Friday 5 February 2016

Have an Awesome Valentine's Day For Next To Nothing

Valentine's day is almost here and a ton of people are spending money on things they shouldn't. I am a firm believer in celebrating the holiday and spreading some love, but I do not believe in spending a bunch of hard earned cash. Here is what I do to slash the bill and create a sense of loving festivity.

Save Valentine's from last years clearance racks. I always get boxes of valentines for around .50 cents after the holiday passes and I save them up in the cupboard for next year. My kids hand out cards to classmates and they pick from whichever cards I have in our clearance cupboard.

Give out candy from Christmas as a treat. This one only qualifies to things that have no expiry date or don't expire for a while after Christmas. Here is my trick - two candy canes create a heart shape. So grab a few discount candy canes for less then a buck a box and save them until valentines day. Now you have heart shaped treats and happy kids. Trust me kids don't care if they are from Christmas. They are just happy with treats.

So what about this year if you haven't saved any Christmas stuff or last years Valentine's? Well for those of you with husbands/wives/ or significant other give the gift of a delicious home cooked meal. Make their favorite appies, buy their favorite beverage, create a sensational meal and then watch their favorite movie together. A delicious dessert will top it all off and make the day extra special.

For cheap cards for kids you can grab a booklet of construction paper at the dollar store for two dollars and have the kids cut out colorful hearts and create their own cards. Valentines don't need to be fancy or store bought to bring the same meaning.

If you like buying gifts for all your friends to show them you care I believe a gift that keeps giving is always an excellent choice. I choose potted herbs that can sit on the counter and grow all year providing an awesome gift and healthy addition to any home. You can get nice potted herbs for under $5 at your local garden shop.

For grandparents and other family I suggest a simple hand made plate of cookies decorated by the kids. And if you have family that lives far away pop a card in the mail box to show you care or be sure to set up a phone call.

Remember that Valentine's day is just another day to show you care. It doesn't need to cost a bunch just be creative and show some love. For some more information on wealth management and financial tips please visit

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