Sunday 30 June 2019

Canada Day Cocktail

After a hot summer day entertaining kids and basking in the hot summer sun sometimes you just need a cocktail to wind down. This delicious drink is inspired by Canada Day and is absolutely delicious! You can also serve these as virgins and have the kids enjoy a cool drink as well! 

Canada Day Cocktail Recipe
  • Frozen Strawberries 
  • Sprite or 7 up
  • Vodka 
  • Gin
  • Canadian maple leaf candies (optional)
1. Add your frozen berries to a glass. These will keep you cool and add flavour to the drink you can use fresh as well and middle them before adding the rest. 

2. Pour 1 ounce of vodka into the glass and 1 ounce of gin into the glass. Top off the rest of the cup with Sprite, 7-Up or Ginger Ale. 

3. Decorate with Canada day candies, unbrella straws or any other decor that will make these drinks a bit extra! Enjoy all summer long! 

Creating fancy drinks with your kids makes for some pretty awesome memories so whether how pointless this all seems or how time consuming it can be endure it! 

I still remember the very first Shirley Temple I had when I was 8 years old at Swiss Chalet. It was such a simple drink some grenadine and pop with a maraschino cherry and tiny plastic sword but to me it was amazing! 

So just remember that the next time your making fancy drinks for the family, the simplest things can sometimes leave the fondest memories! 

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