Saturday 29 April 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Something Personal:

This Mother’s Day, send Mom a truly meaningful gift she’ll cherish for years to come. LoveBook is the only gift that lets you express all the little reasons why you love that special someone.
With personalized characters and sentiments, you can create your LoveBook to capture the unique relationship you have with your Mom, from childhood to adulthood. Remember the drawings you’d make for your Mom in grade school she’d hang up on the fridge? LoveBook is like that, but better.
Whether you select a hard or soft cover book, your LoveBook is guaranteed to last. To get started on your Mother’s Day book, visit LoveBook today and save 20% on all orders with code HEART20 at checkout.

This Mother’s Day, don’t give Mom a grocery store bouquet — send her a gorgeous floral arrangement meant to stun. BloomThat bouquets are handcrafted, thoughtfully designed and Instagram-ready. No wilting blooms here — only the best for Mom.
BloomThat has sweet seasonal arrangements to match Mom’s style. Plus, you can order Mom a Mother’s Day bouquet and save $10 off on orders over $35 for new customers with code GIVEBLOOMS.
Here are some of our favorite arrangements.


The Presley
The Presley is meant to impress with its stunning purple tulips, delicate roses, and gorgeous lilies. Mom won’t be able to contain her smile with this arrangement.
The Lenni
What says “spring” more than tulips? The Lenni bouquet is filled with vibrant white and yellow tulips that command a spot on Mom’s kitchen table.
The Watson
Does Mom like a little bit of everything? The Watson is a gorgeous seasonal mix of 100% California farm-grown blooms that will brighten even the rainiest of spring days.

They say jewelry is the gift that keeps on giving, and Mom would have to agree! Wow her this Mother’s Day with a piece she’ll never get tired of from


Just Gold Layered Textured Heart Pendant
Mom will look thrice as nice in this 10k heart pendant. Dainty and classic, this faux-layer chain necklace will add the perfect touch of elegance to her wardrobe across all seasons.

1 ct Diamond Box Tennis Bracelet
If Mom is of the silver persuasion, this gorgeous tennis bracelet is a classic addition to her collection. A total of 1 ct round-cut diamonds perfectly soften the rectangular links for a bold, yet feminine, piece.

1 5/8 ct Cushion-Cut Sapphire Stud Earrings

For the Mom who loves timeless elegance, these stud earrings are sure to please. With a total of 1 5/8 ct cushion-cut sapphires in a 14K white gold setting, Mom will have her new favorite pair of special occasion earrings.

Friday 28 April 2017

Beach Essentials from The Children's Place

Temperatures are heating up and The Children’s Place has beach essentials for your whole crew. Shop swimsuits, trunks and accessories for children of all ages to ensure you’re packed and ready to go on your next summer adventure.

Girls Halter Metallic Icon Print Bikini Swimsuit
This coral halter swimsuit features a metallic foil print and UPF 50+ protection, which blocks 98% of harmful rays. Bottoms include faux side ties and a tagless label for comfort. The style is also available in “Icelandic,” a light, summery teal color.
Boys PLACE Sport Surfboards Swim Trunks
These polyester satin short features with an ocean and surfboard print are perfect for a day in the sun. Features an interior polyester mesh liner, a back patch pocket and functional drawstrings that can tighten the elastic waist.
Boys Mixed Stripe Straw Hat
This faux straw hat pulls double duty to provide style and protection from the sun. Grab it for a day at the pool or for your little ones to wear to dinner or during the family photo session on the sand.
Girls Long Raglan Sleeve Tie-Dye Rashguard and Bikini 3-Piece Swimsuit Set
Planning a long day in the sun? Grab this 3-piece swimsuit set. The suit features UPF 50+ protection. Set includes a rashguard with a mock neck and raglan sleeves, as well as a bikini set with spaghetti straps and a racer back.

7 Ways to Maintain a Young-Looking Face

We all want to look as youthful as possible for as long as possible. We spend money on creams, facials, fillers, and even sometimes plastic surgery. To get some tips for how we can maintain a young-looking face, we went to several great beauty professionals including Dr. Kirk Brandow, founder and director of the Brandow Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery in Philadelphia, who has appeared on national programs such as Good Morning America and 20/20. Here’s what they all have to say.

1. Get rest.
There absolutely is such a thing as beauty sleep. “Women come to my practice thinking they need an eye-job or a facelift when all they need is sleep. Sleep is a time when we rejuvenate ourselves and cellular turnover is at its height. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep nightly will make a huge difference in how youthful a woman appears especially as she approaches age 30 and collagen production decreases,” says Dr. Brandow. “A woman can speed up aging if they are constantly sleep deprived.”

2. Use an overnight treatment.
If you suffer from breakouts or skin dryness leading to wrinkles or blotches, treating your skin concerns at night, is a way to maintain a youthful glow. “Work closely with your dermatologist or aesthetician who can recommend non-irritating skin treatments specifically addressing your concern,” advises Dr. Brandow. You want to take advantage of overnight options available to boost collagen and heal skin while sleeping.

3. Hydrate
When it comes to anti-aging and putting your most youthful face forward, water is key. Water flushes your system of toxins which helps skin to glow. “Women spend a lot of money on topical creams formulated to boost moisture and hydrate the skin yet, if they integrated more water, even 4, 8 ounce glasses per day, they would see fewer wrinkles and an overall smoother younger skin texture within a month,” says Dr. Adriane Pompa, Miami based board certified dermatologist who specializes in aging skin.

4. Be smart about fillers.
Fillers are used to add volume that diminishes as we age but people have taken it to extremes. There have been many advancements with fillers over the past 5 years offering more options and more sophisticated ways to administer them to achieve a youthful look.

According to Dr. Brandow, many patients believe that filling their cheeks will soften their laugh lines, so they push doctors to administer two to four syringes in their cheek bones and cheek area at once. This can result in swelling and doesn’t necessarily lift their face. Fillers are often done as an alternative to a face lift but, if not spread out over several weeks, it just gives the patient an unnatural look that distorts their face and makes them look odd.  

“My personal preference is to perform the fillers sequentially. For example, I will use one syringe of filler in multiple locations. Then I’ll have patients return in 4-6 weeks and perhaps do another syringe to the same places, or different places, giving them an overall natural look. This leads to a softer, more natural result. The key to doing fillers well are going with small amounts every 4-6 weeks,” explains Dr. Brandow.

5. Get facials.
According to Dr. Adriane Pompa, one facial per month does wonders for skin’s clarity, texture, and ability to produce collagen. “There are many at-home facials available one can do weekly. The key is knowing your skin type and ingredients that address your specific skin concern. Also, you can treat different parts of the face differently depending on skin issue. Let’s say you are prone to breakouts on your jawline, have wrinkles on your forehead and dryness on the cheeks, your dermatologist or aesthetician can recommend a facial plan customized for you.”

6. Consider lasers and light!
Lasers are another tool that blasts away acne scars, evidence of past sun damage and evens out skin giving that flawless, youthful glow. There have been so many advancements with lasers resulting in more immediate results without downtime. Lasers typically cost between $600 - $1200 per treatment depending on the city and type of laser. The advantage with lasers is accuracy. You can treat a specific area without affecting the rest of the surrounding skin.

7. Tone down your make-up.
One way to immediately take 10 years off your look is to revamp your make-up. Consider hiring a professional make-up artist who can teach you how to enhance and even modernize your look. New York make-up artist, Carlo Geraci, who was protégé to Trish McEvoy and Kevin Aucion, explains that a lot of women are doing their make-up the same way they did 20 years ago. That bronzer that you loved in the 90’s when you were 24 may appear harsh and outdated at 44. “Heavy eye liner and strong lip colors may only accentuate wrinkles and fine lines. As women age, less is more when it comes to make-up. Opt for a great hydrating foundation or a touch of concealer, a pinch of blush, a swipe of mascara or a gray or brown eyeliner and a natural looking lip liner topped with a tinted hydrating balm,” he suggests.

About the Experts:
Dr. Kirk Brandow, founder and director of Brandow Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery is a plastic surgeon with 2 locations in the Philadelphia metro area and a 3rd one at the jersey shore. Named a “Top Doc” in Plastic Surgery by Philadelphia Magazine as well as nationally recognized for one of America’s “Best Plastic Surgeons” of this decade, Dr. Brandow is a trusted expert who has developed many innovative, minimally invasive procedures for the face, body and skin. He has been featured on local, national and international television programs including 20/20, CNN’s Headline News, Good Morning America.

Dr. Adriane Pompa is a board-certified dermatologist and Associate Professor of Dermatology at University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital who is highly trained in medical dermatology, dermatologic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. In addition to her general practice, she specializes in anti-aging skin care, skin cancer prevention and treatment, and laser use in dermatology.

Carlo Geraci, New York make-up artist has worked alongside Kevin Aucoin, helped launch the Trish McEvoy brand, and was invited by Barneys New York to became the first Beauty Guru, a position created specifically for him. His work has appeared in print and commercial campaigns, New York Fashion Week runways, red carpets, Broadway stages, television, film, and fashion editorials. He has also appeared on the Style Network, CBS News, and Today on NBC.

Thursday 27 April 2017

Clever Ways to Keep Your Toddler Engaged This Spring

Spring has arrived! All the pretty bird songs we have missed are ringing through the air, beautiful blossoms are popping up all over and winter is but a memory. With all of that comes spring break for many schools and preschools. If you don’t have travel plans, you may be stuck in the house with your toddlers for the next week or so.

Indoor Activities

If you are tired of hearing the same repetitive electronic toys going off or reading the same books over and over again, here are a few ideas to keep your child engaged.

Household Items

Toddlers play with everything. There are “toys” around your house you might not have thought of. Cotton balls are a hit for toddlers. They stuff them in their ears, rip them apart and put them in their pockets. Some will probably try to eat them as well.

Big cardboard boxes are great forts, while small ones make ideal containers for play cars, dolls or other small toys. Add crayons to the mix, along with some old magazines or newspapers, and you will provide lasting creative activities.

Pots and Pans
Get out the pots and pans! You won’t even need to show your toddler what to do. They will instinctively smash them together in no time. Watch out — they might scare themselves at first. However, you will get sick of the noise before they will!
Play Dough
Make your own colorful dough to play with. Enlist the “help” of your toddler as best as he or she can participate. It’s inexpensive and made of ingredients you should have readily available in your home.
Provide your toddler with plastic spoons and knives or cookie cutters to make interesting shapes or animals. Your toddler shouldn’t eat it, but if they do, the only bad result will be the salty taste in their mouth. That should keep them from doing it again. Purchase commercially made dough in advance if this isn’t your thing.

Paint in a Bag
This is fun! Put paint inside clear, sealable, gallon-sized bags. Seal and secure with tape and then tape them to a slide-by door or wall. Your toddler can manipulate and spread around the paint without getting any on her clothes or body. Watch them mix colors together, make shapes with their fingers, or just squeeze the bag looking for results. Monitor this activity for accidents.

Pack and Play
If you need to make a phone call or you are at your wit’s end and need a break, the Pack and Play is a great source of relief. Make sure you throw in some of your toddler’s favorite stuffed animals, books or toys to play with. If they’re ready for puzzles, those will buy you some time as well. This will keep your toddler occupied for quite a while and may even lull them to sleep.

Outdoor Activities

Spring weather can go either way, but if it’s nice out, get yourself and your toddler some fresh air while enjoying any number of these activities.

Treasure Hunting

Get a clear plastic bag for you and your toddler. Walk around the yard and pick up interesting things revealed by the spring melt such as coins, hardware or winter play toys. Discover new items such as fresh blossoms, old pine cones and leaves or interesting rocks. You can get a bigger bag for yourself and do a little spring cleaning while you are at it.

Head to the Park
If your toddler is old enough, go to the park and see what new challenges he or she can find. Offer your child some free play inasmuch as you think he or she can handle it safely. Free play is scientifically proven to help your child develop neuron connections in the brain associated with problem solving, planning skills and emotional balance.
Free play also provides a great deal of physical activity with jumping, climbing and running, depending on your toddler’s limits. Without even trying, your child will develop strength, balance, agility and fine motor skills.

Sidewalk Chalk
Show your toddler a box of colorful sidewalk chalk. Invite him or her outside and see what creative things you can make. Your toddler might be tempted to eat the chalk at first, so show him or her its proper use. After a while, you will simply be monitoring your child’s work. They’ll end up covered in chalk dust, so dress accordingly.

See, there are many ways to keep your toddler busy and yourself less overwhelmed with their care. Your home offers many fun activities and toys you may not appreciate as an adult, and the outdoors is full of wonder and healthy physical activities.

The trick is to engage your toddler in the world around them, no matter where you are. Let your child discover things on their own — as long as it’s not the electrical outlet or hot stove! Enjoy your spring, even though it may not be a break for you.

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Wednesday 26 April 2017

Yummy Ways To Get The Kids To Eat Better

Kids can be picky eaters, and that can make life hard for moms. Just when you want them to eat better for the good of their health, they’ll refuse. Instead, they’ll moan and cry until they get the food they want, which is usually junk food. There is nothing wrong with indulging them now and again, but parents also need to put their foot down and say no. For the most part, you want your kids to eat as healthily as possible because every mom worries about their children put in their bodies. The great news is that you can get them to eat healthier if you follow these neat tricks. The following is a list of tips from a variety of mothers other the years. After all, we have to stick together! Good luck

Think Ahead

Does your day revolve around your child’s stomach? Most moms would agree because the kids can’t go hungry. So, when you’re out and about, you might have to get them something quick and easy just to make sure they don’t starve. Okay, they won’t starve, but they will scream the car down until they get their food. A cool trick that always works is to think ahead when you plan on leaving the house. Your kids will have a meal schedule that you want to maintain, and you can do it with a cooler box. As long as you pack the cooler with plenty of snacks and fluids, they’ll never go hungry. And, because you choose what goes in the box, you also get to pick healthy options like carrot sticks. If fruit and vegetables are the only things that are available, they will inhale it before your eyes.

Bite Your Tongue

One thing that all mothers do is to try and force their kids to eat by saying something like ‘eat your vegetables.' Although the logic is sound, the execution often has flaws, the main one being that they will resist. Kids are young and naïve, but they are suspicious of authority from the beginning. The first time a parent asks them to do as they are told, they will do the opposite. So, by telling them to eat their meals, you’re doing more harm than good. The best option is to leave them to their devices and hope that they finish off the majority of the meal. Sorry to say it, but this tactic tends to be more effective than enforcing the law.

Test The Waters

Children are growing and developing all of the time, and the same goes for their taste buds. Unfortunately, something they liked in the past might not be one of their favorites any longer. You can’t do anything about it because everyone has food likes and dislikes. All you can do is find an alternative that will last for the time being. To do that, you need to start varying the meals so that the kids have more options. There will be times when they spit it out because it’s disgusting, but you shouldn’t worry. Just make a note of the ingredients and try something new. In the end, you will find meals and ingredients that they love. And, God willing, everything will be healthy.

Make Stock Meals

Are you a mom that wants to make a different dish every week? It’s commendable, but it’s also a lot of hard work. Kids are skeptical of new food because they don’t like change. So, once you find the meals that they are willing to eat, there is no need to make your job as a chef more difficult. Moms need to remember that they aren’t running a kitchen in a Michelin star restaurant. Nope, the menu doesn’t have to be new and exciting because you’re not Gordon Ramsay. What you are is a mother that wants the best for her kids. With that in mind, don’t worry about feeding them the same meals. As long as they are healthy and the kids clear the plate, you have done a good job.

Snack Time

Kids snack, and there is no point in stopping them from eating when they are hungry. Of course, if dinner is almost on the table, there is no need to fill their stomachs. But, if the next meal is quite a way away, they will need a snack to boost their energy levels. It’s easy and tempting for moms to hand them a bar of chocolate to keep them quiet, but chocolate is junk food. At least, it is if it has less than 75% cocoa and you give it to them in large quantities. When they snack, you want them to eat lean and healthy produce. The problem is that this kind of produce isn’t tasty, so they’ll throw it in the garbage. Well, it isn’t usually delicious. Fruits like mullberries and strawberries are different because they contain natural sugars. The sugars aren’t harmful enough to do any damage, but they do enhance the flavor. The result: the kids eat them up as if they were chocolate. Snack wise, fruit is always a fantastic option.

Double Dip

It pays to think about your eating habits to help you with your child’s. For instance, if you wanted to eat healthily but didn’t like the taste, what would you do? The typical answer would be to add a sauce to make it go down smoother. Ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard are a mother’s best friend because they add a different dimension to food. What was once boring is now a flavorsome and exciting meal, and the kids won’t be able to refuse. The great news is that there is a whole range of dips at your disposal which are as tasty as they are healthy. Dishes like hummus and salsa are only two examples, but they are dozens more. If the kids aren’t playing ball, hand them the tomato sauce and what their eyes bulge. Dips are so simple, yet they are very effective.

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal

For whatever reason, kids love breakfast. In fact, they love it so much that it might be their favorite meal of the day. It’s the most important meal of the day, but for reasons you might not expect. Because kids are willing to eat in the morning, it’s an excellent time to sneak in food which they could refuse later in the day. Eggs, for example, are full of protein, a nutrient which every growing child needs for their muscles. Plus, breakfast is a chance to fill up their stomachs until lunch. If your child loves to snack, you might resent the fact that you have to feed them chocolate and sweets. With a high-fiber meal, there is no need to worry about unhealthy snacks. The fiber in cereals is often enough to keep them satisfied until it wears away.  

Allow Treats

A personal trainer follows a strict routine, but they also their clients treats from time to time. The reason they do this is that they understand the connection between moral and eating right. In simple terms, it can get boring eating healthily from dusk to dawn, which makes it harder to resist temptation. A treat boosts morale and keeps them on the correct path. In a weird way, the same works for children. Sure, your kids aren’t looking to lose weight or train for a marathon. But, you do want them to eat a balanced diet, and balanced means a mixture of everything. A slice of pizza, for example, isn’t going to hurt anyone. What it will do is keep them happy and more likely to follow the routine.

Getting the kids to stop eating junk food is never easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest jobs that a mother faces. But, it is possible if you follow these simple steps. 

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Helpful Products for First Time Moms

Having your first baby in a week and don’t know what to do? Don’t know what you need in those first few weeks after you bring your baby home?  Here comes baby — and with baby comes more things that are necessary. 

Baby bottles and blankets are just the basics. Here are some perfect products for a first-time mom like you.

A Breastfeeding Pillow
Breastfeeding is best for your baby and it’s also good for your health. Breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants. But breastfeeding is not always easy. If you are going to breastfeed, having the right pillow to support your baby in the proper position and bring them level to your breast to ensure the right latch, is extremely important. This pillow serves as a back support, as a nursing positioner, as a makeshift cradle for the baby on the couch, and as a tummy time prop positioner. Get a nursing pillow that’s compact and easy to carry around.

Nipple Cream
Breastfeeding is a partnership between mother and baby that can have a steep learning curve. Until both have had quite a bit of practice, improper technique and latch can result in chapped, cracked and sore nipples. Nipple creams are very helpful in addressing sore and wounded nipples while nursing. Some mothers never require anything to apply to their nipples. But in some occasions, they find nipple creams for soothing. Even the most gruesome of breastfeeding scenarios will eventually improve.

Baby Carrier
Baby carriers are ideal for moms. These include strollers and carriers. It’s one of the most comfortable and secure ways of carrying your child around. However, there are a number of questions that you keep hearing from parents looking for a baby carrier for their baby. You’ll want to look for one that has easily adjustable straps on your shoulders and hips so you can evenly distribute the weight and save your back some pain. Toting your little baby around will become a much easier feat with a baby carrier that’s actually comfortable to wear. 

Cloth Diapers
The most common reason for diaper rash is excessive moisture against the skin. If you are a first-time mom, experts recommend cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are soft against your baby’s skin. Cloth diapers are also free of the many chemicals contained in disposable diapers. This is a very effective way to avoid awful rashes in your baby. Cloth diapers are best for babies, day and night. If you want to be the most economic, using cloth diaper is the most fitting diaper for you. Here is a very important reminder you should always take. Newborns should be changed every hour and older babies every 3-4 hours, no matter what kind of diaper they are wearing.

Baby wipes
Even if you don’t use cloth diaper, you should opt to try cloth wipes. They are softer and gentler on your baby’s sensitive skin than disposable wipes and easy to launder, but tough enough to deal with the biggest messes. You also use less and they result in fewer rashes because they aren’t full of soaps. It is recommended that aside from using cotton balls, you can also use baby wipes in cleaning newborn’s waste. For cleaning your baby's bottom, you can also use this product. Baby wipes are a diaper-changing essential. 

Baby Clothing
A little preparation goes a long way when shopping or registering for baby clothes. You'll be changing your baby's clothing several times a day because babies can be messy so make sure outfits are uncomplicated and open easily for diaper changes. In general, you want soft, comfortable clothing with no irritating tags or seams. Cute colors and adorable prints may be what draw you to a rack of baby clothes. In choosing baby clothes, you have to think that’s safety’s first. Stay away from clothes that pull tightly around your baby's arms, legs, or neck because it’s unsafe. Also, consider the price too. Be economical and wise to save money.

Check out this post about saving money buying second hand clothes for your family! 

Baby sleeping materials
There are variety of ways your baby can sleep safely. At different times, babies have slept in your bed, in a bassinet, in a co-sleeper, in an open-front crib side-car to our bed, in a playpen, and in a stand-alone crib. Figure out where you will feel most comfortable with your baby sleeping and make it work safely. During day, you can let your baby sleep in a crib or in a mattress. This mattress keeps your baby warm, cozy and comfortable. 

You don’t have to worry about the things you need to have for the comfort of your baby. Don’t panic. Even you’re just a first-time mom, you only know what’s best for your baby. After all, these products are just there to help and guide you. The safety, security and welfare of your baby depend all in you.
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Monday 24 April 2017

Money Saving Tips For Dealing With Compensation Payments

After being injured at work or through the actions of other people or organizations, you should expect some compensation. However, as with everything else in life, it isn’t quite as simple as making a claim and winning what you deserve.

As I mentioned in my recent post on the financial impacts of a personal injury at work, there is a lot that can go wrong - and today, I thought I would go through some of the things you need to consider if you want to save some money and try to maximize your compensation at the same time. Let’s take a closer look.

You should always use a lawyer

Lawyers are expensive, and there might be a temptation to do without them and represent yourself. But unless your injury is an open and shut case -which few are - there is no way you will get what you deserve without the help of an attorney. Let’s say you are making a claim against a big company.

When it comes down to the court case, the likelihood is that the big business will have an entire team of lawyers trying to limit their damage, and without any experience of being in court, you will struggle to get your points across.

So, while spending money on a lawyer might be expensive, ultimately you are far more likely to win bigger when it comes to your settlement.

Don't go for a lump sum

If you are worried about receiving a lump sum and spending it all, there are other ways of getting your compensation paid. You don't have to get it all in one hit - structured settlements are a way of getting your compensation paid at intervals over a particular time frame. And they can work out well if you are worried about wasting lump sum payments.

But, as mentioned in this Strategic Planners structured settlement review, sorting out a structured settlement is not always an easy task. You and your lawyers will have to be able to predict the future in the long-term and plan payments appropriately.

For example, if your injuries mean you need an operation in 5-6 years time, your structured settlement should include allowances for it, which will, in turn, affect the rest of your payment structure, too.

Wait for your medical treatment to conclude

If you go for your compensation straight away, you might be missing out on a lot of money. The fact is that when you get an injury, some symptoms might not show up for a while. And the best - and most financially sensible - thing to do is wait until you have had all your medical treatment.

Your bills and medical records will be great evidence when it comes to your case, and will all add up to a bigger compensation settlement.

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to settle their case before they have received all their treatment, but the quicker you receive treatment, the better in the vast majority of cases.

I hope these tips help you out should you ever have to pursue a compensation claim. With the right lawyer by your side, you should be able to get more from your settlement - good luck!