for older children. 

The milky box also has the happy baby guarantee so if your baby is less than happy with the formula you selected you are welcome to get another one and they will pay for it. Just contact the team and they will help you sort it all out. 

So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to get the best formula for your little munchkins, proven to provide all the nutrients your child needs to grow without any of the bad stuff. Not to mention it’s delivered to your door. What could be better? Visit The Milky Box today! 

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