Tuesday 25 April 2017

Helpful Products for First Time Moms

Having your first baby in a week and don’t know what to do? Don’t know what you need in those first few weeks after you bring your baby home?  Here comes baby — and with baby comes more things that are necessary. 

Baby bottles and blankets are just the basics. Here are some perfect products for a first-time mom like you.

A Breastfeeding Pillow
Breastfeeding is best for your baby and it’s also good for your health. Breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants. But breastfeeding is not always easy. If you are going to breastfeed, having the right pillow to support your baby in the proper position and bring them level to your breast to ensure the right latch, is extremely important. This pillow serves as a back support, as a nursing positioner, as a makeshift cradle for the baby on the couch, and as a tummy time prop positioner. Get a nursing pillow that’s compact and easy to carry around.

Nipple Cream
Breastfeeding is a partnership between mother and baby that can have a steep learning curve. Until both have had quite a bit of practice, improper technique and latch can result in chapped, cracked and sore nipples. Nipple creams are very helpful in addressing sore and wounded nipples while nursing. Some mothers never require anything to apply to their nipples. But in some occasions, they find nipple creams for soothing. Even the most gruesome of breastfeeding scenarios will eventually improve.

Baby Carrier
Baby carriers are ideal for moms. These include strollers and carriers. It’s one of the most comfortable and secure ways of carrying your child around. However, there are a number of questions that you keep hearing from parents looking for a baby carrier for their baby. You’ll want to look for one that has easily adjustable straps on your shoulders and hips so you can evenly distribute the weight and save your back some pain. Toting your little baby around will become a much easier feat with a baby carrier that’s actually comfortable to wear. 

Cloth Diapers
The most common reason for diaper rash is excessive moisture against the skin. If you are a first-time mom, experts recommend cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are soft against your baby’s skin. Cloth diapers are also free of the many chemicals contained in disposable diapers. This is a very effective way to avoid awful rashes in your baby. Cloth diapers are best for babies, day and night. If you want to be the most economic, using cloth diaper is the most fitting diaper for you. Here is a very important reminder you should always take. Newborns should be changed every hour and older babies every 3-4 hours, no matter what kind of diaper they are wearing.

Baby wipes
Even if you don’t use cloth diaper, you should opt to try cloth wipes. They are softer and gentler on your baby’s sensitive skin than disposable wipes and easy to launder, but tough enough to deal with the biggest messes. You also use less and they result in fewer rashes because they aren’t full of soaps. It is recommended that aside from using cotton balls, you can also use baby wipes in cleaning newborn’s waste. For cleaning your baby's bottom, you can also use this product. Baby wipes are a diaper-changing essential. 

Baby Clothing
A little preparation goes a long way when shopping or registering for baby clothes. You'll be changing your baby's clothing several times a day because babies can be messy so make sure outfits are uncomplicated and open easily for diaper changes. In general, you want soft, comfortable clothing with no irritating tags or seams. Cute colors and adorable prints may be what draw you to a rack of baby clothes. In choosing baby clothes, you have to think that’s safety’s first. Stay away from clothes that pull tightly around your baby's arms, legs, or neck because it’s unsafe. Also, consider the price too. Be economical and wise to save money.

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Baby sleeping materials
There are variety of ways your baby can sleep safely. At different times, babies have slept in your bed, in a bassinet, in a co-sleeper, in an open-front crib side-car to our bed, in a playpen, and in a stand-alone crib. Figure out where you will feel most comfortable with your baby sleeping and make it work safely. During day, you can let your baby sleep in a crib or in a mattress. This mattress keeps your baby warm, cozy and comfortable. 

You don’t have to worry about the things you need to have for the comfort of your baby. Don’t panic. Even you’re just a first-time mom, you only know what’s best for your baby. After all, these products are just there to help and guide you. The safety, security and welfare of your baby depend all in you.
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