Monday 16 September 2019

Amazing Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys!

Is your son’s 12th birthday on the horizon? Here’s some great gift ideas!

Turning 12 can be a tricky one – at this age your son will have started secondary school and will want to feel like he is being treated more like an adult and less like a child. With this in mind, it can be really tricky to find great toys for 12-year-old boys, that they will both appreciate and use.

Here we’ve collated a few ideas which should help to give you some inspiration for your son’s next birthday – if you’re still stuck, you ought to visit Wicked Uncle’s website – there you can see a huge range of gifts which can be filtered by age, gender and budget to help you find some great options.

Big budget options

If you have a fair budget to spend on your son’s birthday, one of the first places most people start is with a games console. One of the newest on the market is the Nintendo Switch. The unique selling point of the Switch is that it can be used both as a traditional console but also as a portable one. Being under the Nintendo brand, it’ll be a throwback to the days of Gameboys and DSs and comes automatically equipped with a range of games.

Drones can also be a really popular choice, with different kinds of drones available on the market which can record footage and do tricks, if your son is gadget-mad then these could be a great choice.

Alternatively, why not opt for an experience over a gift? If your son is into football, then you could look to take him to a match or stadium tour. If football isn’t his thing, maybe look at supercar experiences where he can experience the thrill of being driven around a racetrack in a flash car.

Mid budget options

At 12 years old, your son could still be into the more technical Lego building sets, which offer both the enjoyment of classic Lego sets, but with trickier builds but bigger pay offs. You can also get a lot of themed kits now, including licensed content such as Star Wars, Minecraft, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and much more.

Go Pro cameras can be quite reasonably priced nowadays and can give your son the opportunity to document their bike rides, relive rides on rollercoasters or even capture underwater content. Kids nowadays love YouTubers, and the opportunity to create their own similar content might also give them a little prod to get out from behind the computer and to get outdoors!

Low budget options

If you don’t have a huge budget to work with for your son’s upcoming birthday, don’t fear, there’s plenty of great options which you could buy without breaking the bank.

If your son loves his games console, why not buy him some vouchers to use on Xbox Live or the PlayStation Store? This will enable him to get new games or unlockable add-ons for his existing games.

Alternatively there’s loads of mini gadgets that you can find online, along with other accessories that he can use to put his own stamp on his bedroom, such as smartphone docks, speakers and much more.


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