What The Funk Cement Pieces

I have started another side hustle to bring in extra cash to save for a new home and pay off my debt! I have begun making cement pieces like stepping stones, garden & home decor, and memorial pieces for pets and family members! So if you’re looking for some unique gifts or decor in the Okanagan look no further and check out my Facebook page for more! 

Adorable bears - $20 unpainted/ $40 painted

Lizards $15 each

Frog - $10

Turtle - $10

Hexagon Flowers & Butterfly - $10

Horse - $10

Rocking Horse - $10

Paw Prints - $5 small - $10 large

Bear Paws - $10

Sleeping Dragon - $20

Personalized Memorials - $20

Custom gifts - $25

Fairy Garden Decor - $10

Grandma Decor - $10

Puzzle Pieces - $10 

Dragonfly stepping Stone - $10

Flip Flops - $5 each

Foot Stepping Stones - $5 each

Cat Bird Bath/Feeder $20 unpainted/ $40 painted

Skull Decor - $10 

Souvenir Flip Flops - $10 each

Handpainted Dragon $30

Handpainted Skull $30


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