Wednesday 27 November 2013

Lovable Labels Review, Giveaway, and Sale!


Lovable Labels has introduced some adorable products! They have Holiday edition labels available now! How awesome is that, not only can you label all your stuff but you can do it in a festive way! These are great for everybody, because they are more winter themed than anything so whether you celebrate Christmas or not these labels can satisfy all! I put my Fun Stickies on my sons toques, mittens, boots, and other winter gear!

They have new stocking stuffer packs and they come at an amazing price! 3 packs for $15.00! And be sure to check out all their other great products Lovable Labels rocks!They are dishwasher safe, UV resistant, and withstand the washing machine like nothing I have ever seen! They are awesome!
And be sure to use coupon code AmandaGLB2 to get 10% off your order! 
And now for the giveaway! Lovable Labels is going to give one lucky reader the exact products I received. 1 pack of fun stickies and a package of 3 stocking stuffers! Sweet! Just enter the rafflecopter form.
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They are also having an Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale!

Thursday 21 November 2013

DIY Table Revamp

I wanted to share a little DIY with you guys that involves duct tape! A few months ago my daughter's little chair that goes with her table she sits at every day tore and she made it worse by pulling all of the stuffing out of the seat! What started out as a quick fix turned into a great idea. She loved her seat so much that she has now decided that her table has look cool too so being the smarty pants that she is, she tore her table!

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Crock-it Lock-it Review!

This is a product I am very excited to be reviewing. I love my crock pot and I love taking things to family get togethers. I have never brought my crock with me due to the fact that I don't want it to spill during transport. Well now I have absolutely no reason to worry because my Crock-it Lock-it is completely spill proof!
 This is a revolutionary product. Men and woman have been potlucking for generations and now we can drag our entire crock pot with us as opposed to the usual Tupperware where we need to warm things up in the microwave or stovetop. This product is universal as well, fitting all sizes of crock pots.
So now this Christmas I will be bringing a giant crock pot full of sweet potatoes, one of my personal faves that nobody ever seems to make. I am going to be crocking and carrying all kinds of tasty treats and you can to by visiting the Crock-it Lock-it Shop! These would make an excellent gift this holiday season, so cross some people off your list by getting them something practical!

Sunday 17 November 2013

Durable, Babyproof, Decorative Presents!

 I absolutely love seeing wrapped presents under the Christmas tree! The only problem all of us parents with small children face is they get destroyed or unwrapped. Well I found the perfect solution to this problem.
Take a new or old plastic tablecloth and a nice big box and let your kids help you so they can see first hand that this is not a real present. This way there should be little to no temptation to unwrap the gift.
 Rather than simply cut and tape you must secure it so it is as durable as need be. That is where your handy glue gun comes in. I glued the present as tightly as I could making sure there is no seam that can be easily torn open and in doing so I now have a waterproof, completely sealed, baby and toddler friendly decorative gift for under my tree.
 I enjoyed the first one so much I used an empty tissue box and made a small one to. My baby can drool on them, throw them, and beat on them with out any worry of it being ruined. Now my tree looks really cute and complete with these babyproof decorations! I bet these would even hold up to winter weather if you make sure to seal them tight, outdoor decorations are ridiculously priced so I might be making more of these.

Friday 15 November 2013

DIY No-Sew Throw Pillow!

 My favorite Christmas pajamas got a huge rip in the rear end and I didn't feel like sewing anything. I love the cute little reindeer design on them and have a thing for throw pillows. But like I said I didn't feel like sewing anything. So i took an idea I saw on diary of an urban housewife for making these cute bags out of old shirts and applied it to this project!
 First I cut the legs off at the thickest spot from upper thigh to knee.
 Then began snipping away, begin with the seam and then make inch thick slits all the way across.
 When you have all your cuts made on both sides tie one end using double knots so it is nice and secure. Stuff your pillow with stuffing, I will admit I ended up decapitating a few old teddy bears to make this pillow but lets face it stuffies are quite disposable, we have about 40 in a huge net in the nursery.
 Tie the other end of your pillow nice and tight and take a minute to enjoy how simple and beautiful this little pillow is.
 It looks fantastic on my couch and since I have another pant leg to stuff I will have two matching Christmas pillows! I was quite pleased at how it turned out.

Monday 11 November 2013

Indoor Snowballs!

 My kids were super thrilled we got our first snowfall last week and sadly none of it stuck around. So I thought we could have an indoor snowball fight! I had an egg carton sitting around and thought it looked just perfect for this project. Boy was I right!
 So I took my leftover egg carton and cut each individual egg shape out then glued the halves together to create perfect little snowballs! They are super soft, absolutely adorable and don't make any kind of mess! Not to mention you can play with them indoors and they are not cold! You can even stack them and create little snowmen!
That's my kind of snowball!

Saturday 9 November 2013

DIY Snowman Puzzle Building Blocks!

Once again I have a ton of these leftover containers and had a very creative thought. My baby loves building blocks and loves the sound these containers make when they hit the floor. They have a metal bottom so it is a pretty loud bang. Anyways I thought why not create Christmas or winter themed building blocks out of these containers?
 I first measured how wide the containers were and then cut strips of plain white paper.
 After your done wrapping the containers you have an awesome blank surface to work with!
 So after looking at the stack of cans, one thought came to my mind! Snowman!
I then drew up my snowman and colored him in to create this sweet puzzle building block snowman! Pretty cool hey?

Monday 4 November 2013

Pumpkin Bird Feeder and Guest Post Swap!

So I had a bunch of leftover pumpkins from Halloween that never got carved and thought I needed to do something really wild and cool with them! I love bird feeders and sculptures so I combined the two.

 I had this old pole from a closet sitting in my laundry room so I went to work with some crazy freestyle carving.
 Start with funky fun edges and just go crazy!
 After all was said and done I got this awesome stacked pumpkin sculpture that I will pound into the ground so it can stand freely and fill it with birdseed! I wasn't sure if birds ate pumpkin seeds so I just scooped most of them out! I like it! What do you think?

I joined another cool swap from Chaotic Goddess swaps! It is a guest post swap. I get to swap posts with another blogger which will give me more exposure and as well bring a new face over to my neck of the woods! So exciting! If you want to join or see what these swaps are all about check them out via the big button below!