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Laptop or Desktop Quick Fix and more!

OK so I am a self taught nerd. I know some certain ins and outs of computers that some people simply don't know. So I have a few tips for you if your laptop or desktop computer is running slow or doing what mine was doing, turning off when it was using too much RAM, letting in obscene popups, and simply taking forever to load the next web page. The simplest way to put the problem I had is this, each time my computer needed to use more power for something like a game or a web page with animation it would overheat and shut off. So here are some simple things you can do to try and fix your computer without spending an arm and a leg taking it to a repair shop. I use a Windows operating system so these steps have been used for Windows only. I have not tried using them on a Mac so I don't know if they are the same or not. The first thing you should do is go into your control panel and remove any programs that you are not using, do not recognize or are unnecessary. If you are uns

Date it! Labels Review and Giveaway!

I never used to label anything. I just put stuff in bags or containers popped it in the freezer and assumed I would just know what was in there when I looked at it. We rotate our freezer stock monthly so our dates are never past their prime. But the other day I noticed I had some cubes in bags in my freezer, they were transparent and slightly yellowish/brown. Then I found another bag of cubes, some were orange, and some were green, and some were yellow. Ok so I had an idea of what the first bag was, those were chicken stock cubes but the last one was baby food cubes, but what kind of baby food? Peas? Green beans? Corn? No idea. No date on them either. They looked a little on the freezer burnt side so I tossed them. But what a bummer to just throw away good already prepared baby food just because I didn't know what they were and when they were made. Baby food cubes can look freezer burnt when they aren't just because of the moisture they contain but I am not chancing that with

Mortimer and Catch Cupid!

My kids favorite bedtime story is Mortimer by Robert Munsch. Robert Munsch is an amazing writer and anyone who reads his books knows how well he relates to the child mind. His books are just the perfect amount of silly, and kids love it! My kids have began reading along with me just by memorizing the repetitive words and it is amazing because now I can write the word "quiet" down outside of the book and my son can read it. I highly recommend this book to all parents, not only is it adorable but it has helped my kids begin to read, which is a major bonus!  About the book: Publication Date: Feb. 1 1985 | Series: Classic Munsch It's Mortimer's bedtime, but he would much rather sing his rowdy song. Mom, Dad and even the police can't get him to quiet down, until they become so distracted by each otherthat Mortimer drifts off to sleep. About the Classic Munsch series: Robert Munsch's award-winn

New Date It! Labels! From Lovable Labels!

Lovable Labels has brought another amazing new product to the table and I must say I am very excited to try them. I always have stuff in my freezer in containers but I usually don't have them labeled because I don't want to write on the container itself, I have used tape but it tends to fall off, there is other labels but they are not reusable. These labels are cute and reusable so you can write on them over and over.  Lovable Labels has so many awesome products I can't pick just one that's my favorite. You will fall in love with them when you try them and they make the best gifts to. Everyone loves a gift that is practical! And by being one of my amazingly wonderful readers you can save 10% off any order by using coupon code AmandaGLB2 when you checkout at !

Smartphone VS Tablet

Ok so my phone is like 4 years old with a qwerty keyboard and is only good for calling and texts. It is nothing special but it serves its purpose. A lot of people I know have been trying to tell me I should get a smartphone, because you can do so much on them. The camera is usually amazing, and you can access the internet. Well I was thinking I might get a tablet for all of my on the go work I do and just keep my current phone. So I decided to compare the 2 and share my discovery.  Smartphone Pros : Small enough to go anywhere, fits the palm of your hand Cool apps  Continues functioning as my text/calling device They are the "in" thing Wifi Long battery life and holds a good long charge Smartphone Cons: Expensive not only do you buy the phone but have to pay the monthly plan cost to Small screen Site Compatibility (some sites web versions stink) System upgrades are a pain Some freeze a lot Memory fills fast Tablet Pros: Just like a small computer

Just a Drop Review & Giveaway!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.  I got the pleasure of reviewing Just a Drop Personal Toilet Odour Eliminator. I know that embarrassing bathroom odours are not the easiest thing to talk about but lets face it, we all poop. I know I'm not alone in saying I wish everyone could poop rainbows and fart butterflies but that is not reality. In my experience Just a Drop does a great job, my little ones sometimes need a hand in the "clean up" department after using the bathroom so I put in a couple drops before they go and when I lend a hand I am not bombarded with a foul odour. Parents everywhere will love this product.  Simply add a few drops in the toilet before use and you’ll never have to worry about embarrassing bathroom odours again! This is a great invention because some of the aerosol sprays are way overpowering and don't really do anything.    Just a Drop creates a deodorising layer on the water’s surface, blocking odours from

Leftover Rice = Rice Pudding & Giveaway!

I love rice, and I also love rice pudding so do my kids. So to use up my leftover rice that's just sitting in the fridge I make a nice batch of rice pudding out of it. Here is my recipe: Rice Pudding 2 cups leftover or minute rice 3 cups of heavy cream 2 tbsp sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla 1. Add rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon to a saucepan on medium. Cook for about 5-10 mins depending on if your using leftover rice or minute rice. 2. In a separate bowl beat the egg with the vanilla. You need to temper the egg mixture otherwise you will have scrambled eggs in your pudding. To do this begin to add some of your hot rice/milk mixture 1 tsp at a time, mixing together between spoonfuls until the egg mixture is heated through, about 6 or 7 tsp. 3. Add the egg mixture to the milk/rice mixture. Let cook for 5-7 mins or until you reach desired thickness. The pudding will also thicken when it cools. Serve either hot or cold. The weather is cold and snowy so

Important things to know before hiring a mobile mechanic!

6 months ago I had a very nice car, it was an Eagle Vision. It was all leather interior, sunroof, power everything, just beautiful. One day our car began making this horrible loud clunking noise and we were afraid to drive it to a mechanics because if it broke down along the way we need to pay for a tow truck on top of the repairs the car needed. So I searched online to find a mobile mechanic and seen one with a BBB rating at an A and the BBB is like a report card for businesses so this seemed good to me. So I called the guy named Peter and he gave me a big speech about having 25+ years experience and the best prices in town, yada yada yada. So he came to my house and checked out my car. After the inspection he had decided the diagnosis was a problem with the head of the engine. He would need to tow it to his shop to fix it. Here is where you need to pay attention.