Befunky's New Photo To Art Effects!

Photo Editing is one of the best ways to add uniqueness and creativity to your photos, whether it be for a blog or just an avatar on social media standing out in the crowd is always important. The best way I have found to edit photos for free is on they have the best photo editing tools available and the format is so simple to use that its perfect for every age!  Right now I am really loving their Photo To Art Effects.

As a blogger I realize being unique keeps my readers engaged and wanting more. If your just as writing the same content (and using he same stock photos) as all the other blogs nobody is going to want to pay attention to what you have to say. So the first step to unique blogging is the look of your photos. Befunky's Photo To Art Effects are perfect for taking an everyday photo and adding amazing effects to turn them into digital art. 

In one click I can turn this adorable duck & chick photo into a cartoon, using Befunky's original Cartoonizer effect.
Even if you're not a blogger and are just looking for a way to edit some photos and make them look amazing, Befunky has a whole library of artsy effects, including some brand new Digital Art Effects, that will blow you away.

Take my duckling picture for example. If I use the new Digital Art Effects in the online Photo Editor on Befunky I can change it to:

A cartoon with the Cartoonizer DLX effect

An oil painting
with the Oil Painting DLX effect

Or even a black and white sketch with the Cross Hatch DLX effect!

These are just a few of so many cool effects!

So what are you waiting for? Get your best shots ready and head over to and make all your photos into art!


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