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3 Things to Consider Before Installing Solar on Your Home

Solar can be a great way to save money for your home. It doesn’t happen overnight, however. There are several steps you need to take before you start saving money at your home. For some people, installing solar might not actually save you money.  Here are a few steps to take to evaluate whether solar makes sense for your home.  1.  Find the Right Solar Installer When you start thinking about installing solar, you should consult a few experts (not just one!) to evaluate what financing options you can obtain. For example, some solar installers will provide lease  options,  or you can pay for all the equipment upfront.  In addition to evaluating the right solar installer and their financing options, you should understand the installers track record of placing solar. You don’t want to choose the cheapest option because that might end up causing more headache and frustration than anything.  If you live in the mid-Atlantic, these are the  best solar companies in Maryland  to consider in your

Green Home Fixes That Pay For Themselves

One of the most frustrating parts of trying to live a greener lifestyle is often the cost. New technology is almost always cost-prohibitive, meaning families on a budget won't have the same access to all the newest eco-friendly ways to reduce their carbon footprint. However, some improvements have been shown to be more worthwhile than others. Some green fixes, as it turns out, end up paying for themselves the longer you use them. What fixes are worthwhile, and which are going to cost you? Solar Energy While many people see solar energy as too expensive to be worthwhile, you may want to reconsider. Solar energy does have a significant cost to pay upfront, but that cost is decreasing every year. As of mid-2017, the U.S. has a total solar power capacity of 47.1 gigawatts (GW), which is enough to power 9.1 million homes . Additionally, not only is solar energy getting more affordable; it ends up paying for itself in energy savings. Solar panel installation and use can ultimatel

3 Ways Stay at Home Moms Can Earn Money

As we all know, being a mom is a full-time job in and of itself, right? Cleaning dirty diapers, cooking meals, splitting up sibling fights, and generally occupying your little ones is a 24-hour job that never ends. But just because we’re busy being moms d oesn’t mean we should be denied the opportunity to contribute financially - and it doesn’t have to.  Personally, I got tired of dad getting all the credit for bringing home the bacon, so I spent a few months trying to find ways I could  earn money from hom e , around my regular mom-duties. Now, I’m earning as much as dad is without having to leave the house. Here’s how… 1. Start a Blog You don’t need to be a professional writer to start a blog. If you can write at an eighth-grade level, that’s all you really  need. Sharing your thoughts, ideas, and advice online through a blog might seem like more of a hobby than a job, but it can  actually generate  a huge income if you do it right. At least, it did for me. Ther

Anyone Else Ready For Back To School? Here’s How We Prepared!

Holy crap summer is almost over and I am literally planning my appreciation & Christmas gifts for my brave teachers taking on the madness of the school year! I absolutely love being a mom and running a daycare but this summer has been a long one. Seven kids all day five days a week, summer camps, beach trips, play dates, sleepovers, and the list goes on. I am thrilled to be back in routine and ready to rock the school year.  Get back to sleeping schedules! We started our sleep schedule adjustment and are getting better at getting up early now. It is always a good idea to start waking up the kids a couple hours earlier a few weeks before school starts. This is especially true for parents who work from home like me, the kids have been trying to sleep in until 9/10 for the past two months. Either way your going to be dragging them out of bed to get moving but this way it’s not unexpected and gives them time to adjust.  Packing lunches that fill those giant holes! My kids are growin

Tips to Select the Right Screw for DIY Woodworking

The type of screws you need for woodworking will depend on whether your project is for indoor or outdoor use, the size of your project , and the intensity of your project. Here are some simple and practical tips that you can consider while selecting the right screw for your woodwork. Indoor use If you are working on an indoor project, the suitable screws are production screws , tapered s teel screws and d rywall screws . Drywall screws are, however, easily breakable making them unsuitable fo r intense projects that require strong construction. Production screws are one of the best indoor screws as they have sharp threads for excellent hold . You can use these screws i n the hardest woods. Outdoor use Deck screws are one of the best screws for outdoor projects. These screws are plated to increase resistance to corrosion. Screw materials If you are looking for screws that have a strong resistance to rust and corro sion, look for screws made of

Free Fun for Your Family for Back to School

If your little ones haven't headed back to school yet, they'll be heading back soon. You're no doubt breathing a deep sigh of relief! But just because summer is ending, the constant cries of "I'm bored!" aren't going to disappear.  So how can you keep the kiddos entertained on the cheap? It's easier than you think. Tons of companies and community organizations offer free fun for kids, and a bit of creativity takes care of the rest. Here are 10 ideas to get you started.  1. Visit a Home Depot Workshop  Do you have a budding young Bob the Builder at home? If so, enroll them in one of Home Depot's free workshops for kids. You'll occupy their hands and minds and provide them with the skills they'll need later in life. After all, they won't need to call in a carpenter to patch a small hole in the drywall if they know a little DIY.  Home Depot also offers Do It Herself workshops for women , so consider picking up a new skill yo

6 tips for taking your child to the dentist for the first time

Taking the trip to the dentist can be scary and quite nerve-wracking, not only for the little one but also  for  the parents. Parents truly do not know exactly what to expect when the child's first dental appointment comes up; also, how to make the appointment more enjoyable for the child without causing psychological trauma? Unfortunately, there has been a rise of tooth decay in Australian children in the last couple of years. Hence, it is important to schedule an appointment as early as possible and make sure that the child's pearly whites are healthy and beaming. Here are six clever tips which will ensure the first dental appointment goes well. 1. Start early The best way to teach the children to not be frightened by dental health care professionals is by starting with the appointment super early; some recommend taking the baby to the dentist as early as six months of catching a glimpse of the first tooth. Also, the dentist will not only inspect the child's ora

Make Beautiful Art To Keep or Sell With Chalk Couture

Create stylish and beautiful art pieces with the most simple to use products available!  Chalk Couture is revolutionizing DIY and home décor with category-creating products like Chalkology Paste, Chalk Transfers, Couture Ink and exclusive Boards. Whether you want to build a business or simply chalk everything, find everything you need here! Even if you’re not the most crafty and creative person you can create high quality pieces that you could sell as handmade art. Chalk Couture is for everyone of all ages and is so simple anyone can do it. The amount of different projects you can create is endless and it is so much fun.  You can create wall hangings, message boards, pillows, shirts, aprons, decorative bottles, and so much more. There are countless colours to match every households design scheme and infinite designs to create for anyone. There is literally zero talent involved in making Chalk Couture products it is so simple a child can master it in no time at all. I had so much fun te