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Requirements for Making Your Dream House

Whether you have been saving up for decades or you have worked hard for a number of years, it all pays off once you have enough money to build your dream house. People dream about the homes that they would turn into little family sanctuaries where they will spend many memorable hours and where their children will grow up. Needless to say, to turn such a dream into reality is no easy task, especially if we take the financial factor into consideration. Now, not every dream house has to be luxurious, but it should have all the features you have longed for. This might be something as simple as your own bookcase or a wardrobe for shoes. Once you have the funds ready, it is time to create a plan that would make all your fantasies come true. This is where you have to have in mind different aspects of building a house, as there are numerous requirements that you have to meet. Start fresh or renovate? First things first, you need to decide whether you are going to turn your old abode

Home Fixes And Renovations To Reduce Your Bills

Home renovations can be intimidating to get started on, if not for the amount of work necessary then for the sheer cost of fixing things around the house. It's easy to look at the mountain of work to be done and keep putting it off. However, some of these home renovations could actually save you money in the long run, even if it seems a bit expensive up front. Here are just a few home renovations that could help you reduce your bills and eventually pay for themselves. Wise Water Use One of the biggest drains on home resources is also one of the most notoriously annoying: leaky or inefficient faucets and fixtures. While a single tiny leak might not look like much, you'll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Just one leaky faucet alone can waste  100 gallons of water every day . That cost can add up quickly when it comes to your water bill. Make sure you fix up any leaks you're aware of as soon as you find them, and if you're planning for larger changes to y

Weird But True! Books kids want to have!

Kids are constantly asking questions about everything and they continue to grow and absorb so much everyday! Having books around that answer kids burning questions about nature, the world, and everything in it is an excellent way to save your sanity. National Geographics Weird But True! series is an excellent way to fill those curious little minds with knowledge.  There are ten Weird But True! books in the original series with fun facts about animals, food, Christmas, and much more! The series has published over 15,000 facts and has become a huge hit in bookstores across the globe! Over seven million copies have been sold around the world and there are 32 books to collect altogether.  A portion of all the books help support National Geographic’s conservation, research, and education projects that help our planet. Keep your kids learning unique facts and growing by getting them to check out this amazing series. One of the first facts ever published was: 99 percent of people can’t lick t

Keeping your Sanity when you have Children

Children are a blessing .   However,  as a parent, you are probably wondering,   a mid the cries, screams, squabbling and non-stop questions,  how to  keep  some sanity in your hom e,   and  your head .  It is not  always easy to stay  centred , but it is possible.  Here are a few suggestions that  can  help you get  there.   Spend Time w ith Adults   Spend some time with adults.  Meet with other parents and let the kids  play together while you have a grown-up conversation.  Being friends with  parents who understand what you are going through can put things in perspective.   Stay in touch with old friends. Being a parent does not define who you are.  S pend some time with  people  who knew you before.  You will be  better able  to keep in tune with yourself .   If you are a stay -at- home mom, go back to work, even if it is just a few hours a week.  D ealing with adult matters  in an adult world   will help you regain  a sense of  normalcy.   Take a Break   Take breaks whenever you

How to Renovate on a Budget

Renovating your house can be fun and exciting,  but it  is easy to get carried away and end up with a bigger hole in your wallet than you had planned. How can you avoid this situation? Here are a few helpful tips.   Prioritize   The first step , list the  renovations to do and analyze  them . A leaky roof will have priority over new kitchen cabinets. Start by fixing  anything  urgent that might compromise the integrity of your house.   Shop Around   Once  you know what  urgent work  you  need to  do , shop around for materials , g o  to warehouses and liquidation cent re s. Do not forget to look online. Evaluate the total cost  of  the  work .   One Step  a t a Time   Do not go too fast. Save   up for one  phase and do it.  If an emergency  reno  comes up,  a line of credit or  online loan    could   do the trick.  Do not  build up too much debt.  Do  your renovations  one  step  at the time , and finish paying each phase before starting the next one.   At all costs, avoid “As long as

Affordable Wedding Venue Ideas For Frugal Lovebirds

No matter which way you tie the knot, weddings are expensive. Between the flowers, formal wear, and decorations alone, getting married can cost a pretty penny. Factor in larger expenses, like the venue or the food, and you'll be even more tempted to just head to the courthouse. Though choosing to skip a wedding celebration is probably the cheapest way to share last names, with a little frugal ingenuity , any couple can celebrate their marriage affordably. Since the wedding venue tends to cost the most, finding cheaper location alternatives is the best way to save your marriage funds. If you want to get hitched, but don't want to be eyeballs-deep in wedding debt, try the following affordable venue alternatives for a fun and frugal wedding: Money-Saving Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue: 1. Choose A Single Location For The Ceremony and Reception Traditionally, an American wedding might take place in a church, then move to a secondary banquet hall for the recepti

Winter-Wise Weather Tips for Pets

Manage outdoor activities. The safest, most comfortable place for your pets is where you are. When temperatures dip below freezing or during severe weather, it’s imperative you keep pets indoors with you and make trips outside shorter. Offer a warm place for your pet to rest inside. A pet bed works perfectly, just make sure it stays clean and dry. Don’t cut your dog’s fur in the wintertime. Your pet’s winter coat is a natural barrier from the harsh, cold elements. Consider a canine coat. Dogs with lots of fur probably don’t need an extra layer to go on walks in the winter. But smaller dogs and those with shorter coats may be more comfortable in a dog sweater or jacket. Check for frostbite. After bathroom breaks and walks, check your pet’s ears, paws and tail for any sign of frostbite or ice and snow build up in the paw pads. Wipe down after walks. Keep a dry, clean towel handy to wipe down your pet’s legs, belly and paws after each outdoor excursion. Ice

5 Tips To Washing And Detailing Your Car

Your car is a valuable investment. This is why you should strive to protect it through regular maintenance. One of the best ways to maintain that glowing showroom look is by washing and detailing your car. A well-maintained vehicle will save you money by preventing costly repairs and will also attract a higher resale value. How do you make your car look show worthy? Here are 5 tips to washing and detailing your car. 1.     Wash Your Car Regularly The most important thing you can do for your car is to wash it regularly. Dirt, bird droppings, road gunk, and other contaminants can do great harm on your car’s paintwork if left for too long. Ensure that your car is cleaned at least once every week. However, if you live in a very dusty area or you park your car under a tree ensure that you wash your car immediately you notice an obvious problem. Don’t wait too long to avert further problems. 2.     Avoid Scratches By All Means Scratches are your paint job’s worst enemy. Not only are they un

Discipline Tips that Really Work

Discipline is an important part of parenting but it often leaves parents wondering if they are doing things right. Children do need to be disciplined as this is the main way they learn how to behave before entering school and the adult world. The key to effective discipline is for you and your child to have a close and understanding relationship. You know what they’re feeling and how they act with certain emotions and they know the same with you. We, of course, want our children to achieve high in school and do the best that they can in life and this partly depends on their behavior and their response to the consequences of bad behavior. The way that we discipline children can influence that. There is also the question of ethical discipline too, for example, what are acceptable boundaries and when can disciplining a child step over the line and become harmful? For example, spanking was previously a common mode of discipline for parents but it has now become somewhat