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Easy, Cheap, and Simple Makeup Tips for Moms

Makeup can be a very powerful accessory and a full 86% of women find that makeup improves their self-image and confidence. However, it can be all too difficult to develop an easy and affordable beauty routine when you are a mom -- it's hard to wrangle your kids some days, let alone find the perfect lipstick color!

Well no worries, here are some tips and tricks on simple, practical, and affordable makeup tips that any mom can squeeze into her morning routine.

  1. YouTube is a Mom's best friend
    We can't all be professional makeup artists to the rich and famous. Most of us can't even be rich or famous. However, YouTube is full of helpful makeup tutorials for any occasion. When you don't have time for a makeup makeover at the department store, find some step-by-step YouTube videos and experiment with a new look.
  2. Focus on your eyebrows
    Well-groomed brows are the first step in looking put together. So if you can't do much else, at least try to trim, pluck, and fill in your eyebrows. A pomade works the best for this as it fills your brows and keeps them in place at the same time. And remember, the best eyebrows are sisters, not twins.
  3. Don't be afraid to wear glasses
    While it is easy to reach for your contacts every morning, glasses are the easiest accessory to hide tired eyes. Glasses don't have to be that expensive either, there are tons of discount glasses websites online you can use to get eyeglasses in ever color of the rainbow for less than $20.
  4. Invest in good facial wipes
    The best way to ensure you have radiant skin is to clean it every night. However, washing your face before bed is easier said than done. Investing in some good makeup removal wipes are a must, and can be found and bought in bulk at many discount stores.
  5. Dry shampoo is the best solution for a skipped shower or two, or three.
    Dry shampoo is cheap and easy to use. Simply shake up the can, spray it at your greasy roots and then fluff with your fingers. Baby powder also works in a pinch, and you most likely have some of it laying around!
  6. A red lip matches everything
    It doesn't have to be dramatic, you can choose a lip gloss or a matte lipstick, anything you'd like as long as it is red. Red packs a punch and can distract from a tired face. Plus, considering 99.7% of all adults believe a healthy smile is socially important, shift people's gaze from the bags under your eyes to your pretty smile!.
  7. Tint your lashes and eyebrows so you never have to put on makeup again.
    This simple investment goes a long way and can save tons of time in the long run. You'll easily be able to go three or four years without having to get a touch-up and this means you can roll out of bed and go!
  8. Establish a perfect five minute routine
    This may take some practice, but once you get it down your mornings will be made so much easier. All you need to do is pick out five products at most, bonus points for them being multi-use, and then you can give yourself one minute per item. An easy idea for this is an eyeliner, a mascara, an eyebrow product, a concealer, and a lipstick.

So with these tips in mind, you will be on your way to saving money and looking flawless all at the same time, without even trying. If you have any additional tips or tricks you'd like to share, please leave your ideas in the comments.

Your Guide to Westside Daze Fireworks In West Kelowna

Park in “town” and walk down to watch the fireworks at Gellatly Bay on Friday, June 30; please also consider carpooling.

That’s the message from the City of West Kelowna, which will close Gellatly Road to vehicle traffic from the yacht club exit to Boucherie Road, starting at 8 p.m. and lasting until approximately midnight, to accommodate the crowds expected along West Kelowna’s waterfront to watch the 15 minute spectacular starting at 10:15 p.m. on the eve of Canada’s 150th Birthday.

With fireworks postponed in Kelowna, the Gellatly Walkway closed for repairs, and Canada celebrating a milestone birthday, City of West Kelowna staff want to ensure the area can accommodate extra crowds.

Here’s what you need to know:
  • Beginning at 8 p.m., Gellatly Road from the bridge over Powers Creek to the intersection with Boucherie Road will be closed to vehicle traffic, the section will be cordoned off with barriers and staffed at both closure points. Closures will remain in place until crowds vacate the area (approximately midnight).
  • Those catching the show are advised to park in the Westbank Centre area or at Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre (JBMAC) and walk down via routes such as Gellatly Road.
  • A section of Gellatly Road, which is currently closed to vehicles from Witt Road to the intersection with Boucherie Road, will be open to pedestrians only and lighted on Friday evening to accommodate those walking down from the Westbank Centre and JBMAC.
  • Emergency crews will be parked on Gellatly Road at approximately 8:30 and will remain until pedestrians have vacated the area.
Boaters are reminded that Gellatly Bay is a wake-free zone due to high water and floating debris in the lake. Fireworks are being launched from a barge in the lake and vessels will need to keep away from the launch area.

Kelowna ranks No. 16 among the U-Haul Top 50 Canadian Destination Cities

U-Haul International, Inc., the industry leader in do-it-yourself moving and self-storage, is pleased to announce the top U-Haul Destination Cities for 2016 with the return of its annual migration reports.

Kelowna ranks No. 16 among the U-Haul Top 50 Canadian Destination Cities. Kelowna saw a 9.5 percent increase in year-over-year arrivals, rising 8 spots from last year and continuing to be one of the busiest Canadian markets for incoming U-Haul trucks.

U-Haul Destination Cities are ranked according to the total number of arriving one-way U-Haul truck rentals to a city in the past calendar year. Destination Cities do not account for departing traffic and thus do not necessarily reflect growth like U-Haul Growth Cities. Destination Cities reflect the volume and regularity of do-it-yourself movers coming into a community.

Stay tuned for more migration trends news. U-Haul unveiled the Top 10 Destination Cities in countdown format beginning June 19 with the No. 10 city and running through today, June 30, with the No. 1 city. U-Haul shared its  Top 10 U.S. Destination Cities in May.

City in British Columbia, Canada
Kelowna is a city in the south of Canada’s British Columbia province. It’s in the Okanagan Valley, on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake, surrounded by provincial parks, pine forest, vineyards, orchards and mountains. Its downtown area incorporates waterfront City Park and a lakeside cultural district. More than 20 local vineyards offer wine tours and tastings.

Family-friendly places and activities to keep cool this summer

Beat the Heat and Have a Blast Doing it

With the school year quickly coming to an end comes warmer weather and more quality time to spend with your little ones.  This summer however, make sure to check the forecast and take special precautions before heading out on your family excursions.

"With this summer proving to be hotter than usual, it is a good idea to have a few indoor activities up your sleeve for when a scorching day hits the city," says Noel Straatsma, Master Model Builder at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto. “Luckily, with so many activities to choose from, enjoying a day with family while remaining protected from the sun has never been easier."

Here is a list of fun, family-friendly places to keep cool when the hot weather arrives:

·         Have fun with your family this summer and get your hands a little dirty at The Children’s Garden in Chimney Court. Part of a fantastic urban regeneration project, it helps connect kids with the environment and their natural curiosity and creativity. The Children’s Garden is open on weekends and holidays, and runs by donation.

·         Located on the main floor of the Toronto Broadcasting Centre, the CBC Museum features several interactive exhibits where visitors can call up excerpts from famous CBC shows, including Kids' CBC for the little ones, and CBC News and CBC Sports. Admission is free, and the museum is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

·         Have fun with your kids at the Toronto Public Library, getting lost in a good book or attending one of the many wonderful events and exhibits hosted in the children’s wing. The library has various children’s literature collections, ensuring that you and your little ones will have plenty of stories to explore.  For a list of upcoming exhibitions, click here.   

·         Celebrate the wonders of all things LEGO at the ultimate indoor LEGO playground located at Vaughan Mills. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto is perfect for a day jam packed with fun for your little ones. With a 4D Cinema and the brand new Ninjago City Adventure soft play structure which features over 20 interactives for kids, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre allows children to remain active while protecting themselves from the heat.

·         Allan Gardens Conservatory This gorgeous 100-year-old greenhouse is filled with showy tropical plants and blooms that will interest tots and parents alike. From colourful cacti to tall tropical vines, this beautiful spot is a lovely way to spend a few hours away from the heat, yet exploring nature. Entry is free.

·         If being outdoors is the absolute must, splash pads and water play areas are conveniently located in many parks and playgrounds all over the city. They often include engaging water features such as showerheads and spray jets that keep children laughing and cooled off for hours. Remember to load up on sunscreen and keep your little ones hydrated. Here’s a complete list of Toronto’s Splash and Spray pads.

“The best way to make the most of the season is to be well-prepared,” adds Noel. “It can be hard to keep kids entertained and cool with the same old routines. Rain or shine, these activities will guarantee a fun, safe and happy summer.”

For more information on LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre, Toronto, visit and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

About LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Toronto
LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Toronto is a heavily LEGO® themed indoor attraction that appeals to a child’s fascination with the timeless LEGO® product, taking them into a world of endless possibilities!
Our attraction gives children and their families the opportunity to play together in a LEGO® world.  Imagination comes to life with zones dedicated to the most popular LEGO® product ranges, LEGO® themed rides, 4D movie experiences, a unique MINILAND installation of the City of Toronto and surrounding areas and a chance to meet our LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Master Model Builder – Noel. Adults must be accompanied by children to enter.

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Five Businesses Your Elementary School Aged Child Can Start This Summer

My sister and I have a rule – never pass a lemonade stand without buying something.  As a mom of three teenagers, I understand the importance of teaching kids at an early age to learn what it's like to make their own money. The problem is, as parents, we often get caught up in the fun of doing an activity with our children and don't take advantage of these teachable moments. Your children's first “business” is a great time to teach them the difference between revenue and profit and to talk to them about how to split their earnings with their siblings and friends and other "co-workers."  
With my sister JJ Ramberg, who is the host of Your Business on MSNBC, a program which covers entrepreneurship, and the founder of the company Goodshop, I recently co-wrote the book The Startup Club, a fun early-reader book about a group of kids who start a business and all the ups and downs that go along with it.  Our intention was to create characters who young children can use as role models when they come up with their own ideas.  And, once they’re done reading the book, your kids will know that when they launch that company, they need to pay you back for the supplies!
Summer is a great time for kids to spend some time creating that business.  Here are five simple tried-and-true ideas for them:
1.     Have a garage sale!  Have your kids set the prices and talk through that thought process with them.  You can also encourage their salesmanship during the actual day.  (not to mention, this is a great way to get them to clean their rooms!)
2.     Dog walking.  Depending on where you live, and how old your child is, you may need to go with them on these walks, but it’s a nice way to get to spend some outside time with them going around your neighborhood.  Again, have a conversation with them about how to set the price.
3.     Lemonade stand:  An oldie but goodie.  Talk to them about how to make their sign different than any other lemonade stand and how that is called marketing. Or have them sell something alongside the lemonade like homemade cookies.  Also, don’t buy the supplies and then bring them home for them – have them take the lead every step of the way.

4.     Design stationary:  Kids are great artists.  They can draw something and you can take it to the printer to turn it into cards.  Granted, you may not be able to sell this on the street, but they may be able to find some relatives and some of your friends who would be interested. 
5.    Watch younger kids: Even if your child is only 7, there is probably a mom or dad around who would be thrilled for your child to play with their four year old while they get some errands done around the house (with a watchful eye of course).  

When they earn their first money, don't forget to talk to them about the concept of Share, Save and Spend!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

11 Fun Snack Ideas for Your Next Family Campout

Everyone loves snacks, but knowing what snacks to take with you on a camping trip where space is limited and refrigeration is nonexistent can be tricky. Should you try packing a cooler and bring your cold snacks, or should you just stick to non-perishables? And how do you deal with kids who are picky eaters? If you’re drawing a blank when it comes to camping snacks, here are 11 fun snack ideas to get you started.

1. Apple “Cookies”

The worst thing about packing apple-based snacks isn’t that apples are heavy it’s that they turn brown if you keep them out too long before eating them, and no one wants to eat brown apples. Instead, pack whole apples, an apple corer and a sharp knife in your kitchen kit, and make apple cookies right at the campsite.
Simply core the apples, slice them into big, flat circles, then top with peanut butter and your favorite dried toppings raisins, chocolate chips, coconut shavings or anything else your heart desires. They’re a healthy little snack that takes no time at all to make, even if you’re out in the wilderness.

2. S’mores Cones

S’mores are so last season — anyone can roast a marshmallow and put it on a graham cracker! Instead, make s’mores cones. Take all your s’mores toppings, and anything else that catches your eye, and stuff it in a waffle cone. Wrap it in aluminum foil and toss it on the coals or on your grill for a few minutes to heat everything through. Chocolate melts, marshmallows become awesomely gooey, and it’s all kept in a nice, relatively clean, ice cream cone shell.

3. Energy Bites

Energy bites are a great way to get a little boost of energy to keep you going during your camping trip. They require no baking, take less than 10 minutes to make (not counting chill time if you put them in the fridge) and can be adapted to picky tastes or allergy needs.

These snacks are oatmeal-based take a cup of dry oatmeal, mix with peanut butter (or another nut butter) and honey to bind, and add your ingredients. We use coconut flakes, flax seeds and chocolate chips, but you can add just about anything.

They do have to be refrigerated to help them keep their shape, but they keep well in a backpack or a cooler while you’re traveling.

4. Trail Mix

You can’t go wrong with trail mix, the most iconic camping snack. It’s dry, non-perishable and makes a great snack when you’re out on the trail or just lounging around your campsite. And the best thing about trail mix? 

There are so many different types, you can easily stock up on all the different ingredients and combine them to suit every picky eater in your party.

You can also make up your own trail mix recipe if you can’t find a flavor combination you enjoy. Generally, trail mix is made up of nuts, dried fruit — and M&Ms, if we’re being honest — but like the energy bites we just mentioned, you can make trail mix out of pretty much anything. We had a big batch in the kitchen for the longest time whose main ingredient was Captain Crunch cereal.

5. Jerky

No, we’re not talking about reaching for the Slim Jims jerky is a great natural source of protein, and if you’re heading out for a camping trip, it’s lightweight and doesn’t require any sort of refrigeration. Unfortunately, store-bought jerky is also incredibly expensive, so if you’re stocking up for the entire crew, it’s more cost-effective to just make your own.

Making jerky is easy — simply slice your meat thin, flavor it and place it in a low-temperature oven (less than 200 degrees F) for a few hours to dry out.

If you’re feeling adventurous — or your oven is occupied with other cooking — Food Network chef Alton Brown has a great recipe for jerky that uses a box fan and some brand-new air conditioner filters.

You’re not restricted to beef for your jerky, either — thin slices of just about any meat can be dried and turned into jerky, so if you’re trying to cut red meat out of your diet, try turkey, pork or chicken jerky for your camping trip.

6. Granola

Making your own granola is a lot simpler than it sounds. First, pick your base oats are usually considered the best granola base, but that’s up to you. Then, pick your other ingredients. You can include nuts, dried fruit, pieces of chocolate or anything else that catches your eye.

Then, add a couple of tablespoons of cooking oil and a couple of tablespoons of sweetener to bind your ingredients together honey works, as does maple syrup or agave. It’s important to use a sticky sweetener because it acts as a binder for the granola.

Thoroughly combine all ingredients, then bake at 300 degrees for 10 minutes. Let it cool, bag it up and you have a lovely batch of homemade granola.

This tasty snack can be eaten straight out of the bag, and if you pour it into a bowl and add some milk, it doubles as a breakfast cereal.

7. Dried or Freeze-Dried Fruit

Fruit is a great snack, but most juicy fruits don’t keep well in the heat plus, they have a tendency to get squished in your backpack, leading to a giant mess. Instead, pick up some dried or freeze-dried fruit. These have all the same flavor of the fresh versions, with none of the mess.

Freeze-dried fruits are a good alternative for camping because they weigh less than traditionally dried fruit. 

However, they’re also more fragile. You might end up with a bag full of freeze-dried fruit dust if you’re not careful. Keeping freeze-dried fruits in a hard container can prevent inadvertent pulverization of your snack food.

8. Ants on a Log

No, we’re not actually suggesting you eat ants though we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that bugs make a great high-protein snack.

Ants on a log refers to a celery stick, filled with peanut butter and topped with raisins to resemble the little marching insects. It’s a quick and easy snack to make that requires little to no preparation simply chop up your celery sticks, break out the peanut butter and raisins and go to town!

You can even change it up use different nut butters or add different toppings like chocolate chips, peanuts or other nuts to create a unique snack. You can even let the kids come up with their own names for it!

9. Popcorn

Popcorn is a healthy snack, and contrary to popular belief, doesn’t require a microwave. If you’re going to have a campfire or grill going, consider bringing some Jiffy Pop popcorn with you. It’s designed for use on the stovetop, but the kids will have a blast watching the popcorn puff up over the fire as they cook it.

You can even bring toppings for your popcorn to help spice it up a little bit either literally or figuratively. Seasonings from your spice cabinet, like garlic powder or cayenne pepper, can add a bit of spice, while sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg can make a sweet popcorn experience.

10. Nuts

Nuts are a great high-protein and high-calorie snack which is just what you need to keep you going after a long day hiking, swimming or fishing. Peanuts, almonds, cashews and any other type of nut are all delicious and heart-healthy. You can even roast them over your campfire in a cast-iron pan to add an extra layer of flavor. Just let them cool off and bag them up, and you can take them out on the trail with you.

Seeds also fall into this category pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are all good options to include in your snack mix. Just be mindful of your salt intake too much could lead to dehydration.

11. Pigs in Blankets

This is more of a campfire snack, but if you’ve got hot dogs, canned biscuits and marshmallow sticks to hold them over the fire, you can let the kids bake their own dinner. Simply cut the hot dogs into three pieces and wrap each with a piece of biscuit dough. Then, hold over the fire until the dough is golden brown, and you’ve got yourself a nice snack or an easy dinner the kids can participate in.

Campout snacks don’t have to be boring or bland. Use your imagination you’ll be surprised at the different flavor combinations and snack ideas you can come up with. Just remember to keep all your food secure from local wildlife, or you might find yourself scrounging for food after the raccoons have made off with all your snacks!

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June Swago

Swagbucks is holding their monthly Swago promotion starting Tuesday, 27 June at 9am PDT! It's just like bingo, but in this case you're filling out squares as you earn points on their site for doing things you already do online. If you're thinking of trying Swagbucks, this is a great chance to learn all about how the site works and earn bonus points while doing it.   

The best part is that the points you get can be used to get free gift cards to places like Amazon, or PayPal cash!

Fill up your board and then submit your pattern to get even more points - if you can fill in the whole board, you get a 300 SB bonus!

Click here to sign up and get started! If you sign up through my link and earn 300 SB before the first of next month, you'll get a bonus 300 SB!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Vacation Time for Stay at Home Moms? Consider the Micro-Vacation

We are in the heyday of the American vacation -- at least as far as talking about them. It seems like every day there is another news article or study about how not enough Americans are taking time away from work and how it has a negative effect on productivity and efficiency at the office.

One study, for instance, shows that those who don’t take "sanity breaks" at work experience significantly more stress than those who do, both at home (48% and 41% respectively) and in the office (73% and 68%). It has also been tied to the radical decrease in CEO tenure, only 5.5 years today, down from 10 years in 1990.

But for all the talk about vacations that is going around, one population has been left out of the conversation: Stay at home moms!

Despite the fact that being a stay at home mom often has equal or even more demands as a full-time job, stay at home moms receive none of the perks of a job, including sick days, lunch breaks, and, yes, vacation time.

In fact, there is a significant stigma around parents taking a vacation separate from their children. According to a 2015 survey, only two in 10 parents felt comfortable taking a vacation without their child, especially younger children.

But this is exactly when parents most need a vacation. The first few years of raising a child are the most difficult time and the most likely to wear you out.

And, as it turns out, a little time away from mom and dad can do a child some good as well.

"Parenting and birth order research shows that a little benign neglect turns children into independent, out-of-the box thinkers," Katrin Schumann, author of Mothers Need Time-Outs Too, wrote in a piece for the New York Times. "When they’re too coddled and controlled, they risk becoming adults who lack resilience, humility and flexibility. Kids need space, too."

If the idea still makes you uncomfortable, start off small. Don’t fly to some exotic island or European city. Drive to a nearby city for a fancy dinner and a night at a nice hotel.

Or better yet, take a bus. Not only is it more economically friendly, it's also more environmentally friendly (each fully occupied charter bus has the potential to remove 55 cars from the highway, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions). However, it will also make it more difficult for you to give into any second thoughts you might have during the night, forcing you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Chances are, you’ll find yourself more relaxed and better able to handle the stresses of motherhood after you get back. Indeed, these micro-vacations may be exactly what you need to recharge after a busy week -- or year -- of nonstop parenting.

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make: Purchasing Your Own Home

Owning a home and getting a foot onto the property ladder is the ultimate goal for most young adults, but in the last decade or two it’s become more difficult than ever to do so. The recession had a huge impact on the property market and the ability of people to get hold of much-needed credit- meaning purchasing a home became out of reach for many. However now that things are easing up again, and government grants and schemes are available for many first-time buyers, purchasing a property might be something that has become possible again. If you’re considering it, here’s what you need to know.

Check Your Credit Score
Getting a mortgage requires you to have a good credit score, so you really need to know where you stand before making an application; you can see more info about this online. Make sure that everything looks right, and there’s nothing on your credit file that you don’t recognize. You should also contest anything you believe to be unfair, for example, some people have found that companies have wrongly charged them after they’ve closed accounts and given them a black mark on their file. If you have adverse credit on your file, you will more than likely need to wait for this to drop off before making an application. It takes six years to do so, so it’s important to make sure nothing else gets added. In the meantime, you could take out a credit card or phone contract and be careful to pay this back each month. That way you help build up your credit score.

Work Out Your Budget
The next step would be to work out what you can realistically afford. You will need to take your income (and your partner’s if you’re moving in together) and draw up a plan. Be sure to account for all bills plus any extras that you wouldn’t want to live without. Groceries, travel costs and money for savings all need to be accounted for. Then what you have left is what you can afford to pay out each month for your mortgage. There are also tools online which give you an idea on how big of a mortgage you’d be likely to get based on your annual salary.

Will You Renovate or Choose a Move In Ready Home?
If this will be your first home, chances are you won’t have loads of money in the bank to tackle masses of renovations. However, you could still go for a house that needed work doing to it, that way you can revamp it as you go and it’s likely to be a lot cheaper. Be sure you know what you’re getting into though, if you uncover dodgy electrics, plumbing, asbestos, pests or other huge problems it’s going to be incredibly expensive to fix. Your best bet would be to have a survey done before buying so you know exactly what’s going to need doing and how much it will cost.

Monday, 26 June 2017

New YULU games, perfect for family game night!

According to NPD research, games and puzzles are up 18 percent, the largest category in toys last year. Family games are showing no sign of slowing down. In the wake of mega-hit action games like Wet Head and Pie Face, the popularity of games is definitely on the rise.

Break Free and Safe Breaker, part of the new Spy Code game line from YULU Toys, are joining the trend this June. With a great mix of action, strategy, skill and luck, they're perfect for any family game night gathering! 

 Break Free

First, players handcuff themselves together and insert a maze into each handcuff. The game includes three maze colors. Each color represents a different level of difficulty, making each round unpredictable. Using the lock pick, players must try to pick the lock on their handcuff as quickly as possible. The fastest to break free from their handcuff receives a token that corresponds with the maze color. There are points on the back of each token, the player with the most points after playing all three rounds, wins the game.
Players in Break Free must race to pick the lock on their handcuff to be the first to break free. Take the #BreakFreeChallenge and record and share your race to escape with the online community. Family and friends are also encouraged to come up with different challenges each round, like playing blindfolded or race to escape after a series of relay races, making the game an endless amount of unpredictable and creative fun!

Break Free will be available in the USA at Target.
Break Free will be available in Canada at Walmart and Toys R Us.

In Safe Breaker, players must crack the code and successfully break into the safe without getting caught! Each round challenges memory and requires a mix of strategy and luck to win the game.

To start the mission, players pick a card and turn the safe combination to the corresponding number shown. Next, use the fingerprint scanner to test the number. If the light is green, the safe will release some coins. If the light is red, connect the spy listening gear to the safe to hear a top- secret clue to deduce the correct combination code. Clues include mathematical chances and luck elements, allowing for a new experience each round. 

BEWARE! Players who release police coins will alert the police and must return all their coins to the safe. The spy who collects the five golden coins or two diamond coins first, wins the game.  

 Safe Breaker will be available in the USA at Target.

Safe Breaker will be available in Canada at Walmart and Toys R Us.

Want to become an official YULU Spy Code Spy? The Spy Code Academy encourages kids to become Spy Masters through the Spy Code episodes featured on Record and complete the mission at the end of each episode and upload your video using upload it using #YULUTOYS. You may have a chance to be featured on and get exclusive rewards from YULU Toys.

For more information on Break Free check out
For more information on YULU Toys check out

These games were so much fun we had an awesome time figuring out the mazes in Break Free! These are some of the best challenge games I have ever played and perfect to keep kids building their brains this summer when school is out! Fantastic gift for any age, even us grown ups had a great time challenging the kids.