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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Something Personal: This Mother’s Day, send Mom a truly meaningful gift she’ll cherish for years to come. LoveBook is the only gift that lets you express all the little reasons why you love that special someone. With personalized characters and sentiments, you can create your LoveBook to capture the unique relationship you have with your Mom, from childhood to adulthood. Remember the drawings you’d make for your Mom in grade school she’d hang up on the fridge? LoveBook is like that, but better. Whether you select a hard or soft cover book, your LoveBook is guaranteed to last. To get started on your Mother’s Day book, visit LoveBook today and save 20% on all orders with code HEART20 at checkout. This Mother’s Day, don’t give Mom a grocery store bouquet — send her a gorgeous floral arrangement meant to stun. BloomThat bouquets are handcrafted, thoughtfully designed and Instagram-ready. No wilting blooms here — only the best for Mom. BloomThat has sweet seasonal arrangement

Beach Essentials from The Children's Place

Temperatures are heating up and The Children’s Place has beach essentials for your whole crew. Shop swimsuits, trunks and accessories for children of all ages to ensure you’re packed and ready to go on your next summer adventure. Girls Halter Metallic Icon Print Bikini Swimsuit This coral halter swimsuit features a metallic foil print and UPF 50+ protection, which blocks 98% of harmful rays. Bottoms include faux side ties and a tagless label for comfort. The style is also available in “Icelandic,” a light, summery teal color. Boys PLACE Sport Surfboards Swim Trunks These polyester satin short features with an ocean and surfboard print are perfect for a day in the sun. Features an interior polyester mesh liner, a back patch pocket and functional drawstrings that can tighten the elastic waist. Boys Mixed Stripe Straw Hat This faux straw hat pulls double duty to provide style and protection from the sun. Grab it for a day at the pool or for your little ones to wear to dinner or Spring Deals for up to 80% off

Have you heard about ? Jane is a handmade and boutique marketplace that offers only the very best deals in women’s fashion , home décor and children’s clothing . Right now, you can shop Spring Deals for up to 80% off . We found great fashions for spring, including floral maxi dresses, colorblock t-shirts and peep toe wedges. For the kids, there are spring and summer outfits, hair bows and kids strappy flats. And for the home, check out some vintage spring bird artwork or a boho fringe beach throw. All of Jane’s deals run for 72 hours. Some items, however, sell out before the 72 hours is up. So, word to the wise, see it, like it, get it!

7 Ways to Maintain a Young-Looking Face

We all want to look as youthful as possible for as long as possible. We spend money on creams, facials, fillers, and even sometimes plastic surgery.  To get some tips for how we can maintain a young-looking face,  we went to several  great beauty professionals including  Dr. Kirk Brandow , founder and director of the Brandow Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery in Philadelphia, who has appeared on national programs such as Good Morning America and 20/20. Here’s what they all have to say. 1. Get rest. There absolutely  is  such a thing as beauty sleep. “Women come to my practice thinking they need an eye-job or a facelift when all they need is sleep. Sleep is a time when we rejuvenate ourselves and cellular turnover is at its height. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep nightly will make a huge difference in how youthful a woman appears especially as she approaches age 30 and collagen production decreases,” says Dr. Brandow. “A woman can speed up aging if they are constantly sle

Clever Ways to Keep Your Toddler Engaged This Spring

Spring has arrived! All the pretty bird songs we have missed are ringing through the air, beautiful blossoms are popping up all over and winter is but a memory. With all of that comes spring break for many schools and preschools. If you don’t have travel plans, you may be stuck in the house with your toddlers for the next week or so. Indoor Activities If you are tired of hearing the same repetitive electronic toys going off or reading the same books over and over again, here are a few ideas to keep your child engaged. Household Items Toddlers play with everything. There are “toys” around your house you might not have thought of. Cotton balls are a hit for toddlers. They stuff them in their ears, rip them apart and put them in their pockets. Some will probably try to eat them as well. Big cardboard boxes are great forts, while small ones make ideal containers for play cars, dolls or other small toys. Add crayons to the mix, along with some old magazines

Yummy Ways To Get The Kids To Eat Better

Image Kids can be picky eaters, and that can make life hard for moms. Just when you want them to eat better for the good of their health, they’ll refuse. Instead, they’ll moan and cry until they get the food they want, which is usually junk food. There is nothing wrong with indulging them now and again, but parents also need to put their foot down and say no. For the most part, you want your kids to eat as healthily as possible because every mom worries about their children put in their bodies. The great news is that you can get them to eat healthier if you follow these neat tricks. The following is a list of tips from a variety of mothers other the years. After all, we have to stick together! Good luck Think Ahead Does your day revolve around your child’s stomach? Most moms would agree because the kids can’t go hungry. So, when you’re out and about, you might have to get them something quick and easy just to make sure they don’t starve. Okay, they won’t starve, but they wi

Helpful Products for First Time Moms

Having your first baby in a week and don’t know what to do? Don’t know what you need in those first few weeks after you bring your baby home?  Here comes baby — and with baby comes more things that are necessary.  Baby bottles and blankets are just the basics. Here are some perfect products for a first-time mom like you. A Breastfeeding Pillow Breastfeeding is best for your baby and it’s also good for your health.   Breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants. But breastfeeding is not always easy. If you are going to breastfeed, having the right pillow to support your baby  in the proper position and bring them level to your breast to ensure the right latch, is extremely important. This pillow serves as a back support, as a nursing positioner, as a makeshift cradle for the baby on the couch, and as a tummy time prop positioner. Get a nursing pillow that’s compact and easy to carry around. Nipple Cream Breastfeeding is a partnership between mother and baby that

Money Saving Tips For Dealing With Compensation Payments

After being injured at work or through the actions of other people or organizations, you should expect some compensation. However, as with everything else in life, it isn’t quite as simple as making a claim and winning what you deserve. As I mentioned in my recent post on the financial impacts of a personal injury at work , there is a lot that can go wrong - and today, I thought I would go through some of the things you need to consider if you want to save some money and try to maximize your compensation at the same time. Let’s take a closer look. via - pixabay You should always use a lawyer Lawyers are expensive , and there might be a temptation to do without them and represent yourself. But unless your injury is an open and shut case -which few are - there is no way you will get what you deserve without the help of an attorney. Let’s say you are making a claim against a big company. When it comes down to the court case, the likelihood is that the big business will have a

April Swago is here!

Swagbucks has one more bit of April fun - it's the return of Swago! It's just like bingo, but in this case you're filling out squares as you earn points on their site for doing things you already do online. The best part is that the points you get can be used to get free gift cards to places like Amazon, or PayPal cash! Fill up your board and then submit your pattern to get even more points - if you can fill in the whole board, you get a 300 SB bonus! Click here to sign up and get started! If you sign up through my link and earn 300 SB before May 1st, you'll get a bonus 300 SB!

How to protect your hardwood floors and increase comfort.

Walking around in a home that has nothing but hard flooring can be uncomfortable. Wouldn't it be nice if you could get a super plush soft floor to walk on or play with the kids on without having carpet throughout the entire home? Now with Rug Pad USA you can make every rug in your home ultra soft and comfortable as well as keep it from sliding around. Here are some more reasons to get a Rug Pad: Protect Your Floor Rug pads help prevent irreparable damages, blemishes, and scratches to your floor while protecting floors from erosive dirt and debris that naturally accumulates underneath rugs. Most rug pads also serve as a safeguard against spills that may permanently stain or mar floor finishes. Cushioning Cushioned rug pads offer a comfortable yet durable buffer that provides a plush and soft area underfoot. Rug pads keep your rug anchored flat on its surface without bunching, knotting, or wrinkling. Cushioned pads also help block the transference of sound from your

Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby

Expecting a new baby can change a lot of things, including your adult dog’s behavior.  His position in your family will change and you don’t want him to blame the baby. Make as many changes in your home environment and your dog’s routine as early as you can. If certain areas of your home will be off limits, like the nursery, establish that now.  It’s also a good idea to teach your dog the difference between his toys and the baby’s. For dogs that have trouble differentiating between certain toys, use scent recognition to teach them the difference – put a dab of Listerine on the baby’s toys, truss the scented baby toy and a dog toy then play the game “which one is yours?” Playing this game once a week, most dogs learn the difference within a month. The sound of a crying baby also upsets a lot of adult dogs, so it’s a good idea to desensitize your dog to the sounds before the baby arrives.  Use a tape of a baby crying, put it in the crib, turn it on and see how your d