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Lovable Labels Ultimate Camp Pack Review and Giveaway!

I absolutely could not live without my lovable labels! My kids are entering the school system and there are a lot of kids with the same stuff as them. I had my son come home with two left boots during the winter because I didn't label them. I won't be doing that again. It is amazing what those labels go through. My product will break before the label does. Lovable labels is going to give my readers a chance to win an Ultimate Camp Pack! Description: Best Value! Keep your kids' things out of the lost and found bin with the Ultimate Camp Pack! It's fast and easy to label backpacks, water bottles, clothing, shoes, toiletries and so much more! Price: $39.95 Colors: Available in 21 designs / Colors and 45 Icons Features:  Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, UV Resistant, Peel & Stick The ultimate camp pack includes: 15 Sticker Labels 40 Slimline Labels 12 Shoe Labels 72 Press n' Stick Clothing DOTS™ 2 Mini-Metal

Kidoodle.TV Review & Giveaway!

As a mom it is hard to find the balance between screen time and play time. But when I have a baby with a severe ear infection and have to wait in a walk in clinic for over half an hour with 3 kids, the only thing that matters is keeping my kids calm, cool, and collect. Our walk in clinics have wifi luckily so I brought my tablet with me to the doctors and I have to say Kidoodle.TV saved my sanity! Since I started Kidoodle.TV I have been much less stressed around dinner time when the kids are grumpy and bickering back and forth. If they can't seem to agree on a TV show, like most 4 and 5 year old brothers and sisters, I simply allow one to watch TV in the living room and the other to pick a screen for Kidoodle.TV. My kids love the shows on there and I have no worries about whether or not the content is going to change into something age inappropriate. I know we have a ton of children channels on TV but I have been debating on cutting cable altogether and this really h

Freshly Picked Moccasins Review & Giveaway!

I got to review some super adorable baby moccasins this week and boy I gotta tell you I am now a huge fan of moccasins! They are the perfect fit for my child's feet! They are very stylish with an elastic opening to get on even the chubbiest little ankles. They are just awesome! Here are some pics of my daughter with her new moccasins! Simply adorable! And they can go with almost anything! Super comfy, super cute, what could be better? Now I would love to share with you how to buy your own beautiful moccasins as well as some information on the company Freshly Picked ! Susan Petersen started making baby moccasins in 2009 after becoming frustrated by the lack of well-designed baby shoes. Using her second child, Gus, as a mocc-tester, and a bag of scrap leather she picked up at a yard sale, she began experimenting with designs. Working at her kitchen table, on a shoestring budget, Susan persisted through some disastrous attempts until she had created a pair

Beware Amazon Scam!

So this is the first time I have gotten an email from Amazon that I thought sounded strange. I have gotten hundreds of emails from people in Nigeria and such asking to wire transfer millions of dollars to my account but never anything from amazon. Turns out after I signed in via the email I received I took a second look at the email address it was sent from and the red flag went up right away! It was sent from where as all communications from Amazon come from an email provider. Not only that but the wording of the entire email just sounded strange: Dear Customer, Please note that your account will e

My 4 Year Old Princess!

My little girl is 4 today, yep I am going to say what every parent in the world says. Where does the time go? It has been quite the ride so far and boy has she ever got an attitude on her. She is a gorgeous girl and usually she is pretty sweet. But as she ages I see her sassy attitude emerge more and more, it makes me dread the teen years! But that is a long time from now so I am going to enjoy my little miss sassy pants while she is still small enough to pick up and hug into submission. For her party I am simply having a good old play date with all her little friends at our house, with cake and gifts and goodie bags. For decor I found a ton of stuff at the thrift store costing me a whopping $2.00 and for the rest I found some super neat printables online. We are going with a pink minnie mouse theme .  Her party is on Saturday so I will show you what I am working on for decor and such until the big day.  Here are a couple of items:  

It's Fundraising Time!

Tyson is doing another awesome fundraising campaign for the spring and summer seasons and I have to say I am quite impressed with the cool stuff they have available. All orders are delivered directly to you from the merchant so it is just like any other online store. But with this store you are helping to fund a really awesome school that my son and soon my daughter will be attending. Take a look at the awesome stuff here:   Here are a few of my favorite items:   Easy Care Children's Garden Seed Mat    Hanging Cherry Tomato Kit    Stuffed Burger Maker    Silicone Push Up Pops

Easy Ways to Make Money ONLINE!

Everyone is chasing the all mighty dollar. It's sad that we can't survive without it. I often dream of what it would be like to live when stuff costed a nickel and we used horses to get around (Little House on the Prairie). Well since we are only moving further and further from that time we are needing money more than ever these days! I wrote about this a while back but since then I have found many more ways to make extra cash! Do surveys and other simple activities!   Start Blogging! These are sites that can help you learn to blog and make money doing it as well as sites to use once you have your blog up and running.

Rainbow and Clouds for Dessert!

Have you ever wanted to eat a rainbow? I know my kids were super excited when I told them we were having a rainbow and clouds for dessert. I have every color in there although it is difficult to see. I wish I had a big clear glass bowl to show you how amazing it looked. I tried hard to lay it nicely in the bowl but it flopped over :(  Anyways all you need is 6 packages of jello and a lot of patience, it took me a day of waiting and making jello to create this dessert. Start by making the first package of jello, I started with purple to create the perfect rainbow. Let it set almost completely before starting the next package in a separate bowl. Let the second package cool but not set and then pour it on top of the first layer, which should be almost completely set. Repeat those exact steps until your rainbow is complete! And then use some mini marshmallows or whipped cream for the clouds.

Heinz Baby Food Recall!

Those with small ones here is something you should know! Heinz Canada is pulling several brands of baby food off the shelves because they may contain packaging defects that could cause them to spoil. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced the voluntary recall on Sunday. A consumer complaint sparked the recall, which applies to six different nationally distributed products. The specific varieties that Heinz is recalling include: -          Peas, zucchini, spinach -          Sweet baby vegetables -          Beef bolognese with vegetables -          Beef butternut squash rice spinach -          Tuna sweet corn chowder -          Butternut squash apricot peas couscous   The company warns anyone who might have purchased these products not to consume them. If anyone does eat the food, be on the look-out for symptoms that include upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea. Read more: http://winnipeg.ctvnews

LifeCaps Review!

Emergency Food-Replacement Pill  Have you ever dreamed of a world without hunger? Where everyone in every part of the world could live without hunger pains? I have dreamed of this many times especially when those really sad commercials come on TV  about children starving to death. If only there was a magical solution. Well we may not have a magical solution but this is a start. These are LifeCaps and they are used for relieving hunger. I have tested them out by only eating these for an entire day and I have to tell you I felt pretty good. I love food so unless it was a true emergency I wouldn't want to survive on them, but they do work and could really change the world. Here is some additional information on LifeCaps . World's First Survival Pill! This is the story as told by owner and creator Daryl Stevenett. Shark Tank – LifeCaps Aftermath I just got word that our episode was the “highest ranking” Shark Tank show to date with over 8 million viewers.  I

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Review & Giveaway!

We got an amazing package yesterday from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory ! My daughter was so excited she just couldn't help but peek in the box as I unpacked it. Inside the box we found: A cute little yellow pastel bunny that is made from delicious white chocolate. Some delicious mint chocolate almonds that I ended up eating by the handful. They are almonds coated in chocolate and then have a scrumptious green mint chocolate layer on top.  And this little creature peeking out from between my bunny and my lamb is a milk chocolate bunny sucker. Milk chocolate and crisp eggs. They are so yummy. they have little crispy cereal pieces inside of them. And these are all my little eggies and a couple of delicious bombs. The eggs were filled with an assortment of creams and even marshmallow. So delicious! Now that I have showed you all the delicious Easter treats they have available it is time for you ton win some of your very

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Banner Decoration!

I am very pleased with how this beautiful decoration turned out. The transformation is pretty amazing actually. I started with just a plain old piece of cardboard and went from there. Here is what you need to make your own: Cardboard Paint Glitter Glue Ribbon Paper Here you have your plain old cardboard. Now just draw yourself a rainbow and clouds with a pencil so you can erase the lines easily.  Cut out your rainbow. Paint the entire rainbow white so you have a blank canvas to work with. The colors will look better if you do this instead of painting on plain cardboard.  Paint your rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. I used silver glitter glue and put a coat over the entire rainbow, it really brought out the color and now it is shiny, sparkly and pretty :) Then to finish it all off I printed out this cute banner: and attached it usi