DIY Giant Candy Corn!

 Candy corn is one of Halloween's most treasured iconic candies. I was wondering how I could use all these leftover party hats as some sort of Halloween decor and instantly the shape made me think of candy corn. There is a couple ways to do this one to, you can simply use strips of yellow, orange, and white construction paper and wrap your party hat with it or if you have no construction paper on hand (like me) you can use plain white paper and color it with some markers. So simple and they look absolutely adorable next to all my other decorations!
We had a little Halloween potluck party today and I had my baby in his pumpkin costume, he looked picture perfect. I also had a spiderman and a snow white! Don't forget you can vote for troy HERE in the Cute Kid contest! No registration required, just one click!

DIY Ghost Lanterns!

 Please excuse my tardiness my kids and I have been sick this past week, I am the last to get it and it is a rough one! Snot, cough, headache, and all those other nasty symptoms. But keeping my spirits up with my funky crafts is the best way to go, that and Advil cold and sinus! Love that stuff. 

So keeping with my frugal Halloween theme I got a great lantern project for you. My baby absolutely loves those dissolving puffs in assorted flavors and seeing as he has no teeth yet, I am quite comfortable with him snacking on those. But what am I to do with all the empty containers? That's when I looked at the shape and thought lantern! There is so many adorable path markers you can buy in stores for a steep price, well these babies are 100% free if you have glowsticks or flameless candles on hand, if not they can be obtained for a buck or two at the dollar store.
Simply use an exacto knife or sharp scissors to get the hole started for whatever face you plan on making for your lantern. This is my first one and I stuck with your basic spooky ghost eyes and mouth. Take your scissors and cut your holes. That is all you need to do. The end result in the dark is really awesome I think I am going to use my box cutter and see how detailed I can get with my designs.

Babyville Boutique Fall Review & Giveaway!

 Babyville Boutique has their gorgeous Fall collection in stores now, and I get to try my hand at making some neat stuff with their wonderful products! This is their second debut on Funky Frugal Mommy and the first time I was so impressed with the quality, look, and feel of their products and this time is no different! 
 I love how well put together their packaging is everything is perfectly neat and you get a real good look at the design of the product.
 The designs they carry are so cute and the possibilities are endless in what you can create. Last time I got to review them I made a bag for my friend, a neck pillow and still have enough left for a couple diapers. I love it!
They are still having their Beyond Babies contest as well so if you want to win some amazing prizes check it out here, contest closes Oct 28th 2013!

How would you like to win a beautiful package of Babyville Boutique Products valued at $50.00? Well here is your chance just enter the rafflecopter form below!
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Datevitation Review!

 I got to review this awesome product called a Datevitation this weekend and I am smitten! I am a sucker for making those little coupon books where you can redeem for errands and special treats on a personal level, and I have always wanted a super high quality one that would make a lasting impression! That is exactly what this product does.

Why You'll Love Datevitation

  • Starting at only $25 - For 25 bucks, you get a one-of-a-kind book with the cover of your choice, a personal message page, and five customized love coupon pages. You can add more pages for just $1 each.
  • Design your own - We give you complete creative control. Choose from an extensive collection of covers and date activity options.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed - You'll love the gift book. The recipient will love it even more. If either of you are unhappy, we'll give you a full refund.
  • Highest quality - Each gift book is printed in the United States using the highest standards of quality for paper and printing.
  • Free Shipping Today With Code FREESHIP - For limited time only, enter promo code FREESHIP at checkout for free general shipping. Cannot be combined with other offers.
These wonderful books are great for every member of the family to not just couples, so parents can give them to their kids as a nice gift for any holiday. They have a wide selection of special occasions and holidays to choose from. And another wicked feature is you can have your pictures added on instead of just stick people and you can crop, adjust and choose hair for your little people! I absolutely love this product! Currently they are only shipping to the US but I was their Canadian tester so I am sure we will be hearing from them right away about their expansion into Canada and hopefully all international destinations! To order your Datevitation visit!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Its the Canadian Thanksgiving so lets give thanks for all we have, instead of your basic greeting card you can try your hand at this little turkey plate decoration to give to your loved ones. Using my kids handprints I outlined them and then added the details. Looks pretty cute!  

I have entered my baby Troy in another Cute Kid contest please vote for him it only takes two seconds, simply click and your done. No registration required :) 


DIY Ghost Wreath!

 I love all the awesome Halloween wreaths I see in the stores. What I don't love is spending 20.00 or more on them. So I thought I needed to make my own. Since I am the families designated deviled egg maker for all holiday get togethers I had a couple of egg cartons to use.
 So I took my egg cartons and cut all the little egg compartments out.
 Then I took a paper plate and cut the centre out of it for the base of my wreath.
 The kids and I had fun putting all the little ghost faces on, and I used some of the leftover paper plate to make the word Boo!
I colored in the Boo with orange and black marker and ended up ditching the exclamation mark because it looked funny. I added some cute little Halloween stickers for some extra color and it looks pretty cute! 

Pumpkin Patch and Lovable Labels Anniversary!

 Today we had a field trip at my daughters preschool Le Petit Hibou  to the pumpkin patch! It was a lot of fun and the rain stayed away til the very end so that is a huge bonus!
 They got to see the Alpacas and feed them some alfalfa.  

 They learned about all the different fruits and veggie plants on the farm and got to pick some.

 I brought my little man and he had so much fun playing with the pumpkins.

 It was a wonderful fall morning with great friends and awesome teachers!
I would also love to share with you that Lovable Labels is having their 10th Anniversary! They will be having:

- 10 days of deals
- offering 50% off our most popular products
- offer runs from October 10, 2013 - October 19, 2013
- We will be launching surprise new products
- Sign up for our newsletter to get our daily offers delivered right to your inbox (customer can sign up to our newsletter via this link:
- To check our daily deal of the day, check out our 'gift tree' here:

Lovable Labels makes so many amazing products that you could probably label everything you own. Their motto is "Don't Lose It, Label It"! I have all my kids school gear labelled and absolutely love it, I haven't lost anything and there is never any confusion when there is a kid with an identical item. Stock up while you can, these prices are ridiculous!

DIY Garbage Bag Rats!

So I have been looking into making some unique and interesting Halloween decorations and I noticed that rats take part in many Halloween displays, well what else works better than a black garbage bag? Here is how I created my rats.
Cut both bottom corners of your garbage bag to make two rat bodies. They should be cut to look like cones or party hats. Use the remaining garbage bag to stuff the rats bodies.
Grab the bag in the centre, leaving the body nice and full and begin wrapping it in tape to create the tail.
Now you have a perfect rat body. I used minimal embellishments to show you the basics but you can push these as far as you want with great big rat teeth, feet and pointy ears.
I think they are cute. They fit right in with all the rest of my decor. I am racking my brain trying to come up with more original pieces for myself and you!

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